CE Mobile CRM


Release Name: Alpha 2 Release

There was a lot of focus put into improving performance even further. Our
goal is to try and keep native application performance while supporting
multiple platforms. *Note - Palm WebOS now requires no special instructions
for installation anymore.

Changes: --- Application re-factored for better performance and to incorporate jQuery Mobile Alpha 3 --- List Views now remember where you were in the list and takes you back to this location until the application is closed or refreshed. --- Detail views no longer require another ajax request for relationships --- Detail views no long collapse this was done to allow for smoother scrolling and all around better performance --- Application re-factored to scope variables --- Application re-factored to access object properties using the "." instead of ["property-name"] --- Format of labels and data changed in details screen to increase usability --- Empty data fields are no longer displayed in detailed lists reducing the amount of scrolling for records that don't have fields populated. --- Removed unnecessary calls to API if list data hasn't changed --- Moving back to a detail record after viewing a related record no longer requires a round trip to the server --- Home button added to Detail views for direct navigation --- Currency now displayed based on currency name and currency amount for details view *NOTE List view is coded to work but currently the get_entries method for the REST API is not returning it. If this gets resolved the list should show the currency as well. --- Handling Session timeouts to redirect automatically to the login page --- Added Log Out menu to main page

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