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1 Sugar CE 6.5.0

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Sugar CE 6.5.0 - 2013-10-23 17:25File SizeDownloads
SugarCE MB)5850
Sugar CE 6.5.0 Upgrade - 2013-10-23 17:25File SizeDownloads
silentUpgrade CE KB)880
SugarCE Upgrade 6.4.x to MB)1013
SugarCE Upgrade 6.5.0RC1 to MB)836
SugarCE Upgrade 6.5.x to MB)1969

2 Sugar CE 6.4.0

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Sugar CE 6.4.0 - 2012-10-18 18:26File SizeDownloads
SugarCE MB)2580
Sugar CE 6.4.0 Upgrade - 2012-10-18 18:26File SizeDownloads
silentUpgrade CE KB)527
SugarCE Upgrade 6.3.x to MB)2744
SugarCE Upgrade 6.4.0RC1 to MB)756
SugarCE Upgrade 6.4.x to MB)396

3 Sugar CE 6.3.0

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Sugar CE 6.3.0 Upgrade - 2012-06-13 13:11File SizeDownloads
silentUpgrade CE KB)846
SugarCE Upgrade 6.2.x to MB)3540
SugarCE Upgrade 6.3.0RC1 to MB)1089
SugarCE Upgrade 6.3.x to MB)311
Sugar CE 6.3.0 - 2012-06-13 13:10File SizeDownloads
SugarCE MB)1209

4 Sugar CE 6.2.0

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Sugar CE 6.2.0 - 2012-06-13 12:52File SizeDownloads
SugarCE MB)2640
Sugar CE 6.2.0 Upgrade - 2012-06-13 12:52File SizeDownloads
silentUpgrade CE KB)685
SugarCE Upgrade 6.1.x to MB)3108
SugarCE Upgrade 6.2.0RC1 to MB)1216
SugarCE Upgrade 6.2.x to MB)617

5 MS WebPI Package

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Sugar 6.5.0 for WebPI - 2012-12-20 15:21File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 6.5.0 MB)389
SugarCE 6.5.1 MB)126
SugarCE 6.5.2 MB)179
SugarCE 6.5.3 MB)95
SugarCE 6.5.4 MB)120
SugarCE 6.5.5 MB)188
SugarCE 6.5.6 MB)77
SugarCE 6.5.8 MB)78
SugarCE 6.5.9 MB)223
Sugar 6.4.0 for WebPI - 2012-05-02 15:04File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 6.4.0 MB)304
SugarCE 6.4.1 MB)170
SugarCE 6.4.2 MB)243
SugarCE 6.4.3 MB)176
SugarCE 6.4.4 MB)187
Sugar 6.3.0 for WebPI - 2011-12-16 14:10File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 6.3.0 MB)3133
SugarCE 6.3.1 MB)1017
Sugar 6.1.0 for WebPI - 2011-10-28 16:06File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 6.1.1 MB)5132
SugarCE 6.1.2 MB)554
SugarCE 6.1.3 MB)484
SugarCE 6.1.4 MB)1750
SugarCE 6.1.5 MB)1330
SugarCE 6.1.6 MB)514
SugarCE 6.1.7 MB)457
Sugar 6.2.0 for WebPI - 2011-10-21 17:07File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 6.2.0 MB)3394
SugarCE 6.2.1 MB)3379
SugarCE 6.2.2 MB)4222
SugarCE 6.2.3 MB)1000
SugarCE 6.2.4 MB)2571
Sugar 6.0.3 for WebPI - 2010-10-29 21:17File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 6.0.3 MB)697
Sugar 6.0.2 for WebPI - 2010-09-22 12:34File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 6.0.2 MB)17524
Sugar 6.0.1 for WebPI - 2010-08-25 13:23File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 6.0.1 MB)2863
Sugar 6.0.0 for WebPI - 2010-07-14 06:07File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 6.0.0 MB)11808
Sugar 5.5.4 for WebPI - 2010-07-07 11:41File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 5.5.4 MB)896
Sugar 5.5.0 for WebPI - 2009-12-08 10:10File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 5.5.0 MB)57499
Sugar 5.2.0k for WebPI - 2009-11-03 10:39File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 5.2.0k MB)1357
Sugar 5.2.0j for WebPI - 2009-09-24 13:01File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 5.2.0j MB)18909
Sugar 5.2.0i for WebPI - 2009-08-11 11:56File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 5.2.0i MB)18575
Sugar 5.2.0h for WebPI - 2009-07-27 15:58File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 5.2.0h MB)9734
Sugar 5.2.0g for WebPI - 2009-07-16 14:23File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 5.2.0g MB)487
Sugar 5.2.0f for WebPI - 2009-07-07 11:31File SizeDownloads
SugarCE 5.2.0f MB)825

6 MSSQL MB Driver

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MSSQL MB Driver - 2009-08-13 17:24File SizeDownloads
sugarcrm MB KB)3271

Sugar CE 5.5.0

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Sugar CE 5.5.0a Upgrade - 2010-03-09 11:15File SizeDownloads
silentUpgrade CE KB)244
SugarCE Patch 5.5.0 to KB)1811
Sugar CE 5.5.0a - 2010-03-09 11:14File SizeDownloads
SugarCE MB)22589

Sugar CE 5.5.1

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Sugar CE 5.5.1 GA - 2010-03-19 09:32File SizeDownloads
SugarCE MB)58404
Sugar 5.5.1 GA Upgrade - 2010-03-19 09:31File SizeDownloads
silentUpgrade CE KB)2972
SugarCE Upgrade 5.2.0 to MB)14088
SugarCE Upgrade 5.5.0 to MB)3047
SugarCE Upgrade 5.5.1RC to MB)1824

Sugar CE 5.5.4

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Sugar CE 5.5.4 - 2010-06-23 16:20File SizeDownloads
SugarCE MB)28926
Sugar CE 5.5.4 Upgrade - 2010-06-23 16:20File SizeDownloads
silentUpgrade CE KB)1061
SugarCE Upgrade 5.5.1 to KB)3048
SugarCE Upgrade 5.5.2 to KB)1476
SugarCE Upgrade 5.5.3 to KB)607

Sugar CE 6.0 GA

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Sugar CE 6.0.4 - 2011-05-11 14:46File SizeDownloads
Sugar6.0.0 CE Schema Diagrams.pdf(1.47 MB)3658
SugarCE MB)4189
Sugar CE 6.0.4 Upgrade - 2011-05-11 14:46File SizeDownloads
silentUpgrade CE KB)973
SugarCE Upgrade 5.5.0 to MB)1467
SugarCE Upgrade 5.5.1 to MB)3025
SugarCE Upgrade 6.0.0RC1 to MB)663
SugarCE Upgrade 6.0.x to MB)609

Sugar CE 6.1.0

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Sugar CE 6.1.0 - 2012-02-29 14:46File SizeDownloads
SugarCE MB)1223
Sugar CE 6.1.0 Upgrade - 2012-02-29 14:46File SizeDownloads
silentUpgrade CE KB)510
SugarCE Upgrade 5.5.1 to MB)8886
SugarCE Upgrade 6.0.x to MB)2483
SugarCE Upgrade 6.1.0RC1 to MB)1448
SugarCE Upgrade 6.1.x to MB)510

SugarCRM Release Archive

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Upgrade Archive - 2006-01-24 22:18File SizeDownloads
SugarOS for Microsoft Upgrade 4.5.0 to MB)805
SugarOS Upgrade 4.0.1 to MB)3313
SugarOS Upgrade 4.2.1 to MB)1191
SugarOS Upgrade 4.5.0 to MB)2602
SugarSuite Upgrade 3.5.0 to MB)6039
SugarSuite Upgrade 3.5.1 to MB)10194
SugarSuite Upgrade 4.0.0 to MB)10870
SugarSuite Upgrade 4.0.1 to MB)2195
SugarSuite Upgrade 4.2.0 to MB)4520
Upgrade to 2.5.1 KB)1814
Full Installation Archive - 2005-10-06 09:00File SizeDownloads
ForumsModule OS KB)750
SugarCE MB)30804
SugarCE MB)42686
SugarCE MB)32800
SugarCE MB)33130
SugarCE Upgrade 4.5.1 to MB)8410
SugarOS MB)8119
SugarOS MB)16317
SugarOS MB)21309
SugarOS MB)6678
SugarOS for Microsoft MB)3768
SugarOS for Microsoft MB)2149
SugarSuite MB)10606
SugarSuite MB)24452
SugarSuite MB)15853
SugarSuite MB)7387
SugarSuite MB)6971
SugarSuite MB)51848
SugarSuite MB)15487
SugarSuite MB)33269
SugarSuite MB)5026
Patch Archive - 2005-10-06 08:58File SizeDownloads
SugarCE Delta KB)413
SugarCE Delta KB)328
SugarCE Delta KB)330
SugarCE Patch KB)5008
SugarOS Delta KB)387
SugarOS Delta KB)293
SugarOS Delta KB)313
SugarOS Delta KB)329
SugarOS for Microsoft Delta KB)290
SugarOS for Microsoft Delta KB)256
SugarOS for Microsoft Delta KB)250
SugarOS for Microsoft Delta KB)240
SugarOS for Microsoft Patch MB)714
SugarOS for Microsoft Patch MB)350
SugarOS Patch MB)782
SugarOS Patch MB)648
SugarSuite Patch KB)1562
SugarSuite Patch KB)5993
SugarSuite Patch KB)3315
SugarSuite Patch KB)1342
SugarSuite Patch KB)387
SugarSuite Patch KB)7566
SugarSuite Patch KB)742 KB)983
Upgrade Notes - 2005-10-06 08:30File SizeDownloads
OpenSource InstallationGuide 4.5.1.pdf(609 KB)7210
OpenSource ReleaseNotes.4.5.1.pdf(214 KB)2256
Sugar CommunityEdition ReleaseNotes 5.0a.pdf(228 KB)2519
Sugar CommunityEdition ReleaseNotes 5.0j.pdf(225 KB)1948
Sugar CommunityEdition ReleaseNotes 5.0k.pdf(245 KB)1113
Sugar Open Source Install Upgrade Guide v400.pdf(225 KB)10590
Sugar Open Source Install Upgrade Guide v401a.pdf(130 KB)10133
Sugar Open Source Install Upgrade Guide v401.pdf(671 KB)1758
Sugar Open Source Install Upgrade Guide v4.2.pdf(795 KB)5092
Sugar Open Source Release Notes 4.0.1i.pdf(71 KB)2153
SugarOpenSource ReleaseNotes 4.5.0h.pdf(289 KB)2824
Sugar OpenSource ReleaseNotes 4.5.0i.pdf(290 KB)1886
Sugar OpenSource ReleaseNotes 4.5.0j.pdf(295 KB)2056
Sugar OpenSource ReleaseNotes 4.5.1b.pdf(227 KB)2055
Sugar OpenSource ReleaseNotes 4.5.1e.pdf(249 KB)1930
Sugar OpenSource ReleaseNotes 4.5.1i.pdf(271 KB)1707
Sugar OpenSource ReleaseNotes4.5.1l.pdf(243 KB)1407
Sugar OpenSource ReleaseNotes 4.5.1m.pdf(244 KB)6775
Sugar OpenSource ReleaseNotes 4.5.1n.pdf(267 KB)945
SugarOpenSource ReleaseNotes 4.5.pdf(233 KB)3428
Sugar Open Source Release Notes v400.pdf(121 KB)7989
Sugar Open Source Release Notes v401g.pdf(71 KB)2631
Sugar Open Source Release Notes v401h.pdf(71 KB)1993
Sugar OpenSource Release Notes v4.2.1e.pdf(396 KB)3063
Sugar OpenSource Release Notes v4.2.1f.pdf(400 KB)1817
Sugar OpenSource Release Notes v4.2.1g.pdf(399 KB)2415
Sugar OpenSource Release Notes v4.2d.pdf(490 KB)5030
Upgrade Steps 2.5.1 3.0.rtf(68 KB)5655
Upgrade Steps to Sugar Open Source v351.pdf(137 KB)8022 Logo
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