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Posted By: Editha Kuske
Date: 2009-10-12 13:21
Summary: Version 2.0.0c of VeryThinClient released
Project: VeryThinClient for SugarCRM

The VeryThinClient, a simple web interface for small devices like MDA, PDA, Mobile, Handy (how ever you want to call them), using SOAP to communicate with your running SugarCRM installation has been released now in Version 2.0.0c.

The main feature of the new release is the added support for
- projects and
- project tasks.

Modules can now be switched off in main menu globally.

In SugarCRM 5.0.* to 5.2.* the VeryThinClient can be installed by Module Loader.
In SugarCRM 4.5.1 it can be used by unpacking the files and copying them to SugarCRM root directory.

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