Project of the Month - June 2009

Development Tool Kit

Project name:Development Tool Kit
Date started:April 2009
Project page:Click Here

Description of project

This package enable non developers to implement, in an easy to use way, advanced features as "Dependent Dropdowns" and "Dropdown Based Require Fields".

Trove Info

ApplicationCool Gadgets, System Admin
Development Status5 - Production/Stable
Intended AudienceDevelopers, End Users/Desktop, System Administrators
LicenseArtistic License
Natural LanguageEnglish
Operating SystemOS Independent
Programming LanguageJavaScript, PHP
Sugar EditionSugar Community Edition, Sugar Enterprise, Sugar Professional
Sugar VersionsVersion 5.5, Version 6.0

Why are you a leading contributor in the SugarCRM community? What are the benefits that you experience from your involvement?

It is a pleasure for me to share knowledge and, actually, one of my responsibilities at Lampada Global is to save developers time when doing their tasks. I act as the In-House SugarCRM Development Consultant. So, it is important for me and for Lampada to stay very actively involved in the SugarCRM community, learning and sharing new things all the time. Some of the benefits of being a leading contributor in the SugarCRM community are:

  • Getting to know many great developers in the community;
  • My knowledge of SugarCRM has grown quite a lot;
  • I've become a reference person on SugarCRM development strategies in the community;
  • Knowing more reduces our time to deliver development tasks, which give us competitive advantage.

What other projects have you been involved with on

Lampada and I have been involved in SugarForge projects for years, starting with the Brazilian Language Pack. Some other examples are:

editLogicHook: I fixed some issues and implemented some minor features on this really useful project from Marnus van Niekerk;

SugarCRM Translation Module: As one of the developers on this project, I implemented several features. This one is one of my favorite projects and I would like to contribute much more to it;

Simple Chat for SugarCRM and Sugar Portal for Zend Framework: I'm going to develop an integration between these two projects, enabling real time communication between customers and Sugar users which can be saved to the SugarCRM history;

Installer Builder: A package to be released this week, which will enable developers to automatically generate installers for complex projects. We typically deliver our projects as installers and it can be a lot of work to manually create and maintain an installer for multiple, complex modules and other customizations. The beta version is already being used successfully on our customers' projects and we are looking forward to releasing it.

What inspired you to create this project?

Two things got me started: design patterns and code reuse. All of the features come from well defined development patterns (a kind of design pattern). I just identified some elementary development patterns and started developing "extensions" to implement them.

What business pain points were you solving specifically?

Honestly, I just wanted to stop rewriting similar code all the time! =)

Is there anything that the users should know about? Something hidden/new in this project? Think of this as an opportunity to describe how it works to a user.

DevToolKit has been built to allow any developer to create additional extensions, making use of the core structure of DevToolKit's engine.

What would you say to encourage additional community participation?

Nobody knows everything!!! It is possible that someone who is a little shy in the community knows more regarding some specific skill than other well known users, so everybody is welcome to participate and share their skills.

Knowledge is like energy, it is useless when it is static. State of the art in Open Source is Open Knowledge!

What do you want to build next for Sugar Suite?

I want to deliver a great project next year, the Software Process Management, which will accomplish some CMMI roles and enable companies to manage and track their software processes using SugarCRM, which will include the packages DevToolKit and Installer Builder. It will be released only for PRO and ENT flavors, to leverage the Pro/Ent Project module enhancements.

Project Leads

Name: Andre Lopes
Age: 32
Location: Sao Paulo - SP - Brazil
Occupation: Senior Developer / System Architect
Company: Lampada Global

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