Sugar App of the Month: April 2013

SugarCRM integration with Dynamics NAV

Description of app

SUGANAV Connector - SugarCRM & MS Dynamics NAV Data Integration Solution: "The best way to share customer and financial information".

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SugarCRM integration with Dynamics NAV page

When you designed and built this app, what problems were you looking to solve for SugarCRM users?

Until now companies had to do duplicate data entry of customers, contacts, items, sales orders and sales invoices in both systems SugarCRM and Dynamics NAV. Double data entry eats companies valuable resources and waists it‘s precious time and money.

Another major problem is limited information sharing between SugarCRM and Dynamics NAV users.

SugarCRM users have two options:

  1. SugarCRM user writing email inquires or calling Dynamics NAV users asking questions related to specific customers, contacts, items, sales orders and sales invoices data. This type of communication is very ineffective and waists employee precious time and focus on primary job.
  2. SugarCRM user logging himself into Dynamics NAV to check specific customers, contacts, items, sales orders and sales invoices data.

Now Dynamic NAV Users are left alone but Sugar users have an extra burden, of constantly switching between two systems. For Sugar users this is time and focus consuming activity.

SUGANAV Connector solves all these problems. SUGANAV Connector is the true SugarCRM & Dynamics NAV Integration Solution:

  1. Single data entry. Data modifications are constantly flowing between SugarCRM and Dynamics NAV.
  2. Effective communication. It provides data sharing and reuse between different departments, such as sales and finance.
  3. Single system principle. SugarCRM users can now access all necessary Dynamics NAV data inside SugarCRM.

What inspired you to build this app?

We are constantly looking for ways to optimize our customer business. System integrations is one of the keys to customer business process improvement. We have investigated and found SugarCRM lacking integration with Dynamics NAV. We then decided creating the best customer and financial information sharing tool between SugarCRM and Dynamics NAV. We are also the first to deliver this integration solution on SugarForge and SugarExchange.

What attracted you to being a part of the Sugar ecosystem?

SugarCRM has embraced an open culture since day one. They fundamentally believe in the ideals of the open source way. SugarCRM also focus on users first. From the beginning they designed the Sugar app first for the end users of the application. Here at OptimusCRM we are driven by and share the same values as well. Now being a part of Sugar ecosystem means giving SugarCRM customers functionality they are missing and that’s what we are doing with SUGANAV Connector on SugarForge.

What other apps have you been involved with in the Sugar ecosystem?

This is our first product that will suit the needs of all companies right away.

What has been the most rewarding part of being a part of the Sugar ecosystem?

We feel we are helping SugarCRM grow. SugarCRM has gained one more advantage over other CRM companies, because now it can integrate with Dynamics NAV, leading ERP system for medium-sized enterprises.

We work closely together with SugarCRM Partners in different countries of the world to build strong partnership program. Since we are selling our products through SugarCRM partners, we understand that those partnerships are the backbone of our business. We are dedicated to helping partners grow their business.

How has Sugar's open ecosystem and vast community made building this app?

We have received a fantastic feedback from SugarCRM Partners, and I especially would like to thank our partner MyCRM GmbH for providing very good insights during product development stage.

What do you want to build next for Sugar?

Let‘s keep it a little secret for now. We will let everybody know when it‘s ready. ☺

Project Lead

Name: Antanas Sakalauskas, Managing Director
Bio: Antanas Sakalauskas is managing director of OptimusCRM. Antanas company is SugarCRM Partner, specializing in data integration solutions for SugarCRM products.

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