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ZuckerReports is the most powerful runtime and design environment for your custom reports integrated into Sugar. Free for all Sugar flavours. NEW: ZuckerReports On-Demand Hosting!

Project Info

ApplicationForecasting, Knowledge Mgmt, Reporting
Development Status6 - Mature
Intended AudienceEnd Users/Desktop, System Administrators
LicenseOther/Proprietary License
Natural LanguageEnglish, French, German
Operating SystemWindows, POSIX
Programming LanguageJava, PHP
Sugar EditionSugar Community Edition, Sugar Enterprise, Sugar Professional

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ZuckerReports 2.1.1
January 09, 2013 - by Florian Treml - ZuckerReports
Just uploaded next release of ZuckerReports2 - possible to create a t...
ZuckerReports 2.1
December 29, 2012 - by Florian Treml - ZuckerReports
Just released ZuckerReports 2.1. Tested with Sugar 6.5.9. Again some ...
ZuckerReports 2.04
December 29, 2012 - by Florian Treml - ZuckerReports
New package 2.04 contains some bug fixes from community feedback, and...
ZuckerReports 2.03
August 24, 2012 - by Florian Treml - ZuckerReports
ZuckerReports 2.03 is now online. It contains additional configuratio...
ZuckerReports 2.02
August 21, 2012 - by Florian Treml - ZuckerReports
New ZuckerReports release is now online, contains some small Bugfixes...

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