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Posted By: Justin Kirkby
Date: 2011-04-28 14:04
Summary: SugarArchiver 1.3 Released!
Project: SugarArchiver

Version 1.3 of SugarArchiver for Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 released today.

New Features:
- Added the ability to sync Contacts between outlook and SugarCRM.
- Added an address book so you can find email addresses in SugarCRM without leaving outlook.
- Added an exclusions list which can be used to specify which emails to never show the archive form for.
- Added "Mark for Sync" buttons to the ribbon when editing a meeting, contact or task.
- Added a button to the main ribbon to log a support request with our support team.
- Added a button to the main ribbon to open our webpage.
- Added the ability to connect using the same Proxy server that you have configured in IE.
- Added icons to message boxes.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a few bugs with to/from email addresses not displaying correctly when using Exchange.
- Fixed a bug where in some cases the email sent time was not set correct when archiving an email.
- Fixed a bug when using Microsoft SQL Server.

Whats coming next:
- Speed improvements.
- More as we think of them, if you have suggestions post them on our forum or email us.

Download today from (Visit Link)

If you already have SugarArchiver installed then in outlook on the SugarArchiver toolbar click Edit Settings > About Tab > Download Updates (If this fails you can always run the installer from the Jellybean Software downloads page and it will upgrade you to the latest version).

Any questions? Email us at />
Any problems? Email our support team at

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