WiKID Strong Authentication Module


Release Name: Sugar-3.5.1c

Updated for SugarCRM OS 3.5.1c.


To install, download the zipfile from SugarForge.  Then login to your
SugarCRM installation as an administrative user.  Go to Admin -> Upgrade
Wizard.  Upload the WiKID package you just downloaded, then install.

Then open your config.php and edit the wikid_auth variables to match your
WiKID server environment.  You should also indicate whether WiKID
authentication should be globally enabled, which simply means that it is
available for users.  Every user account that wants to use WiKID will then
need to go through the WiKID registration process to map the user account
to a WiKID device account on the configured domain.  This is easy:  Simply
go to that user's profile (through My Account or Admin -> User
Management), and choose Edit.  Check the box for Enable?, which indicates
that WiKID auth should be attempted for that account.  Then check Register?
to perform the initial registration.  You will need to then start your
WiKID token client, then enter the registration code where indicated.  Once
you Save the information, your account should be registered to the WiKID
server.  When you login, simply use your token client to generate a
passcode, and enter that into the Password field for login.  

For more information on WiKID Strong Authentication, visit our SourceForge
page at

Thanks!   Email us, or submit questions & comments through the SF
project page above.

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