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Act Importer
Added 2005-05-18
This project is an extention of another sugar users manual import of their act information into sugar. We have used MS Access (Along with exporter for act to automate the process.
AddressMap - Map Connector
Added 2013-01-21
AddressMap Connector is a Map API Connector for Address Fields in SugarCRM
AJAX sidebar chat
Added 2006-06-26
AJAX sidebar chat for SugarCRM teams, based on Shoutchat, by Dan Allen. ( It will take the username from Sugar, and every team will have its own "channel". Requires a MySQL database.
Ajuda para Desenvolvedores pt-BR
Added 2008-02-19
Material de Ajuda para Desenvolvedores pt-BR - Traduções, Tutoriais, Notas para criação de módulos, suporte, instalação e muito mais...
Apatar Data Integration for SugarCRM
Added 2007-05-18
Apatar is an open source data integration application which enables SugarCRM users, partners and developers integrate SugarCRM with 3rd party databases and applications. No programming is required to accomplish even a complex integration.
Arabic Egypt Language Package
Added 2007-02-12
نظام متابعة العملاء شوجر سي آر إم
Arabic Translation - SugarCRM Enterprise
Added 2007-02-28
Arabic Translation for SugarCRM Enterprise version by IT Synergy. الترجمة العربية لنسخة SugarCRM للمؤسسات من شركة IT Synergy
Attachments as part of leads Webform
Added 2007-05-24
Allows multiple attachments (saved as a note) as part of a web lead form generated by SugarCRM. Released by
Attachments as part of leads Webform
Added 2007-05-24
Allows multiple attachments (saved as a note) as part of a web lead form generated by SugarCRM. Released by
B2C Customization
Added 2011-02-11
This package customizes the standard CE edition in order to configure it as a B2C system.
blupsync 4 SugarSuite [MS Outlook sync]
Added 2006-01-30
blup...sync for SugarSuite bridges the gap between SugarSuite and Outlook. In the current version Accounts, Contacts, Tasks and Calendar items are synchronized. Detailed information can be found on
Brazilian Portuguese Language Pack
Added 2005-09-01
Lampada Global, o único SugarCRM Partner no Brasil. Para suporte gratuíto na aplicação ligue +55 11 3237-3110. Oferecemos serviços de instalação, treinamento, suporte técnico e desenvolvimentos adicionais. Visite nosso site
Bulgarian Language Pack by CreaSoft
Added 2008-05-31
Българска локализация на SugarCRM
Calendar Web 2.0 by CARRENET
Added 2010-04-21
New module using web 2.0 technologies for improving the appearance of SugarCRM calendar. It permit a visual representation of user's meetings and calls, by day, week and month. Drag and Drop support for moving and resizing.
Chart Dashlets Hub
Added 2010-10-31
This project aims to share all the custom chart dashlets available. We already listed our own custom chart dashlets, feel free to send us yours in order to complete the list !
Clone/Backup SugarCRM
Added 2005-12-21
Script to clone or backup a SugarCRM instance. Useful for cloning instances where the clone can be used for testing SugarCRM upgrades, patches or modules. The script can also be used to make a hot backup of a running SugarCRM instance.
CommunicationCenter by SyroCon
Added 2010-01-14
CommunicationCenter by integrates telephony services provided through the Developer Garden API of Deutsche Telekom AG ( into SugarCRM. These services encompass sending SMS and establishing voice and conference calls.
Computer Repair Tracking System
Added 2012-02-16
To provide a system that lets you track diagnostics, repairs and consultation jobs as they come in. Provides many drop down fields to organize and stream line the flow of keeping track of repairs.
CRMCreators SugarCRM SMS Integration
Added 2014-07-15
Send bulk SMS to Leads, Contacts and Accounts directly from SugarCRM. Customized CRM module allows you to easily send SMS’s directly from within SurgarCRM, to any of your Contacts, Leads, or Users in the system.
Croatian language pack for SugarCRM
Added 2006-01-28
Contains Croatian (HR) language pack and other Croatian language files for SugarCRM version 4.x. Sadrži hrvatski lokalizacijski paket za SugarCRM od verzije 4.x nadalje.
Czech language files
Added 2005-05-19
Contains czech language pack and other czech files
DB2 support for SugarCRM 5.0 CE
Added 2008-07-19
The main purpose of this project is to provide DB2 support for SugarCrm
Digital Sign Application
Added 2012-02-23
Digital Sign Application is a solution to avoid the paper work and manual process of signature in the official documents. Here users can upload documents and send other users for signing in the documents.
Document Thumbnails
Added 2009-10-27
Displays thumbnails of documents in the Documents module
Domino Lotus Notes plug-in for SugarCRM
Added 2007-07-04
“SugarCRM Plug-in for Lotus Notes” for giving facility to user interacting with SugarCRM. We provide facility to user to get contacts, task and appointments. Users can update or insert new record from Lotus Notes using synchronization facility
Drupal connector for SugarCRM
Added 2007-05-16
SugarOnDrupal connects Drupal and SugarCRM. Give your contacts the chance to login to your web site and edit their personal information and project related topics, or see leads being created from your website, and much more!
Dynamic Dropdown
Added 2013-02-05
This Add-on allows admin users to add a new option to any dropdown right from the edit view. This plug-in add a new field type in studio named as "Dynamic Dropdown".
Dynamic Form Wizard
Added 2013-03-26
Create a simple web form for multiple modules in sugar instance and create records in multiple modules with one click.
Added 2007-10-16
This project is useful to set up teams in the organization, with this you can create an hierarquical structure of you sales, support, marketing team. This project is based in the Tips for Team Managment you can find in the wiki.
Added 2006-09-26
This project adds SMS functionality to the SugarCRM package. Currently the features are an AJAX interface, a new tab to send SMS's to arbitary numbers and the archiving of the sent SMS's as calls using the SOAP interface.
FabTools by DavidBoris
Added 2011-02-12
Helpful add-ons!
Field Force Project
Added 2012-06-05
A simple field force project planning module for retail merchandising. Its is designed to allow you to add stores and then assign an task to a person and a store.
Field Level Access Control
Added 2009-02-03
A module that adds field level access control to Sugar CE 5.x
Flexible Chart Dashlet
Added 2009-05-01
A chart dashlet that can be configured using metadata to Chart anything that a sql query can fetch from the database. Makes adding custom charts to the home page as simple as writing a query and editing a metadata file.
Funambol-SugarCRM Connector
Added 2005-04-12
This project provides a connector between Sugar Suite and Funambol . The connector allows the distribution of Sugar Suite’s contact and calendar data to mobile devices, such as SyncML phones, BlackBerry, Palm, Windows Mobile and others.
g.Con - ActiveSync for SugarCRM
Added 2014-05-26
g.Con is the connection for ActiveSync compatible smartphones to SugarCRM. Supported services currently: contacts, calendar and tasks.
Get sales alerts from your networks
Added 2011-10-31
Get a feed of alerts on your clients & prospects portfolio to focus on the best opportunities - All appointments and departures - Latest news - New key contacts prospected by competitors and partners - New qualified leads to feed your pipeline
GIS WGS-84 Reference Kit
Added 2006-01-30
GIS Reference Kit for entering coordinate data in WGS-84 format into SugarCRM.
Greek Language Pack WORKING!!!
Added 2007-02-02
Finaly finished translation for all greek users.
GroupDocs Annotation
Added 2012-12-06
GroupDocs Annotation allows you to work with text-based documents as well as images. It supports annotation of all common file formats. All you need is to just upload the document and start annotating it using its intuitive tools.
HQ - SugarCRM Plugin
Added 2007-03-07
Hyperic HQ is an open source systems management project designed for the next generation data center. HQ is ideal for apache management, tomcat management, LAMP management and now, SugarCRM monitoring.
Added 2010-09-15
idea management for sugarcrm
Added 2009-01-23
ENG Several users request an image module, i've found a simple way but i need a php-expert for developing ITA Molti utenti richiedono la presenza di un modulo immagini, ho trovato un modo semplice ma ho bisogno di un esperto di php per lo sviluppo
Invoicing Module
Added 2006-07-25
The module grabs calls from the calendar to generate PDF invoices from this data. We grab the account info, duration and description to populate the invoice. This is a first release, we will be adding some new features and generally cleaning things up.
IT HelpDesk
Added 2009-01-27
The IT HelpDesk module centralizes your IT data. Keep track of your organization's hardware, software, licenses and support. If you like this module, please consider supporting StoryCorps at
J-SugarCRM Authentication
Added 2011-02-02
This is Joomla plugin which aims to add another "driver authentication" based on SugarCRM. You can then allow access to your Joomla portal for users of your CRM system based on SugarCRM. The Plugin uses the web service API available on SugarCRM.
Knowledge Base - Kunanpymes
Added 2013-01-25
Knowledge Data Base You can use it related with Bug Tracker or Cases in your Organization.
Added 2010-02-24
Español Sud-Americano
Language Package Manager
Added 2005-08-22
SugarCRM is a powerful suite. To help people use this powful tool in their native lanuage, it's the goal of langauge package manger (lpm). So lpm is ready for u ,who want to begin translating. Feel free to use them and give me feedback.
Lotus Notes plug-in for SugarCRM
Added 2007-07-02
“SugarCRM Plug-in for Lotus Notes” for giving facility to user interacting with SugarCRM. We provide facility to user to get contacts, task and appointments. Users can update or insert new record from Lotus Notes using synchronization facility
Manage your Objectives
Added 2006-05-11
Set objectives to the values you want to rate! The number of objectives is unlimited, and can be set for a lot of values (amount in opportunities, number of successful meetings, etc.). You can even visualize your results in the dashboard!
Marketing Training Course
Added 2007-04-22
This training course concentrates on the email marketing functionality of SugarCRM 4.5. The course examines the building blocks required to design, deliver, manage and monitor a "round-trip" email marketing campaign using SugarCRM.
Added 2013-04-26
Impress your sales rep by reminding them important meetings of the day, with map!! Set up a scheduler and you are sorted!
Added 2009-11-30
This is a stripped and slightly modified version of the SMS module developed by intdev ( It provides SMS functionality for the Contacts, Accounts and Leads modules.
module of sellers admin
Added 2005-10-31
just like account, add rank and active
Monthly KM
Added 2008-03-30
A module that generates a ramdom number of trips given the number of KM you want to bill a client.
Net-Results Marketing Automation
Added 2010-09-24
Focus Sales Efforts on Active & Engaged Prospects: Zero-Effort Hot Lead Dashboards, Send Great Looking, Trackable Emails Straight From SugarCRM, Lead & Contact Activity Streams, Auto Schedule Phone Calls from Sales & Campaign Sync.
Opacus Login Audit
Added 2006-11-27
The Login Audit module is an administrative module for monitoring user login events. The module displays the typed username, login date/time, IP address and whether the attempt to login is successful or not.(Visit us at
Opacus SugarCRM Thunderbird Extension
Added 2010-12-16
Enables the archiving of emails into SugarCRM from Thunderbird. Please download from:
OpenOTP Authentication Plugin
Added 2011-05-01
Two-Factor Authentication for SugarCRM 5/6 with RCDevs OpenOTP Authentication Server. Use OpenOTP for SugarCRM with: - OATH Event, Time and Challenge -based, Tokens - Google Authenticator - mOTP Tokens - Yubikey - SMS and MAIL One-time-password
Opportunities Follow-up
Added 2011-02-11
This module allows the users to filter the opportunities according to a flag showing if an opportunity is followed up or not. An opportunity is considered not followed up when no activities (calls and meetings) are planned for it.
Order Management
Added 2005-03-12
A complete order management suite for SugarCRM. Will include inventory/product module, purchasing module, and order module. Integration with popular shipping systems, and open source e-commerce system.
Palo Module
Added 2006-11-13
This module implements a data recolection system into a Palo OLAP database, primary for data analisis.
Phone Formatter
Added 2008-06-04
Automatic phone formatting upon data entry for Accounts, Contacts and Leads. U.S. Phone formatting only, but can be easily adapted for other purposes. See this thread for further info:
PHP-Nuke Integration
Added 2005-03-14
Integrate SugarCRM with PHP-Nuke, based on the work done with Mambo. Registering a new PHP-Nuke user will automatically create a new Sugar lead. Allow PHP-Nuke users to create and manage their Sugar cases from within PHP-Nuke.
PlanetAuthorize.Net Payment Gateway
Added 2008-01-15
Planetauthorize.Net for SugarCRM provides real-time payment processing within SugarCRM. Users can accept, process and capture real-time credit card and optionally electronic check payments. Unlimited user license.
Plone and SugarCRM: collective.sugarcrm
Added 2010-10-07
collective.sugarcrm is an add-on for Plone which provide integration between the two systems. You will find Authentication plugin query source for Contacts and Accounts Zope component with pythonic API over SOAP API. A contact portlet
Polish Language Pack - OSS Język Polski
Added 2011-11-18
Zbudowaliśmy od podstaw nowe spolszczenie do SugarCRM 6.5.x, jest to obecnie jedyne spolszczenie, które ma tą samą kolejność i budowę tak jak oryginalna paczka językowa dostarczana przez producenta.
Portuguese Portugal Language Pack,The
Added 2007-07-17
Portuguese language Pack based on Brazilian Portuguese Language Pack, produced by Javali to the community
PostgreSQL Support for SugarCRM
Added 2005-07-29
Project is intended to Enable SugarCRM to run with PostgreSQL database.
]project-open[ Project Mgmt Integration
Added 2013-06-02
Integrates SugarCRM with the ]project-open[ open source PPM (Project & Portfolio Management) / PSA (Professional Services Automation) software. Imports customers, contacts, users and other SugarCRM objects into ]project-open[.
Quota Module
Added 2008-04-27
Quota Module as name specifies, is built to show the status of user in server. It displays the exact status of the space occupied by user in server. This module is made for sugar 5 series.
Radius AAA integration module
Added 2006-09-26
Aim of this project is to integrate Radius AAA (Authenitification, Authorisation Accounting) often used by ISP companies for user authorisation and access, and to provide them with all that integrated into SugarCRM.
Added 2005-05-31
XML Reporter and Simple XML Application Server provide an easy way to display and interact with data stored in popular relational databases using an SQL query. Utilizing XML and XSLT style sheets the data creation and output options are endless.
research of common availabilities
Added 2006-08-09
Program to seek the common availabilities between several users in the goal of planning a meeting.
Russian language pack
Added 2005-06-08
Russian language pack
RUSSIAN RAPIRA Language Pack for v.4.5.x
Added 2006-11-04
Russian language pack for SugarCRM 4.5.x / The latest versions you can download from:
SaleManagerERP for SugarCRM
Added 2008-08-10
SaleManagerERP is the convergence of OpenBravo ERP, Planetauthorize.Net payment gateway and SugarCRM. This module synchronizes accounts and contacts between OpenBravo and SugarCRM.
Added 2006-09-01
A new tab who permit to search in CV, Emails, Calls, Contacts description. Results of documents print candidates by candidates sorted by date of the last event.
Added 2006-08-07
An engine search for the content of Notes, Emails, and their attachements (Word, Excell, Powerpoint, PDF). Un moteur de recherche pour les notes, les emails et leurs pièces jointes. De plus il corrige le problème des fichiers avec des accents.
Added 2009-11-02
Searchman is a customization of the Contacts module in sugarcrm. It provides search functionality when creating contacts. At it's current state it searches the danish site, and Developed by MergeIt.
Send SMS
Added 2014-07-15
Project for testing new SugarForge features.Project for testing new SugarForge features.Project for testing new SugarForge features.Project
Shared calendar by month
Added 2006-07-27
This patch add a new view of calendar : shared calendar by month. Ce patch ajoute une nouvelle vue au calendrier : calendrier partagé par mois
SHINE Live Help
Added 2006-10-27
SHINE Live Help is a real-time chat application for website sales and support. SHINE can be used as a standalone application or it can be integrated (using the built-in Sugar Component) with Sugar Open Source CRM Versions 4.2 and 4.5.
SignusApp: Contact signature grabber
Added 2013-06-30
Creates SugarCRM Lead, Contact, Account from Outlook or Gmail email signatures. Checks for duplicates and opens created contact when done. To use just select signature starting from name, copy to clipboard and run Signus.
Simple sugarleads module for Joomla!
Added 2009-01-31
Simple Sugarleads Module for Joomla is a very easy, functional and fast way to allow your Joomla! site to catch and register leads direct to your SugarCRM Leads Module. Developed by SEN de Venezuela C.A +58 251 2330663
Simplified Chinese Language Files
Added 2005-07-13
Simplified Chinese localization for SugarCRM [SugarCRM 简体中文]
SmartNotify Module
Added 2011-08-18
A complete Notifications module to easily create notification or provide major updates to your SugarCRM users/employees. Very lightweight and compatible with all SugarCRM versions such 5.0, 6.0, 6.2 and 6.2.x etc
Smart Tracker
Added 2011-11-29
Smart Tracker module allows you to include dynamic variables (such as contactID, name etc.) available in the email templates inside the URL trackers used in the campaigns.
SmartVideo Help
Added 2011-08-18
Built on SugarCRM platform, SmartWorks Video Help has been developed essentially to help users to understand how a particular module works through video process. This module enables you to set up help video with any SugarCRM module.
SMS Emailer
Added 2007-06-12
Adds support for SMS messages and notifications sent the via SMTP including: Cellular provider list:Cellular Name, email domain suffix. Intuitive selection of cellular provider,also user selectable SMS (quick) note
SMS/Fax Notes
Added 2009-11-08
This module allows you to send SMS or FAX directly from the Notes in SugarCRM. You can use any sms or fax gateway with http and email api's repectively.
Spanish (Colombian) language pack
Added 2007-12-27
This package is the translation to colombian spahish of SugarCRM.
SugarCRM 3.0.1b lithuanian translation
Added 2005-07-24
A lithuanian translation package for SugarCRM 3 or higher
SugarCRM 3.0c installer for Plesk Linux
Added 2005-09-12
Autoinstaller for Plesk Linux 7.5 of SugarrCRM Opensource 3.5 A .rpm to easy install Sugar in the Application Vault of Plesk. Install sugar on your Plesk server in 5 minutes ! made by ArtWhere
SugarCRM Cleaning and Optimizing Tools
Added 2007-12-01
These tools will help you keep your SugarCRM running smoothly.
SugarCRM Compiere integration
Added 2010-01-21
The SugarCRM Compiere integration is a synchronization system between Compiere and SugarCRM. This system relies on all the good work that has been done by the folks of
SugarCRM Instant Mass Mailing
Added 2014-07-15
Easily send Mass Emails From SugarCRM with the click of a button.
SugarCRM integration with Mailchimp
Added 2013-03-31
SugarCRM works excellent for email campaign but due to the limitation of email server and absence of pre built email template tools like mailchimp are more popular. We are coming up with complete integration between SugarCRM with Mailchimp.
SugarCRM Portal for TribalCMS 5
Added 2005-07-19
SugarCRM Portal will manage Customer Enquiries by creating a new contact in Sugar for each TribalCMS Contact Form submission. The PHP script is customizable and easily configurable. We can integrate your CRM with TribalCMS today. +44 (0)118 900 1370 UK
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