Project of the Month - June 2007


Project name:SugarMini
Date started:October 2006
Project page:Click Here

Description of project

SugarMini is a wireless plugin which allows over-the-air synchronization for many SugarCRM modules. The client is currently available for Java-enabled phones and Blackberry. Windows Mobile client will be available shortly. For more visit

Trove Info

Development Status5 - Production/Stable
Intended AudienceSystem Administrators
LicenseOther/Proprietary License
Natural LanguageEnglish
Operating SystemOS Independent
Programming LanguageJava
Sugar EditionSugar Community Edition

Why are you a leading contributor in the SugarCRM community? What are the benefits that you experience from your involvement?

It's very exciting to be a part of the SugarCRM's vibrant community. By participating we gain exposure from many international users.

What other projects (besides the ones for Sugar) have you worked on?

Mostly mobile projects (J2ME and RIM BlackBerry projects) + commerical BlackBerry utilities + software integration projects. We are also starting to focus on rapidly growing Windows Mobile market.

What inspired you to create this project?

We always thought that SugarCRM, a wonderful open-source CRM system, needed a better way to access it remotely on mobile devices rathen than using a mobile browser.

What business pain points were you solving specifically?

The speed and usability of remote CRM access.

Can you talk about the Czech Sugar scene? Are there lots of companies that are discovering this software? Or are you a "pioneer", one of the only people developing and using this software?

Actually not much I can talk about here. The scene seems to be pretty quiet here but we are definitely the pioneers - trying to help modern companies utilize the great open-source model SugarCRM is based. What is seen as a HUGE advantage is that open-source means great integration possibilities versus closed-source solutions. I also have to note that SugarCRM has great APIs.

What would you say to encourage additional community participation?

Become a SugarForge developer and gain a lot of experience and business exposure! You will learn a lot about software business in general and software integration issues.

What do you want to build next for Sugar Suite?

Windows Mobile version of SugarMini (which we are currently working on).

Project Leads

Name: Jakub Ricny
Age: 26
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Location: Czech Republic
Company: Link-Two

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