Important news: All SugarCRM Community Edition add-ons should be moved from SugarForge no later than March 6, 2015.

For years, SugarForge has been the place for developers to go to share code, list cool integrations and tools, and learn from each other. But today, GitHub is recognized by many as the source code management tool of choice for open source development. Fork, pull, clone, are part of every developer’s vernacular.

We at SugarCRM are excited to announce that going forward, all Sugar Community Edition add-on listings should be created in a new repository on GitHub over the next few weeks and the code (.zip files) removed from SugarForge. Leveraging a new CE add-on repository on GitHub will allow you more control when creating your listings. Please see the README for more information, instructions and a link to a helpful FAQ.

Access to sugarforge.org will be removed in early March and all requests will be redirected to the new repository on GitHub. Please migrate your CE add-ons off of the existing infrastructure and create a listing in the new GitHub repository in February to ensure a smooth transition to the new infrastructure.

Happy Coding!

Your SugarForge Team

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