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SugarCRM integration with Mailchimp
Added 2013-03-31
SugarCRM works excellent for email campaign but due to the limitation of email server and absence of pre built email template tools like mailchimp are more popular. We are coming up with complete integration between SugarCRM with Mailchimp.
SugarCRM Portal for TribalCMS 5
Added 2005-07-19
SugarCRM Portal will manage Customer Enquiries by creating a new contact in Sugar for each TribalCMS Contact Form submission. The PHP script is customizable and easily configurable. We can integrate your CRM with TribalCMS today. +44 (0)118 900 1370 UK
SugarCRM Target List Data Pump
Added 2014-09-16
A small utility for creating sugarcrm targets lists from a set of contacts contained in a Microsoft Excel file. With this utility you can create target lists from your excel files that contains groups of sugarcrm contacts
SugarCRM Training Materials
Added 2006-09-17
The purpose of this project is to develop a full set of generic training materials that encompass all the modules in the Open Source version of SugarCRM.
SugarCRM translation checker
Added 2006-07-22
PHP script whitch provide simple check machanism of translations. Checks for missing lang files, compares langfiles keys and reports missing or not needed keys. Also shows not translated strings. All in single file.
SugarCRM web-to-lead Wordpress Plugin
Added 2012-08-26
SugarCRM web-to-lead is a WordPress plugin generating a custom contact form on your WordPress website or blog that sends the leads to your SugarCRM.
Added 2006-10-08
SugarIRC is a PJIRC integration for SugarCRM that provides the Java IRC Client Applet to SugarCRM. Original PJIRC can be found at:
Added 2010-10-21
SugarLive, Live RSS feed widget / gadget to add to your personalized home page!
Added 2005-05-14
Mailmerge on the server, deliver personalized letters to be used with (for example) Microsoft Word.
Sugar NoteIn*
Added 2007-06-11
Sugar NoteIn* provides you a VoIP integration with Asterisk with the possibility to take quick notes when you receive a phone call. On new call, Sugar NoteIn* looks for the number into Database and the contact's detailed profile also pops up.
Sugar Portal for Mambo
Added 2005-03-04
A series of Mambo components for SugarCRM. Allow Mambo users to create and manage their Sugar cases from within mambo.
Added 2007-03-06
SugarRTL is the Right To Left version of Sugar theme, the default theme in SugarCRM.
Added 2013-07-25
This module provides API and custom function to Drupal module to help you seamlessly integrate Drupal and SugarCRM. It works in association with our other contributed module on (
Sugar to Tally
Added 2011-07-21
As sugarCRM provides platform for Sales, Support and marketing, therefore, you can easily connect this functionality to financial management for tracking and managing your financial aspects.
Sugar Translation Suite
Added 2006-01-29
Sugar Translation Suite is a free php/MySQL based application which provide an easy way for people who are working on a language pack for SugarCRM to manage there translation and to make it evolve with each new version of SugarCRM.
Svenska (Swedish) Language Files
Added 2005-10-26
Contains language pack files for Swedish. Översättning av SugarCRM till svenska
Teams Notices Open Source
Added 2008-01-11
This project adds Teams Notices to the non-commercial versions of SugarCRM Open Source
Added 2012-09-11
Testing the sales forge work flow
Thai Language Pack
Added 2007-04-11
Thai Language Pack for SugarOS 4.51 Full translation for Web User Interface in Thai Language.
TomNET SugarCRM Theme
Added 2006-01-29
More business-oriented Theme, targeted primarily to Call Centers. Psihologically tested colors, fonts and icons suitable for long working hours.
Traditional Chinese[正體中文]
Added 2005-03-22
You could find more information here about the usage in Traditional Chinese. 這個專案是為了支援中文環境而存在,有任何問題歡迎透過台灣PHP聯盟提出!
User Friendly Polish Language Pack
Added 2006-08-10
This translation project is focused on best funcionality during daily use. Easy, fully intuitive expressions, tested on duty, maximum useful, with most improved satisfaction of using SugarCRM!
User Login History
Added 2006-11-06
User Login History is a simple tool that captures user login times into a database table. From the Admin panel a list is displayed showing login activity for the last 30 logins and the last 30 logins for any user searched.
Utah Life Elevated Theme
Added 2007-05-05
If you like red rock or green forested mountain tops, the Utah theme is for you.
Vietnamese Language Pack
Added 2006-10-08
Provide Vietnamese Language Pack
Added 2010-10-22
Want WYSIWYG/HTML Editor available in any module? As many as you want? Here is the custom field type which gives you the opportunity!
XOOPS Integration
Added 2005-03-08
Integrate SugarCRM with the XOOPS content management system. Based on the work done with Mambo, this project wil create a similar integration with the XOOPS CMS.
Added 2005-04-23
An integration of SugarCRM and NetOffice (Luis Wang Edition) allowing the tight integration of Users, Opportunities, and Accounts while still allowing the native netoffice interface to be used both inside and outside sugar.
Added 2005-04-25
ZuckerFeeds is an addon module for SugarCRM providing an RSS view on recent changes and enables a wide range of client applications to be notified. Usage scenarios: realtime observation of leads, task completion, opportunity progress, activity log.
ZuckerSync for OTRS
Added 2007-09-24
OTRS is one of the most powerful Helpdesk applications available as Open Source. This module synchronizes trouble tickets from OTRS to Sugar Cases. CRM users always have a quick overview of what problems a customer deals and dealt with.
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