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Lina Software, located in Alameda, CA, is the company behind the LINA runtime environment. LINA (Lina Is Not an Acronym) is a lightweight, invisible Linux operating system that runs in a virtual environment on Windows and Mac, and in a chroot environment on Linux. Native Linux applications running on LINA are fully integrated into the host environment - i.e. configuration files may be edited and related executables may be run directly from the host. This allows Windows and Mac users to easily use Linux applications as if they were native to those platforms. Linux applications are packaged for LINA as "universal installers". These packages offer a simple click-through install experience on any platform where the LINA runtime environment has been installed. The LINA runtime environment for various platforms may be downloaded from: , or by clicking the link at the lower left of our webpage Applications for LINA, including SugarCRM, may be downloaded from

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