Sugar App of the Month - October 2012

SugarGini - Power of SugarCRM in Gmail

Description of app

SugarGini gives you the power of SugarCRM within your Gmail. It enables you view any related Lead, Opportunity or Case and add Notes, Calls, schedule a meeting or edit the record within Gmail. It easily integrates with telephony API & Social Channels.

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SugarGini - Power of SugarCRM in Gmail app page

When you designed and built this app, what problems were you looking to solve for SugarCRM users?

We built SugarGini to help sales reps to become more efficient in their sales process and increase adoption rates. By embedding SugarCRM duties directly within email, their “day to day” CRM work becomes much easier to use.

What inspired you to build this app?

CRM, phone and email are three key tools for sales reps…….that hasn’t changed over the past decade. Why not merge them to make reps more efficient and help them sell more?

What attracted you to being a part of the Sugar ecosystem?

OSSCube is a key player in open source solutions. Working with SugarCRM is a natural extension to help elevate the CRM market.

What other apps have you been involved with in the Sugar ecosystem?

We built a Recruiting solution and Asterisk Voice module. OSSCube has also integrated Drupal (CMS) and SugarCRM for many of our customers. In fact, we hosted a webinar with Acquia this year to highlight such integration ( see )

What do you want to build next for Sugar?

We are focused on expanding features of SugarGini at the moment.

Project Lead

Name: Brian Land, VP Business Development
Bio: Based in Austin, TX, Brian heads up business development for OSSCube, a SugarCRM Gold Partner. Brian has extensive enterprise software experience with companies such as Siebel, Ariba, and Endeca.

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