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1 Sugar CE 6.5.0

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Sugar CE 6.5.0 - 2014-06-24 00:26File SizeDownloads
SugarCE MB)946
Sugar CE 6.5.0 Upgrade - 2014-06-24 00:26File SizeDownloads
silentUpgrade CE KB)131
SugarCE Upgrade 6.4.x to MB)1447
SugarCE Upgrade 6.5.0RC1 to MB)927
SugarCE Upgrade 6.5.x to MB)284

2 Sugar CE 6.4.0

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Sugar CE 6.4.0 - 2012-10-18 18:26File SizeDownloads
SugarCE MB)2867
Sugar CE 6.4.0 Upgrade - 2012-10-18 18:26File SizeDownloads
silentUpgrade CE KB)590
SugarCE Upgrade 6.3.x to MB)3003
SugarCE Upgrade 6.4.0RC1 to MB)784
SugarCE Upgrade 6.4.x to MB)435

3 Sugar CE 6.3.0

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Sugar CE 6.3.0 Upgrade - 2012-06-13 13:11File SizeDownloads
silentUpgrade CE KB)918
SugarCE Upgrade 6.2.x to MB)3793
SugarCE Upgrade 6.3.0RC1 to MB)1119
SugarCE Upgrade 6.3.x to MB)340
Sugar CE 6.3.0 - 2012-06-13 13:10File SizeDownloads
SugarCE MB)1376

4 Sugar CE 6.2.0

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Sugar CE 6.2.0 - 2012-06-13 12:52File SizeDownloads
SugarCE MB)2807
Sugar CE 6.2.0 Upgrade - 2012-06-13 12:52File SizeDownloads
silentUpgrade CE KB)750
SugarCE Upgrade 6.1.x to MB)3364
SugarCE Upgrade 6.2.0RC1 to MB)1240
SugarCE Upgrade 6.2.x to MB)663

5 MS WebPI Package

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Sugar 6.5.0 for WebPI - 2012-12-20 15:21File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 6.5.0 MB)428
SugarCE 6.5.1 MB)156
SugarCE 6.5.2 MB)213
SugarCE 6.5.3 MB)118
SugarCE 6.5.4 MB)144
SugarCE 6.5.5 MB)210
SugarCE 6.5.6 MB)103
SugarCE 6.5.8 MB)100
SugarCE 6.5.9 MB)259
Sugar 6.4.0 for WebPI - 2012-05-02 15:04File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 6.4.0 MB)332
SugarCE 6.4.1 MB)192
SugarCE 6.4.2 MB)268
SugarCE 6.4.3 MB)197
SugarCE 6.4.4 MB)218
Sugar 6.3.0 for WebPI - 2011-12-16 14:10File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 6.3.0 MB)3156
SugarCE 6.3.1 MB)1042
Sugar 6.1.0 for WebPI - 2011-10-28 16:06File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 6.1.1 MB)5207
SugarCE 6.1.2 MB)585
SugarCE 6.1.3 MB)522
SugarCE 6.1.4 MB)1788
SugarCE 6.1.5 MB)1355
SugarCE 6.1.6 MB)602
SugarCE 6.1.7 MB)497
Sugar 6.2.0 for WebPI - 2011-10-21 17:07File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 6.2.0 MB)3425
SugarCE 6.2.1 MB)3405
SugarCE 6.2.2 MB)4246
SugarCE 6.2.3 MB)1024
SugarCE 6.2.4 MB)2606
Sugar 6.0.3 for WebPI - 2010-10-29 21:17File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 6.0.3 MB)754
Sugar 6.0.2 for WebPI - 2010-09-22 12:34File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 6.0.2 MB)17557
Sugar 6.0.1 for WebPI - 2010-08-25 13:23File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 6.0.1 MB)2895
Sugar 6.0.0 for WebPI - 2010-07-14 06:07File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 6.0.0 MB)11850
Sugar 5.5.4 for WebPI - 2010-07-07 11:41File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 5.5.4 MB)932
Sugar 5.5.0 for WebPI - 2009-12-08 10:10File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 5.5.0 MB)57549
Sugar 5.2.0k for WebPI - 2009-11-03 10:39File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 5.2.0k MB)1397
Sugar 5.2.0j for WebPI - 2009-09-24 13:01File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 5.2.0j MB)18942
Sugar 5.2.0i for WebPI - 2009-08-11 11:56File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 5.2.0i MB)18606
Sugar 5.2.0h for WebPI - 2009-07-27 15:58File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 5.2.0h MB)9761
Sugar 5.2.0g for WebPI - 2009-07-16 14:23File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 5.2.0g MB)516
Sugar 5.2.0f for WebPI - 2009-07-07 11:31File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 5.2.0f MB)848

6 MSSQL MB Driver

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MSSQL MB Driver - 2009-08-13 17:24File SizeDownloads
sugarcrm MB KB)3353

Sugar CE 5.5.0

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Sugar CE 5.5.0a Upgrade - 2010-03-09 11:15File SizeDownloads
silentUpgrade CE KB)284
SugarCE Patch 5.5.0 to KB)1835
Sugar CE 5.5.0a - 2010-03-09 11:14File SizeDownloads
SugarCE MB)22631

Sugar CE 5.5.1

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Sugar CE 5.5.1 GA - 2010-03-19 09:32File SizeDownloads
SugarCE MB)58559
Sugar 5.5.1 GA Upgrade - 2010-03-19 09:31File SizeDownloads
silentUpgrade CE KB)3018
SugarCE Upgrade 5.2.0 to MB)14308
SugarCE Upgrade 5.5.0 to MB)3074
SugarCE Upgrade 5.5.1RC to MB)1884

Sugar CE 5.5.4

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Sugar CE 5.5.4 - 2010-06-23 16:20File SizeDownloads
SugarCE MB)28981
Sugar CE 5.5.4 Upgrade - 2010-06-23 16:20File SizeDownloads
silentUpgrade CE KB)1084
SugarCE Upgrade 5.5.1 to KB)3085
SugarCE Upgrade 5.5.2 to KB)1505
SugarCE Upgrade 5.5.3 to KB)631

Sugar CE 6.0 GA

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Sugar CE 6.0.4 - 2011-05-11 14:46File SizeDownloads
Sugar6.0.0 CE Schema Diagrams.pdf(1.47 MB)3788
SugarCE MB)4236
Sugar CE 6.0.4 Upgrade - 2011-05-11 14:46File SizeDownloads
silentUpgrade CE KB)1022
SugarCE Upgrade 5.5.0 to MB)1508
SugarCE Upgrade 5.5.1 to MB)3142
SugarCE Upgrade 6.0.0RC1 to MB)691
SugarCE Upgrade 6.0.x to MB)644

Sugar CE 6.1.0

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Sugar CE 6.1.0 - 2012-02-29 14:46File SizeDownloads
SugarCE MB)1319
Sugar CE 6.1.0 Upgrade - 2012-02-29 14:46File SizeDownloads
silentUpgrade CE KB)549
SugarCE Upgrade 5.5.1 to MB)9042
SugarCE Upgrade 6.0.x to MB)2578
SugarCE Upgrade 6.1.0RC1 to MB)1476
SugarCE Upgrade 6.1.x to MB)563

SugarCRM Release Archive

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Upgrade Archive - 2006-01-24 22:18File SizeDownloads
SugarOS for Microsoft Upgrade 4.5.0 to MB)827
SugarOS Upgrade 4.0.1 to MB)3342
SugarOS Upgrade 4.2.1 to MB)1216
SugarOS Upgrade 4.5.0 to MB)2634
SugarSuite Upgrade 3.5.0 to MB)6061
SugarSuite Upgrade 3.5.1 to MB)10223
SugarSuite Upgrade 4.0.0 to MB)10892
SugarSuite Upgrade 4.0.1 to MB)2220
SugarSuite Upgrade 4.2.0 to MB)4551
Upgrade to 2.5.1 KB)1837
Full Installation Archive - 2005-10-06 09:00File SizeDownloads
ForumsModule OS KB)774
SugarCE MB)31009
SugarCE MB)42716
SugarCE MB)32823
SugarCE MB)33212
SugarCE Upgrade 4.5.1 to MB)8432
SugarOS MB)8145
SugarOS MB)16343
SugarOS MB)23003
SugarOS MB)6706
SugarOS for Microsoft MB)3795
SugarOS for Microsoft MB)2175
SugarSuite MB)10629
SugarSuite MB)24477
SugarSuite MB)15876
SugarSuite MB)7413
SugarSuite MB)6993
SugarSuite MB)51869
SugarSuite MB)15512
SugarSuite MB)33296
SugarSuite MB)5061
Patch Archive - 2005-10-06 08:58File SizeDownloads
SugarCE Delta KB)434
SugarCE Delta KB)351
SugarCE Delta KB)351
SugarCE Patch KB)5031
SugarOS Delta KB)410
SugarOS Delta KB)315
SugarOS Delta KB)340
SugarOS Delta KB)357
SugarOS for Microsoft Delta KB)310
SugarOS for Microsoft Delta KB)277
SugarOS for Microsoft Delta KB)271
SugarOS for Microsoft Delta KB)265
SugarOS for Microsoft Patch MB)735
SugarOS for Microsoft Patch MB)367
SugarOS Patch MB)805
SugarOS Patch MB)670
SugarSuite Patch KB)1589
SugarSuite Patch KB)6015
SugarSuite Patch KB)3339
SugarSuite Patch KB)1367
SugarSuite Patch KB)387
SugarSuite Patch KB)7591
SugarSuite Patch KB)766 KB)1009
Upgrade Notes - 2005-10-06 08:30File SizeDownloads
OpenSource InstallationGuide 4.5.1.pdf(609 KB)7544
OpenSource ReleaseNotes.4.5.1.pdf(214 KB)2313
Sugar CommunityEdition ReleaseNotes 5.0a.pdf(228 KB)2559
Sugar CommunityEdition ReleaseNotes 5.0j.pdf(225 KB)2028
Sugar CommunityEdition ReleaseNotes 5.0k.pdf(245 KB)1197
Sugar Open Source Install Upgrade Guide v400.pdf(225 KB)10665
Sugar Open Source Install Upgrade Guide v401a.pdf(130 KB)10203
Sugar Open Source Install Upgrade Guide v401.pdf(671 KB)1797
Sugar Open Source Install Upgrade Guide v4.2.pdf(795 KB)5139
Sugar Open Source Release Notes 4.0.1i.pdf(71 KB)2274
SugarOpenSource ReleaseNotes 4.5.0h.pdf(289 KB)2917
Sugar OpenSource ReleaseNotes 4.5.0i.pdf(290 KB)1929
Sugar OpenSource ReleaseNotes 4.5.0j.pdf(295 KB)2105
Sugar OpenSource ReleaseNotes 4.5.1b.pdf(227 KB)2089
Sugar OpenSource ReleaseNotes 4.5.1e.pdf(249 KB)1971
Sugar OpenSource ReleaseNotes 4.5.1i.pdf(271 KB)1746
Sugar OpenSource ReleaseNotes4.5.1l.pdf(243 KB)1442
Sugar OpenSource ReleaseNotes 4.5.1m.pdf(244 KB)6822
Sugar OpenSource ReleaseNotes 4.5.1n.pdf(267 KB)983
SugarOpenSource ReleaseNotes 4.5.pdf(233 KB)3476
Sugar Open Source Release Notes v400.pdf(121 KB)8056
Sugar Open Source Release Notes v401g.pdf(71 KB)2682
Sugar Open Source Release Notes v401h.pdf(71 KB)2057
Sugar OpenSource Release Notes v4.2.1e.pdf(396 KB)3120
Sugar OpenSource Release Notes v4.2.1f.pdf(400 KB)1856
Sugar OpenSource Release Notes v4.2.1g.pdf(399 KB)2600
Sugar OpenSource Release Notes v4.2d.pdf(490 KB)5180
Upgrade Steps 2.5.1 3.0.rtf(68 KB)5707
Upgrade Steps to Sugar Open Source v351.pdf(137 KB)8088 Logo
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