Project of the Month - August 2011

Advanced OpenSales

Project name:Advanced OpenSales
Date started:March 19, 2010
Project page:Click Here

Description of project

Advanced OpenSales adds Quotations, Contracts, Invoices, Form templates and Products functionality to the Community Edition of SugarCRM and Invoice and Invoice Templates to SugarCRM Professional Edition. The software is released under an Open Source license so you are free to download, use and modify.

Trove Info

ApplicationContract Mgmt, Document Creation, Quotes and Products
Development Status5 - Production/Stable
Intended AudienceDevelopers, Other Audience, System Administrators
LicenseGNU Affero General Public License (AGPLv3)
Natural LanguageEnglish
Operating SystemOS Independent
Programming LanguageJavaScript, PHP
Sugar EditionSugar Community Edition
Sugar VersionsVersion 6.2, Version 6.3, Version 6.4, Version 6.5

Why are you a leading contributor in the SugarCRM community? What are the benefits that you experience from your involvement?

There's an old saying that says "we all float higher on a rising tide". And we believe that building open source software helps everyone make the tide rise higher. Building a project like this helps solve organization's need and in turn makes more people engage with SugarCRM and open source.

What other projects have you been involved with on

This project is such a huge project that it consumes our full time as an organization. We are always building more features and functionality to the project to help solve the needs of SugarCRM users.

What inspired you to create this project?

Rustin Phares was the original creator of this project back in the Sugar 4.x days. It was a solo effort that he worked on tirelessly, but ran out of steam on trying to maintain it. Being a user and developer of SugarCRM, we saw people asking for this kind of functionality, so we picked up the project from him and have built it out substantially over the past few years.

What business pain points were you solving specifically?

Our goal is to listen to the SugarCRM community and try to provide the featureset needed to solve their business needs. This feedback lead to how the Advanced OpenSales project has been shaped.

Is there anything that the users should know about those? Something hidden/new in this project? Think of this as an opportunity to describe how it works to a user?

We design from a usablity perspective, and make high functionality and simplicity the highest priority. This is most true in the upcoming 4.7 release, as we have added several user interface enhancements to make it easy for organizations to have a flexable and intutive CRM product.

What would you say to encourage additional community participation?

The biggest problem we have seen is the current state of the community website infrastructure ( SugarForge, Forums, Developer Zone ) which makes it difficult to promote the great work the SugarCRM community is doing.

What do you want to build next for Sugar?

We are always looking to enhance the current featureset of Advanced OpenSales based upon the feedback of the community. Many people have been requesting more ERP related features such as inventory and order tracking modules, but right now we don't have the best insight into how to solve these issues. If you are interested in helping shape the future of Advanced OpenSales, please let us know.

Project Lead

Name: Greg Soper
Bio: CEO of SalesAgility, a SugarCRM software development and consulting practice formed in 1996. We're based in the UK and engage globally.

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