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We specialise in mobile applications for packaged software solutions covering ERP, CRM and SFA domains. Our experience in mobile development spans more than a decade. During this time we have developed applications for a variety of device platforms. Today we leverage this experience using the Rhodes framework from Rhomobile for all applications. This revolutionary platform allows us to develop on/off line applications for a wide variety of smartphone devices from a single code base. Our initial Rhodes application is designed for tight integration with SugarCRM®. Our sister company, LogicAppeal, has several year's experience with SugarCRM ranging from simple installations with limited customisation to complex ones with extensive customisation, custom-developed modules and deep integration. This positioned us well to develop Rhologic Mobile SugarCRM with a deep technical understanding of both SugarCRM and mobile applications. Rhologic Mobile™ for SugarCRM has been developed for any field staff that need to use SugarCRM on the go - quickly! It is more versatile than the standard SugarCRM Mobile provided with Professional and Enterprise; but also faster since it operates as a native application on most modern Smartphones in the market today.

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  • Michael Dickens
  • +61 2 8004 8637
  • mdickens@rhologic.com

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