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  • About Apatar Data Integration Apatar is an open source data integration application which enables SugarCRM users, partners and developers integrate SugarCRM with 3rd party databases and applications. Apatar features powerful Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) capabilities, visual job designer and mapping, over 20 and API connectors and a job scheduling application. Users install a visual job designer application to create integration jobs called DataMaps, link data between the source(s) and the target(s), and schedule one-time or recurring data transformations in between local systems such as databases (such as MySQL, PosgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase), files (at Amazon S3, WebDAV, local files, or FTP), CSV/flat files, and web-based applications and services such as Flickr, SalesForce.Com, or even RSS feeds. Users can share and re-use DataMaps over the web through a catalog at http://www.apatarforge.org. Using Apatar, users can turn their SugarCRM data (such as spreadsheets) into an RSS feed. No programming or design is required to accomplish even a complex integration.
  • About Apatar, Inc. Apatar is the leading provider of open source software tools for the data integration market. With powerful Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) capabilities, Apatar enables its users to easily link information between databases (such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle), applications (Salesforce.com, SugarCRM) and the top Web 2.0 destinations (Flickr, Amazon S3). Apatar provides support, training, and consulting services for its integration solutions. Headquartered in Western Massachusetts, Apatar operates a development center in Eastern Europe. Apatar is currently used by 250 organizations and individuals worldwide. For more on Apatar, visit http://www.apatar.com or http://www.apatarforge.org.
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      Alex Khizhnyak Apatar Evangelist Apatar, Inc. alexey.kh@apatar.com

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