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Themes Created by Intelestream
Added 2007-11-15
Intelestream is proud to offer five new background themes to compliment the application: 1) Baseball Madness; 2) New Zealand Mountains; 3) Racing; 4) Night Club; and 5) The Deep Blue Sea. These themes and more can also be found at: www.crmthemeclub.org
The Smart Call Center
Added 2011-08-20
The Smart Call Center is most complete telephony platform for SugarCRM. TSCC provides routing of traditional phone calls in addition to email, chat, fax, and web callback requests. Includes built in predictive dialer and voice broadcasting platform.
Theta Support Contracts
Added 2012-07-21
This module makes registration of service contracts and supported products possible. Module contains registration of contracts and products. Supported versions of SugarCRM: 6.xx d.kashmensky@gmail.com
Added 2014-08-16
Tilkee is a cloud-based service for creating, delivering, and managing high-quality, executive grade B2B sales proposals, enabling you to easily organize nicely structured proposals and be alerted by email when prospects are considering your proposals.
Added 2013-03-08
The TimeConsult provides you with time tracking functionality for multiple SugarCRM modules including: Cases, Projects, Project Tasks, Opportunities and Bugs. Track your time with Start/Stop button or just log in date and duration.
Time Controlled Login Profile
Added 2007-10-08
This ACL add on modules controls the time, day of the week and date of user's login. Administrator need to assign profile(s) to users & users force to follow the rule(s) inside those assigned profile(s).
Timeline module for SugarCRM
Added 2014-03-20
Timeline module for SugarCRM. Tracking all module which enable audit and show on Timeline. get it: http://www.youaddon.com/portfolio/detail/19/Timeline-module-for-SugarCRM
Times & Invoices
Added 2010-01-08
The module times is used by the users (employees of some company) to make the time appointment, relating to some project, campaign, lead, and so on. The Invoice module is responsible to create invoices, and generate it in a printable format in a pdf file.
TinyERP-SugarCRM interface
Added 2007-04-18
TinyERP-SugarCRM interface' s goal is to link TinyERP to SugarCRM by a bidirectional synchronization for both accounts (Partners in TinyERP) and contacts. This program works for adding, deleting and updating from any side.
TitleBar Changer
Added 2007-05-27
This module changes the titlebar of SugarCRM to reflect what module you are in and what record you are looking at. In version 3.0 it also alters the TitleBar icon for each module.
ToDo ManageMent Module
Added 2006-09-22
"ToDo Management Module" is a SugarCRM module which manages ToDo of the user or team.
TomNET SugarCRM Theme
Added 2006-01-29
More business-oriented Theme, targeted primarily to Call Centers. Psihologically tested colors, fonts and icons suitable for long working hours.
Added 2010-03-20
totalERP adds complete ERP functionality to the base SugarCRM. This includes complete Supply Chain Management, HR and Payroll and Finance functionalities.
Track Active Users and Lead Assignment
Added 2011-03-07
Track all users Login and Logout , check witch users are logged in Sugar, see users login/logout history and setup what type of leads they should receive based on Lead Source and user (active) status (only PRO version) .
TRACT Billing
Added 2012-10-05
TRACT is the all-in-one activity and subscription billing platform. TRACT helps companies automate billing, eliminate errors, measure and charge for usage, increase revenue, identify customer trends, and deepen customer loyalty.
Traditional Chinese[正體中文]
Added 2005-03-22
You could find more information here about the usage in Traditional Chinese. 這個專案是為了支援中文環境而存在,有任何問題歡迎透過台灣PHP聯盟提出! http://twpug.net/
Training Book in Romanian Language
Added 2010-11-21
Training for SugarCRM implementation in Romanian Language
Turkish Lang Pack by Objexa
Added 2007-11-05
Turkish Language pack for SugarCRM 5.0 aims to provide the Turkish language capability to SugarCRM Community Edition 5.0. Developed by objexa.net SugarCRM please visit us at www.extendsugar.com or contact at info@extendsugar.com
Turkish Language Files
Added 2005-05-06
Contains language pack files for Turkish (Türkçe)
Turkish Language Pack
Added 2005-08-01
Turkish Language Pack
Added 2012-01-30
Social media is gaining importance everyday, and Twitnux helps you to organize the Twitter conversations of yours contacts, accounts and leads in SugarCRM. It's a socialcrm extension.
Twitter Connector by SYNOLIA
Added 2010-02-03
Add Twitter Connector into your SugarCRM : like standard LinkdIn connector you can see latest Twitter updates of your customers, contacts, leads and prospects on your SugarCRM.
uRCRM Team management
Added 2008-04-26
A supervisor can view records created by employees reporting to him. Managers are able to view all records from those supervisors who reports to them and from employees reporting to those reporting supervisors.
User Activity Module
Added 2014-07-06
User Activity Module tracks all users's activity on different modules.Also gives a detailed report on same.
User Friendly Polish Language Pack
Added 2006-08-10
This translation project is focused on best funcionality during daily use. Easy, fully intuitive expressions, tested on duty, maximum useful, with most improved satisfaction of using SugarCRM!
User Hierarchy
Added 2005-03-08
The project serves the purpose to enable User Hierarchy and efficient access in SugarCRM for efficient management of teams and users. Its aim is to provide efficient role and user management in SugarCRM.
Userlike Live Chat Software
Added 2012-09-24
Userlike is a Live Chat Software-as-a-Service for websites. By integrating Userlike into your website, you can chat with your visitors and offer on-site service through an integrated chat box.
Users Actions
Added 2014-09-01
Logs users actions in your SugarCRM application. Actions tracked are: Login, Logout, Detail View, Edit Delete. You can see who performed the action, the user IP, date and time when action was done, what items was accessed, edited or deleted.
UserVoice for SugarCRM
Added 2012-06-15
Complete support solution that empowers companies to understand and help their customers. It syncs sales and support to offer a complete picture of customer activity, allowing support agents to address customer issues without stepping on toes.
Utah Life Elevated Theme
Added 2007-05-05
If you like red rock or green forested mountain tops, the Utah theme is for you.
Vector XING-Connector for SugarCRM
Added 2013-09-09
The Vector XING connector is an extension which enables Sugar users to access the XING profile of contacts or leads within Sugar. The connector requires an API key, which can be requested with XING.
Vedisoft: Yandex Map of Address
Added 2009-12-26
С помощью модуля вы сможете быстро и без лишних усилий найти офис вашего предварительного контакта или контрагента на Яндекс.Картах.
Veon's SugarCRM SAP Integration
Added 2008-05-31
1. Enterprise Structure 2. Master Data 3.Online Transactions. Sales Team -SFA & Quotation.Sales Support -Deliveries Tracking.Accounts Receivables -Invoice plus Payments. Details - veonconsulting.com/sap-sugarcrm-integration
VeryThinClient for SugarCRM
Added 2008-08-03
A very thin client for mobile devices, which is installed in SugarCRM root directory. Handles Accounts, Opportunites, Contacts, Calls and Meetings via SOAP Interface.
Viadeo Connector by SYNOLIA
Added 2012-01-31
It is now possible to take advantage of your Viadeo network to optimize your social relationships management in SugarCRM. For more information, read documentation attached and contact SYNOLIA at sugar@synolia.com.
VietNamese HoChiMinh Language pack
Added 2008-03-19
Please help me to complete my project. And we have a software free for VietNamese.
Vietnamese Language Pack
Added 2006-10-08
Provide Vietnamese Language Pack
Vietnamese Language Pack
Added 2013-05-14
Gói chuyển đổi ngôn ngữ tiếng Việt cho SugarCRM CE 6.5.xx. Thực hiện bởi nhóm CSEC đại học Duy Tân Đà Nẵng. Mọi ý kiến đóng góp xin liên hệ tientranvu@gmail.
Vietnamese Language Packs
Added 2012-02-09
Vietnamese Language Packs
Vietnamese Language Project
Added 2012-09-06
Vietnamese Language Project
Vietnamese Sugar
Added 2011-01-13
Translate SugarCRM into Vietnamese
Vietnamese SugarCRM
Added 2007-01-16
Create Vietnamese language packs, complete documents of installation and deployment. Establishs SugarCRM users common in Vietnam. Populating SugarCRM solutions in Vietnamese small businesses.
Visible Path for SugarCRM
Added 2007-06-05
Descriptor: Visible Path for SugarCRM is a social network service which helps you pinpoint the best path to the prospects and companies you need to succeed. Sign up for free today. http://sugarcrm.visiblepath.com
Vocalocity Desktop Plugin
Added 2012-03-14
Vocalocity Desktop integrates with Sugar CRM, presenting you with a screen pop to more efficiently handle calls. Instant access to Sugar contacts and leads enables you to save notes, search contacts and accounts, create and edit leads / contacts and more.
Voicent Predictive Dialer Integration
Added 2010-03-01
Single-click to launch Voicent (www.voicent.com) Agent Dialer for predictive dialing or power dialing. Automatic call status update, record, play audio file, and transfer call. Works with analog phone line, Skype, or SIP based VOIP service or PBX.
Voiplus Integration
Added 2006-06-26
The Voiplus Integration patch enables outbound dialing from SugarCRM through Voiplus, the Voipro On Demand PBX solution. (www.voipro.com)
VolaSms for SugarCrm
Added 2009-11-04
Il modulo VolaSms integra in SugarCrm la possibilità di inviare messaggi SMS, con una facile gestione di funzioni avanzate: invio posticipato, selezione mittente, messaggi predefiniti, account di credito multipli, gestione delle notifiche.
Added 2012-03-08
Record all your inbound and outbound calls into Sugar. Import campaign leads automatically into the predictive dialer. Let the browser plugin highlight the numbers and dial automatically. Show your agents who is calling - customize their tabs.
VoxDesk Call Center Recording Click2call
Added 2012-01-18
Record all your inbound and outbound calls into Sugar. Import campaign leads automatically into the predictive dialer. Let the browser plugin highlight the numbers and dial automatically. Show your agents who is calling - customize their tabs.
Watched Folder Module
Added 2009-06-22
This module monitors a folder in the filesystem and uploads all incoming PDF-files to SugarCRM. It’s working as a schedule task in windows, just save your documents in the monitored folder and they will be uploaded and archived in SugarCRM.
WebCampaign (Affiliate Marketing) System
Added 2009-08-04
Affiliate marketing landing pages as WebCampaigns. Features: - Define steps as functions or PHP code. - AJAX E-mail verification - Reverse Phone Verification - Duplicate Lead Prevention - Tracks affiliates and sub-affiliates - Sponsor Submission
Website Builder
Added 2010-04-27
Create and manage your company's site within SugarCRM!
WildSugar- QuoteWerks and SugarCRM
Added 2009-03-19
WildSugar enables users to access their SugarCRM contacts from within QuoteWerks, a software by Aspire Technologies. Users can auto populate quotations with SugarCRM contacts, effectively creating a more efficient quoting process. Try a free demo!
Wired Marketing
Added 2012-09-28
Get the power of Sugar CRM integrated with Enterprise Email Marketing features from Wired Marketing and no longer have to manage multiple databases of contacts from different systems. Simply sync both systems with your login details and sit back.
Worklog Field
Added 2014-09-24
Creates a Studio enabled field type that allow admins to create worklog fields.
Added 2010-12-09
Workroom is an easy to use relationship viewer for SugarCRM. View accounts, contacts, calls, meetings and tasks and how they relate to each other. See all activities of your chosen company or contact on one screen and switch easily to edit or detail view.
Added 2010-10-22
Want WYSIWYG/HTML Editor available in any module? As many as you want? Here is the custom field type which gives you the opportunity!
Xero Integration
Added 2013-05-17
App syncs accounting data with SugarCRM. 2-way Sync: Product Catalog, Contacts, Sales, Line Items. 1-way sync: Tax Rates, Accounts. Multi-company, multi-currency and multi-tax rates are supported. Print and Email PDF Invoices
XOOPS Integration
Added 2005-03-08
Integrate SugarCRM with the XOOPS content management system. Based on the work done with Mambo, this project wil create a similar integration with the XOOPS CMS.
Added 2005-04-23
An integration of SugarCRM and NetOffice (Luis Wang Edition) allowing the tight integration of Users, Opportunities, and Accounts while still allowing the native netoffice interface to be used both inside and outside sugar.
Yathit Bridge
Added 2014-04-12
★ Synchronize Gmail contact and SugarCRM records ★ Archive email message to SugarCRM ★ Use SugarCRM Email Template in Gmail compose panel ★ Powerful search ★ Browse related module records
YouAddOn - Login With Google Account
Added 2013-10-12
This module allow to login to Sugar CRM with Google account
YouAddOn style theme for SugarCRM CE
Added 2013-11-12
A special theme for SugarCRM community edition with YouAddon style. Feature Custom login and home screen Remove the advertise in the administration config page New icons and new style for SugarCRM Loading Faster Easy install & use
YouAddOn - Sugar Cyan Theme for CE
Added 2013-10-09
A new theme for Community Edition with Cyan color. To get it please contact us. get it here: http://www.youaddon.com/portfolio/detail/1/YouAddOn-Sugar-CRM-Cyan-Theme-for-CE
youcalc pipeline analyzer
Added 2008-10-29
Get insight into the real value of your pipeline by measuring quality and identifying stalled opportunities. Get a single chart view of your performance compared to your colleagues, your quote, your forecast and last years sales.
Added 2011-07-13
The YouTrack connector for SugarCRM integrates the sugar bug tracker with the issue tracker YouTrack. It creates new bugs in youtrack from sugar or imports existing ones. A scheduler task to update the sugar bugs with data from youtrack is also provided.
Added 2012-11-20
Zapier extends the functionality of SugarCRM with hundreds of best in breed software applications. You can easily connect Sugar with Google Apps, MailChimp, Trello, Highrise and hundred of other applications without writing code.
Zarafa Z-Merge SugarCRM Connector
Added 2008-12-12
Realtime bi-directional synchronization of SugarCRM and the Zarafa Groupware server, supporting Contacts, Meetings, Calls, Tasks, Notes and the direct e-mail archival from the Zarafa Webaccess. Changes are pushed to ActiveSync mobiles (like the iPhone).
Zencart SugarCRM Integration
Added 2012-06-06
Zencart SugarCRM Integration transmitting the Customers, Contact, Currency, Inventory, Category, Sales Order/Invoice, Newsletter, LDAP Authentication, Coupon & Voucher Discount into SugarCRM. Visit www.anterp.com/shop/zencart-sugarcrm-integration
Added 2005-03-17
KnowledgeTree is document management made simple: easily secure, share, track and manage the documents and records your organization depends on. ZuckerDocs adds a customer-centric view to the KnowledgeTree documents and integrates it into SugarCRM.
Added 2009-05-15
ZuckerExchange keeps your customer data up-to-date between SugarCRM and Microsoft Exchange and synchronizes tasks, calendar, contacts and notes. The Email-To-SugarCRM-Connector archives your received or sent e-mails to SugarCRM automatically.
Added 2005-04-25
ZuckerFeeds is an addon module for SugarCRM providing an RSS view on recent changes and enables a wide range of client applications to be notified. Usage scenarios: realtime observation of leads, task completion, opportunity progress, activity log.
Added 2007-09-27
This addon module uses the "Reports To" field to build a hierarchical user tree, where each branch is separated from its siblings. It can be used to make Sugar multi-client capable and to build user hierarchies of any depth.
ZuckerMail Thunderbird Extension
Added 2006-07-04
Archive your emails from your Thunderbird to Sugar. Convert your inbox to contacts, leads, accounts and others. Use your Sugar contacts and leads as addressbook.
Added 2005-03-17
ZuckerOffice is a set of components, software products and tutorials to extends SugarCRM with integration into common desktop applications.
Added 2005-03-24
ZuckerReports is the most powerful runtime and design environment for your custom reports integrated into Sugar. Free for all Sugar flavours. NEW: ZuckerReports On-Demand Hosting!
Added 2012-05-21
ZuckerSocial is a set of Sugar modules to integrate with Facebook - share your friends list, manage your business pages (aka "Fan Pages"), inform your followers, react to questions and comments and get them into the CRM cycle.
ZuckerSync for OpenEMM
Added 2008-09-15
Integrate Sugar and OpenEMM, the world-class Open Source E-Mail-Marketing software. Creation, planning and maintainance of your campaigns in Sugar, transmission with OpenEMM. Collect feedback (bounces, click count, newsletter registrations, ...) to Sugar.
ZuckerSync for OTRS
Added 2007-09-24
OTRS is one of the most powerful Helpdesk applications available as Open Source. This module synchronizes trouble tickets from OTRS to Sugar Cases. CRM users always have a quick overview of what problems a customer deals and dealt with.

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