CRM2Office Plug-ins for Sugar


Release Name: CRM2Outlook LEADS V1.04

Notes: BETA1 Now Available for Testing! If you have a website that contains an enquiry form the chances are you get an email every time someone fills in their details on the form. You then spend a few minutes copying parts of the email and pasting them into your CRM system. A fiddly job, right? CRM2Outlook LEADS automates this process. Any email with your pre-specified subject line or from a specific email address will be selected by CRM2Outlook, the contents extracted and inserted directly into your SugarCRM instance. You can choose whether CRM2Outlook creates a new Lead or new Account/Contact. This download is a full unrestricted 60-day free trial during the pre-release phase. Normal price is $99 pa but available to purchase outright for just $49 during the pre-release phase. Visit for further information

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