Swekey Hardware Authentication

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The swekey is an USB authentication key. If you use this module, swekey owners will be able to secure their SugarCRM access. It means that a swekey owner won't be abble to login if his swekey is not plugged into its computer.

Project Info

ApplicationSecurity, System Admin
Development Status4 - Beta
Intended AudienceEnd Users/Desktop, System Administrators
LicenseOpen Source
Natural LanguageEnglish, French
Operating SystemOS Independent
Programming LanguageJavaScript, PHP
Sugar EditionSugar Community Edition, Sugar Enterprise, Sugar Professional
Sugar VersionsVersion 5.1, Version 5.2

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Swekey Module 1.0.2 released
April 06, 2009 - by swekey support - Swekey Hardware Authentication
The Swekey Hardware Authentication Module for SugarCRM v 1.0.2 has be...

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