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Sugar Community Edition running on IBM WebSphere sMash. Smash is a new PHP and Ruby platform allowing you to directly connect to Java run-time libraries. Project Zero is the technology incubator for WebSphere sMash.

Project Info

ApplicationInstallation, Integration, Workflow
Development Status5 - Production/Stable
Intended AudienceDevelopers, System Administrators
LicenseGNU General Public License v3 (GPLv3), Other/Proprietary License
Operating SystemMacOS, Windows, Linux
Programming LanguageJava, PHP
Sugar EditionSugar Community Edition
Sugar VersionsVersion 5.1, Version 5.2

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Sugar on sMash on Amazon EC2
February 12, 2009 - by Robert Nicholson - SugarCRM for WebSphere sMash
I just blogged about running sugarCRM on WebSphere sMash in an Amazon...
PHP for WebSphere sMash
February 06, 2009 - by Ryan Boyles - SugarCRM for WebSphere sMash
Recently the Project Zero team made a PHP Start Page on our developme...
Screencast - Sugar Integration with email and MQ
February 02, 2009 - by Robert Nicholson - SugarCRM for WebSphere sMash
I have just uploaded a new HD video to YouTube. It shows one of the d...
Video Interview with Yun-Ping Hsu and Lila Tretikov
January 28, 2009 - by Joe Lea - SugarCRM for WebSphere sMash
Video Interview with SugarCRM's Yun-Ping Hsu, Lila Tretikov about Sug...
Sugar4Smash updated to SugarCRM version 5.2
January 12, 2009 - by Robert Nicholson - SugarCRM for WebSphere sMash
The repository and download instructions have been updated to include... Logo
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