Project of the Month - May 2009

GetSocial Twitter

Project name:GetSocial Twitter
Date started:June 2008
Project page:Click Here

Description of project

The GetSocial Twitter module allows companies who utilize social marketing to Twitter from within SugarCRM.

Trove Info

Development Status5 - Production/Stable
Intended AudienceOther Audience
LicenseGNU General Public License v3 (GPLv3)
Natural LanguageEnglish
Programming LanguagePHP
Sugar EditionSugar Community Edition, Sugar Enterprise, Sugar Professional
Sugar VersionsVersion 5.1, Version 5.2

Why are you a leading contributor in the SugarCRM community? What are the benefits that you experience from your involvement?

I am a leading contributor in the SugarCRM community because I believe in the software and the value that it provides. By contributing to the community I am able to give back to a group of people and a company that has donated so much of their time to in order to give users an inexpensive alternative CRM platform.

What other projects have you been involved with on

I have been involved in GetSocial Twitter4Contacts, Dynamic Accounts Panels, and Telemarketr.

What inspired you to create this project?

One day I was at a CRM conference and picked up some marketing material from another CRM vendor which had big headlines about their social integrations. Once I read the material I realized that it mentioned all the standard aspects of CRM and nothing about social integrations. Further researched proved that most vendors were hyping their integrations but didn't seem to have anything tangible. To me it seemed to be vaporware and I wanted to give the community and CRM users something tangible even if it was a protoype.

What business pain points were you solving specifically?

The GetSocial Twitter module solves two issues. The first is that it allows marketing to easily share a Twitter account from a platform that they are familiar with. The second is that most companies and managers are hesitant about adopting social media, with the Twitter module they can see every step and monitor in order to become more confrtable and familiar.

What would you say to encourage additional community participation?

Contributing to a community allows many important things to happen. To start with it helps the project stay healthy and growing. Without a healthy project we wouldn't have the SugarCRM platform that we all know and love. Not only does it keep the project healthy but it also helps users to stay educated. I would have never learned this much about SugarCRM had I not been active in the forums and created modules for others to use.

What do you want to build next for Sugar Suite?

We just completed the GetSocial Twitter Pro module which provides a multitude of new features which integrate Twitter into SugarCRM and is soon to be available on The next planned project is to make a configurable dynamic panels module similar to the Dynamic Account Panels module that we have already released.

Project Leads

Name: Josh Sweeney
Age: 26
Location: Atlanta, Ga
Occupation: Consultant
Company: ALT-Invest

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