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Premium theme for CE
Added 2013-09-12
A brand new theme(100% upgradesafe) for Community Edition which will come up with 4 dashing colors: Blue, Red, Orange and Green. Want a specific color scheme for you brand? Feel free to contact us.
PrestaShop SugarCRM Integration
Added 2012-06-06
PrestaShop SugarCRM Integration synchronize Customers, Contact, Currency, Inventory, Category, Sales Order/Invoice, Newsletter, LDAP Authentication, Coupon & Voucher Discount into SugarCRM. Visit www.anterp.com/shop/prestashop-sugarcrm-integration
Prevent Multi Login for same Username
Added 2013-09-26
Attractive tool which prevent SugarCRM users to Multi Login for the same username. If user is already logged in a system so its logged out the already logged user and then allow the other user to logged in
Products and Quotes for SugarCRM OS
Added 2007-06-20
Products and Quotes lets you define products, categories, families and sub-families. You can create and manage quotes, link with opportunities, contacts and accounts. It provide export PDF and merge mail functionallities.
Project Module Upgrades
Added 2006-07-24
My personal Project module enhancements.
Prospectfinder Module for SugarCRM
Added 2008-08-06
This module makes it possible to import information directly from your Prospectfinder account to your SugarCRM implementation. You can automatically create Leads and match visits from your existing customers and visualise them in SugarCRM.
PureResponse Integration
Added 2013-03-29
TSR’s PureResponse Integration allows customers to build Pure360 Campaigns from their existing data and view the results of these campaigns within SugarCRM, providing a rounded picture of customer engagement. Please contact TSR for Pricing.
QAS for SugarCRM
Added 2010-04-02
Verify and standardize US and international addresses as they are entered into SugarCRM. Organizations will improve prospect management, enhance marketing analysis, cut operational costs, and maintain a professional image.
Qontext Inc.
Added 2010-07-06
Qontext provides a private social collaboration platform for your business, including shared bookmarks, discussions, documents, blogs, wikis, photos, videos, polls and more. Qontext integrates any existing business app - CRM, HR, ERP, or custom app.
QuickBooks Integration SugarCRM
Added 2013-04-25
Avalon’s solution introduces QuickBooks integration and a secure payment engine to the traditional SugarCRM experience
QuickCRM Mobile
Added 2011-12-01
QuickCRM Mobile is a native app and web client allowing access to SugarCRM data on iPhone, Android, ... With QuickCRM Mobile Full, you have an offline mode and can create/edit records, manage custom modules and custom fields and search by any field.
Quota Module
Added 2008-04-27
Quota Module as name specifies, is built to show the status of user in server. It displays the exact status of the space occupied by user in server. This module is made for sugar 5 series.
Quote Roller
Added 2012-04-15
Quote Roller helps to create, send, organize and track sales quotes. Simplify your work on sales proposals. Increases efficiency of your sales reps. Sell more, faster.
QuoteWerks Integration for SugarCRM
Added 2009-06-10
QuoteWerks provides non-industry specific, sales quotes and proposals with seamless integrations into SugarCRM, QuickBooks, Peachtree, and our IT Distributor links, providing users with a stable and dynamic solution to streamline their sales process.
Rating Addon for All Modules - YouAddOn
Added 2013-11-21
Rating Add-on for All Modules. You can add Field Rating add Rating for every record / modules. It's work with all modules and config is very easy
RC Event Manager
Added 2011-11-27
An Event Mgmt package for SugarCRM CE with modules for Events, Venues, Caterers, Facilitators and Programs. Download the Package (and/or the Developer Manual to develop this yourself from scratch).
Record audio messages for SugarCRM
Added 2008-11-16
This module allows you to record voice messages on Notes! You can record mp3 messages using your microphone and attach them to all kind of Notes in SugarCRM! The mp3 messages is stored as the Note's attachment.
Recruiting - Candidates
Added 2006-07-04
This module gives you the ability to store info about candidates without the need to use the contacts module. Whether you're a small company in a single location, or a large organization in several countries, this module will meet your needs.
Recruiting - JobPostings
Added 2006-07-20
This project is part of the eRecruiting Module and it allows clients to manage job postings. It also allows you to integrate the candidates modules to track the applicants per job posting.
Regoluna Invoices
Added 2010-02-09
Generate simple invoices and export them to PDF and "Facturae" formats. Includes support for Digital Signature in PDF and XML. http://www.regoluna.com/facturas_sugarcrm (spanish).
Re Imbursement
Added 2013-04-03
Re imbursement module used to maintain claim records of your employees where accounts admin update each reimbursement claim with different status paid, unpaid, cancelled, discuss and etc.
Reschedule Calls with Call History
Added 2009-07-15
Incredibly useful utility for users who do outbound phone calls. In four clicks, you can reschedule the date and time of a call and write the date, time and reason for unsuccessful completion to the call history panel. A real productivity gain.
Resources and Reservations
Added 2013-01-31
Resources, Reservations and Reservation Calendar - a set of modules enabling SugarCRM (Pro/Enterprise/Community Edition) users to manage their resources and make reservations of resources. Resources already reserved are presented on dedicated calendar.
RhoLogic for SugarCRM
Added 2010-12-07
RhoLogic for SugarCRM is a multi-platform mobile SugarCRM solution for Apple iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Please contact us for pricing and to set up a RhoSync synchronization server.
Riptide Popup Alerts
Added 2010-06-04
Do your employees ever need to be alerted to something very important about a customer? Riptide Popup Alerts gives you the ability to easily display that crucial popup alert message on any module.
Riptide Real Estate
Added 2010-08-26
Riptide Real Estate is a comprehensive, end to end real estate management solution that combines the power of contact management with all the functionality necessary to run your successful real estate business.
Added 2012-01-16
LET ADMIN TO SET HOME PAGE FOR ALL USERS. 1. admin can set/reset default home page one for all new users. 2. admin can set/reset home page for any Role Users. 3. admin can set/reset home page for all individual users.
Rolustech Twilio VOIP Integration
Added 2013-05-03
Integrates the telephony services provided by Twilio with SugarCRM. It covers two way SMS communication along with Voice communication with Tracking, Click to Call, Extensions, Telephone Directory, IVR, Automatic Call Receivers, custom voice messages etc.
Romanian Language
Added 2010-02-08
Pack de limba romana pentru versiunea SugarCRM 5.5.0
Romanian Language Files
Added 2005-04-19
Contains Romanian language pack files for SugarCRM.
Round Robin Lead Assignment
Added 2009-09-04
A logic hook based module that can be used to automatically assign leads in a round robin fashion.
RUSSIAN RAPIRA Language Pack for v.4.5.x
Added 2006-11-04
Russian language pack for SugarCRM 4.5.x / The latest versions you can download from: http://www.sugarcrm.com.ua/viewtopic.php?p=976
Sage Payments Integration with SugarCRM
Added 2012-10-22
Initiate payments from SugarCRM Contacts, Opportunities and Quotes screens, process the transaction in Sage Payments, and store the result of the transaction without storing any sensitive credit card information.
SalesForce style theme for SugarCRM CE
Added 2013-10-12
A Salesforce style theme for Sugar Community Edition
Added 2006-03-04
A small module that will scale the opportunity pipeline charts based on probability percentage - see screenshots for details
Added 2006-11-29
Scalix provides an open-source based enterprise-ready messaging and calendaring platform. By running the SugarCRM Outlook Plug-In, SugarCRM and Scalix users will receive advanced, integrated CRM functionality.
Scheduler Alerts
Added 2013-02-25
A plugin that will allow for system admins to specify users to be alerted when a scheduler job fails. [v1.3] - Supports 6.5.x, 6.6.x, and 6.7.x [v2.3] - Support 7.5.x.x
Score3 Connector by SYNOLIA
Added 2010-02-03
Add Score3 Connector into your SugarCRM : like standard LinkdIn connector you can see Score3 trust rate of your customers on your SugarCRM.
Added 2006-09-01
A new tab who permit to search in CV, Emails, Calls, Contacts description. Results of documents print candidates by candidates sorted by date of the last event.
Added 2006-08-07
An engine search for the content of Notes, Emails, and their attachements (Word, Excell, Powerpoint, PDF). Un moteur de recherche pour les notes, les emails et leurs pièces jointes. De plus il corrige le problème des fichiers avec des accents.
SecuritySuite (Teams)
Added 2008-02-28
If you are on CE you need this teams module. Also includes custom team layouts, login/sudo for quick debugging, search by groups, and more!
Added 2010-02-10
External and internal tickets and complaints service. Thanks to its great configuration capability, ServiceDesk is the most developed HelpDesk tool for SugarCRM.
Serbian Language Pack (Srpski)
Added 2008-10-15
Srpski Lokalizacioni Paket za SugarCRM. Najnoviji prevodi SugarCRMa uključeni.
Share2B Connector for SugarCRM
Added 2013-02-05
Share2B is an enterprise 2.0 solution like Chatter, Qontext, Yammer, Jive or IBM Connections. With Share2B & SugarCRM you can do 100% social sales, social collaboration and social intranet.
Shared calendar by month
Added 2006-07-27
This patch add a new view of calendar : shared calendar by month. Ce patch ajoute une nouvelle vue au calendrier : calendrier partagé par mois
SHINE Live Help
Added 2006-10-27
SHINE Live Help is a real-time chat application for website sales and support. SHINE can be used as a standalone application or it can be integrated (using the built-in Sugar Component) with Sugar Open Source CRM Versions 4.2 and 4.5.
SignusApp: Contact signature grabber
Added 2013-06-30
Creates SugarCRM Lead, Contact, Account from Outlook or Gmail email signatures. Checks for duplicates and opens created contact when done. To use just select signature starting from name, copy to clipboard and run Signus.
Simple Chat For SugarCRM
Added 2009-01-27
This is a simple Ajax-based chat for SugarCRM users. Now users have an opportunity to communicate with each other. There are also opportunity to send privat messages, view history of privat messages.
Simple SOAP Email
Added 2009-01-26
Using this quick add on, a new SOAP web service is added to SugarCRM - send_email - which allows you to send emails, use the email templates, and automatically relate the emails with the appropriate Lead, Contact or Account.
Simple sugarleads module for Joomla!
Added 2009-01-31
Simple Sugarleads Module for Joomla is a very easy, functional and fast way to allow your Joomla! site to catch and register leads direct to your SugarCRM Leads Module. Developed by SEN de Venezuela C.A contacto@sen.com.ve +58 251 2330663
Simplified/Traditional[New] 简体/繁体中文语言包
Added 2013-03-07
Simplified/Traditional Chinese Language Pack for SugarCRM. 简体/繁体中文语言包由 think7Strategy Org. 维护并持续更新. ITO 开源社区支持:http://www.ithinkopen.com
Skype Click to Call
Added 2013-02-16
Skype Click to call provide you click to call feature for skype as well as the call you made Log that call information in SugarCRM.
Slovenian Language Pack
Added 2009-10-20
Contains language pack files for Slovenian language. Slovenski prevod SugarCRM.
SMTP Campaigns
Added 2012-05-21
This modules allows sugar admins to define a second SMTP server dedicated to Marketing campaigns, for mass/high volume marketing emails. For more information please visit our webiste : http://goo.gl/fZZ3q
SnapLogic Deki for CRM
Added 2008-10-21
Deki for CRM provides a true collaboration environment for SugarCRM, improving sales effectiveness by extending SugarCRM to present customer information dynamically collected from other business systems and public data sources.
SnapLogic NetSuite Extension
Added 2008-10-23
This SnapLogic extension adds connectivity for NetSuite, providing a comprehensive interface to NetSuite for SugarCRM installations using SnapLogic. The extension can be used for data integration and data migration.
SnapLogic SalesForce.com Extension
Added 2008-10-23
This SnapLogic extension adds connectivity for SalesForce.com, providing a comprehensive interface to SalesForce for SugarCRM installations using SnapLogic. The extension can be used for data integration and data migration.
SnapLogic SugarCRM Extension
Added 2008-08-22
This SnapLogic extension adds connectivity for SugarCRM, providing a comprehensive interface to Sugar, and includes customized definitions based on the SugarCRM configuration. The extension can be used for data integration and data migration.
SOAP connection sample application
Added 2008-04-14
This sample Delphi application shows how to connect your application to sugarCRM SOAP. It shows how to: login, get modules list, get module fields, get entry list, set entry and so on.
SOAPSonar for SugarCRM
Added 2007-01-09
SOAPSonar, Web Services Testing Tool for SugarCRM WSDL-API. No coding required for testing SugarCRM integration APIs.
Social sugar
Added 2010-10-08
Move over salesforce chatter. Welcome Social sugar. Ahh!! it tastes good.
Sococo Team Space, Social Communications
Added 2011-03-29
Sococo Team Space is a social communications service for distributed teams that makes SugarCRM social. Team Space adds voice, chat, multi-screen sharing and telephony. Our unique spatial user interface brings the whole team together to close more deals!
SolCRM by AlineaSol
Added 2010-04-23
Dedicated modules for: Reports, Home Page Enhancements, WorkFlow Management, Project Management and sales utilities. All compatible, and running on SugarCRM. Tested with CE and Professional editions.
Spanish Language Pack 6.3.1
Added 2012-02-07
Spanish Language Pack for Sugar 6.3.1
Spanish (Latin America) language files
Added 2005-03-22
Contains Spanish (Latin America) language pack and other Spanish files
Spanish (Mexico) Language Files
Added 2011-08-05
Spanish Language Pack (Mexico) for SugarCRM 6.2.1 base system and modules, compatible with all versions (CE, PRO, ENT). Compatible with other hispanic languages.
SpecINFO Blue Theme
Added 2012-08-13
This theme is for SugarCRM 6.5 version. It is compatible with Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. No box-shadow effect and round corners in Internet Explorer browser.
Added 2007-12-06
This is a simple test suite to verify the functionality of and connectivity to a Sugar Instance's SOAP interface from other computers running PHP. To use: edit the index.php as directed within the file and view the configured app in a browser!
Standing Cloud
Added 2012-04-02
Standing Cloud is a cloud-based an application management platform that enables quick, problem-free deployment of SugarCRM on a wide range of cloud providers easily. We make it easy to build, deploy and scale your application in the cloud.
STARFACE SugarCRM Connector
Added 2008-07-23
adds telephony features of STARFACE VoIP solution to optimize the effectivness of SugarCRM, incl. click to dial, signaling of inbound & outbound calls (display of customer data), direct documentation of phone calls in the appropriate memo sheet
Statistics graphics - dashboards
Added 2006-10-19
Statistics Graphics lets you define statistics parameters - modules, fields, operations, filters - for visualised dynamics dashboards. You can manage forecasts for these parameters and visualised comparative dashboard between forecasts and realized.
Added 2013-07-23
Do you often feel out of reach of your Post-it-note when important client calls up and giving some important information? No more! Now stickyNote module is here for you, easily integrated in your SugarCRM! Sign up to get stickyNote add-on Now!
StoreIt, save important contact emails
Added 2005-12-22
StoreIt is a server-based application which attaches emails to corresponding contact records in Sugar CRM. End users either forward or BCC important customer emails to StoreIt to preserve that communication thread.
Stripe Payments for SugarCRM
Added 2013-03-12
StripePayment Module for SugarCRM. Charge credit card payments, create customers and refund charges on Accounts, Leads, and Contacts. All while remaining PCI Compliant. Requires SugarCRM 6.3 or Higher and a Stripe Account.
Sugar2CleverReach Connector by MyCRM
Added 2012-07-16
This connector is a robust and comprehensive solution to integrate SugarCRM with the CleverReach E-Mail Marketing platform. The connector is free under the conditions of the GNU AGPL v3.
SugarApps Basic - SugarCRM Google sync
Added 2010-06-17
SugarApps Basic keeps in sync SugarCRM™ Calendar and Contacts with Google™ Calendar and Contacts for 9€/usr/yr. SugarApps Premiere includes OpenID and Gmail integration for 29€/usr/yr.
SugarCANE - WFlow Plugin: Compare List
Added 2006-09-20
Allows for enhanced workflow routing. Example usage would be to route leads by zip code. You can create a list of zip codes and route based on a value found in the list. This plugin appears as a 'condition'
SugarCANE - WFlow Plugin: Weighted Route
Added 2006-09-28
Workflow plugin that allows you to assigned a record in a module and split the assignment between two users. You can do weighted routing for example on leads between two users 70/30. This is a usecase
Sugar Charts
Added 2007-12-18
Flash source code for the charts in Sugar Community Edition.
Sugar Connector for Cisco IP Telephony
Added 2011-09-06
Provides Cisco Unified CallConnector for SugarCRM users with rich features in communication with their customers, leads and contacts in SugarCRM. View demo screencast: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S8s03kpfrE (copy/paste this link into your browser)
Added 2005-02-22
Sugar Community Edition is available now. Manage leads, opportunities, contacts and more inside of a state-of-the-art user interface. See http://www.sugarcrm.com/crm/demo/sugar-suite.html for role-based product demonstrations.
SugarCRM ภาษาไทย
Added 2006-10-16
Thai Language Pack is a project to develop a Thai localization pack for SugarCRM. ภาษาไทย สำหรับ Sugar CRM
SugarCRM and Drupal integration
Added 2013-08-15
SugarDrupal module made full integration between SugarCRM and Drupal. All Sugar modules like leads, opportunity, contacts etc. are online synchronize to Drupal CMS portal. Users and their rights are synchronize too.
SugarCRM and JIRA connector
Added 2014-04-28
Module can automatically create Atlassian JIRA project from SugarCRM Opportunities or Projects. You can choose right variant according to your process workflow.
SugarCRM and Microsoft Exchange sync
Added 2013-10-18
Full integration between SugarCRM and Microsoft Exchange server. You can synchronize Tasks, Contacts and Email in real time. http://www.corenet.cz/en/module/cns-exch-en
SugarCRM CE Teams For The Masses
Added 2009-03-22
Yet another Team based Security module. Support for Team Hierarchy.Now Added MassUpdate. Look for the video demo here: http://mandalski.com/Demo.wmv. Please use project forums to let me know of any bugs or feature requests.
SugarCRM Compiere integration
Added 2010-01-21
The SugarCRM Compiere integration is a synchronization system between Compiere and SugarCRM. This system relies on all the good work that has been done by the folks of http://sourceforge.net/projects/talendcompierec/
SugarCRM - Constant Contact Integration
Added 2011-05-18
Constant Contact Integration offers users both a detailed and high-level view of an organization’s marketing efforts like sync accounts and contacts, email addresses, marketing lists, campaign results, individual email tracking, and removal results.
SugarCRM Desktop Notifications
Added 2014-10-18
This Plugin will automatically notify the respective user to whom you have assigned a new record using Desktop Notification API of the browser. User will have option to enable/disable modules for which they wish to get notifications.
SugarCRM Dialer Integration
Added 2013-10-22
SugarCRM dialer integration streamlines your business by making it easy to start a broadcast campaign, synchronize data from any call session to your SugarCRM page and more. Check our other videos to see all of the benefits to SugarCRM dialer integration.
SugarCRM Express Conversion
Added 2009-09-22
Wizard driven GoldMine -> SugarCRM conversion utility. Allows users to easily and effortlessly migrate GoldMine SQL accounts and contacts information into SugarCRM.
SugarCRM for Univention Corporate Server
Added 2012-02-17
Integration of SugarCRM in the Univention Corporate Server (UCS). Choose your SugarCRM Roles and SugarCRM Users in the UCS Web Managment Console. Simplyfy installation and single Password login for SugarCRM and UCS.
SugarCRM for WebSphere sMash
Added 2008-04-03
Sugar Community Edition running on IBM WebSphere sMash. Smash is a new PHP and Ruby platform allowing you to directly connect to Java run-time libraries. Project Zero is the technology incubator for WebSphere sMash. http://www.projectzero.org/php
SugarCRM Hungarian Language Pack
Added 2006-01-20
Hungarian Language Pack for SugarCRM
SugarCRM Instant Mass Mailing
Added 2014-07-15
Easily send Mass Emails From SugarCRM with the click of a button.
SugarCRM – Intacct Integration
Added 2012-04-30
The FBSG SugarCRM - Intacct Integration Application allows the two software packages to “talk with each other” by sending customers, inventory items, and sales history from Intacct to Sugar and by sending quotes and new accounts from Sugar to Intacct
SugarCRM integration for 1C
Added 2011-04-27
The product provides integration of SugarCRM and 1C:Enterprise 7.7 – the most popular accounting/ERP software in Russia and Ukraine.
SugarCRM integration with Dynamics NAV
Added 2011-11-24
SUGANAV Connector - SugarCRM & MS Dynamics NAV Data Integration Solution: "The best way to share customer and financial information".
SugarCRM Magento Connector by 1crm.info
Added 2013-04-03
Sync data from Magento to Sugarcrm. Create Leads,Contacts,Accounts,Opportunities and related Products.
SugarCRM Magento eCommerce Solution
Added 2010-02-14
Automatically post Magneto orders to your SugarCRM Accounts, Contacts, Quotes, Products or Custom Objects in real time or batch. Order Status/Tracking Feedback, Inventory Updates and more.

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