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Better UI and integration in 2.0d

Reviewed by tpine (07/11/2008)

With the 2.0d, we can talk with our non-techie clients about organizing and managing their overwhelmed biz documents. Way to go!


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Just Needs A Lot More Documentation!

Reviewed by makeitpretty (03/28/2008)

This project is actually a GREAT implementation of Knowledge Tree and SugraCRM. What IS missing is proper installation, configuration and usage documentation. Yes is works with 5.0b, mySQL 5 and php 5.+. It is not compatible with Knowledge Tree's 3.5 series so don't even try it for right now.

What version to install? The latest revision. How to make it work? I'll open a thread in the community forum as I'm unable to add lines of code here.

Great job! Don't forget folks, just because it is open source it doesn;t mean that you don't have to put in a little work to customize things.


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Does Not work

Reviewed by toursupport (03/10/2008)

Not working with 5.0.0b


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Works 5.0? Yeah right.

Reviewed by lmcanada (02/23/2008)

For me this module did not even remotely work with 5.0.0b, 5.0.0a, or 5.0.


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Knowledgetree integration

Reviewed by emaggi (09/21/2006)

Surely this product is a very good idea.
The problem I found is that if you want to install also the Knowledgetree front end you need to install the KT 3.0.x version that is very unstable. The stable version 3.1 of KT is not supported and does not work because of big changes in file management introduced in 3.1.
A new Zuckerdocs version is highly requested !!!


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Great product

Reviewed by rickcrites (09/19/2006)

This module is a vast improvement over the 'Documents' module built into Sugar. ZuckerDocs allows you to create a structure of folders and files that is easy to navigate and use. There is a search function and you can index your documents. If you maintain any kind of library of documents, instructions, presentations, notes or whatever, you need this module. The installation process is a bit more complex than just clicking the 'Commit' button. But, once you get it working you will be glad you did.


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Killer Application

Reviewed by unicum (07/13/2006)

Even there are some more ideas how to improve the relationship wit KnowlegdeTree, Sugar und Zuckerdocs, its one of the best module i ever see. We love them.


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Version 1.4.5

Reviewed by russgalleywood (07/13/2006)

I am really pleased with ZuckerDocs.
It is an excellent and easy to install replacement for the Document tab in Sugar.

I have found it very difficult to link to an existing Knowledgetree install but the developers acknowledge this difficulty in the instructions.

I find it easy and intuitive to use. It is slightly buggy but as Sugar is being upgraded every couple of weeks you must expect the occasional problem which cannot be blamed on the developers of Zuckerdocs.

Recommended highly.


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Latest releases are not stable

Reviewed by chan0chan (07/12/2006)

Release 1.4.3 has been by far the most stable release os ZuckerDocs, a very useful DMS based in KnowledgeTree. I worked really well.

Releases 1.4.4 and 1.4.5 have been a major milestone in the ZuckerDocs history; new developers have collaborated in the project, and database have been upgraded to work with knowledgetree 3.0.1; but it lacks quality in almost every aspect.

First of all, and tied to the new releases of KnowledgeTree, existing 1.4.3 databases are NO LONGER SUPPORTED by 1.4.4 and 1.4.5, due to a new file naming convention. Worst of all, there are some "upgrade instructions" that doesn't work at all because they have not been tested. I have figured a way to upgrade, but that is not possible without at least a little knowledge of PHP coding. If you have luck and can upgrade, then you cannot view your files because of the new file naming convention I have mentioned.

Also, this release have had -and have- lots of major bugs that prevent it for example to show documents in "My Home", have strange "fatal" errors, etc.

It's a pity that what was a really good piece of software have come into this. I think the real issue with it is the development team discoordination and the excessive precipitation in the release.

Hope it gets in the good way soon.

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