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Improved Calendar View
Added 2006-02-11
This small modification enhances the calendar interface by displaying each event or task as only one block, spanning multiple time periods.
Indonesian Language Pack
Added 2006-07-29
Indonesian Language Pack for SugarCRM
inetDOCS for Alfresco
Added 2011-10-12
inetDOCS is a seamless combination of SugarCRM and Alfresco Share. Documents folders, Blogs and Conversations from Alfresco can be linked to all modules of your favourite CRM
inetDOCS for Box
Added 2012-07-18
Drag&Drop files into Sugar, they are uploaded to Box and related to the current record. Manage your Box contents from SugarCRM. Link your Box files to your SugarCRM items, including custom modules. Customize inetDOCS through the Studio
inetDOCS for Dropbox
Added 2012-05-30
Drag&Drop files into Sugar, they are uploaded to Dropbox and related to the current record . Manage your Dropbox contents from Sugar . Link your Dropbox files to your Sugar items, including custom modules . Customize inetDOCS through the Studio
Added 2012-04-23
inetDOCS for Huddle: the #1 SharePoint Alternative now within SugarCRM Your Huddle documents and folders are available from your SugarCRM modules. Link them to SugarCRM items by Drag and Drop, upload or download them inside your favorite CRM tool.
inetDOCS KnowledgeTree
Added 2008-09-15
inetDOCS is a seamless combination of SugarCRM and KnowledgeTree. Documents and folders from KT can be linked to all modules. The SugarCRM search engine returns the documents from KT. Trial: http://www.inetsynx.com/trial/inetDOCS-for-KnowledgeTree
inetMAIL for MailChimp
Added 2012-05-29
inetMAIL for MailChimp synchronizes SugarCRM target lists with one MailChimp list and its groups/groupings.
inetMAPS - Google Maps for SugarCRM
Added 2008-11-14
iNetMaps implements GoogleMaps to your accounts, contacts, leads and meetings. A Dashlet in the homepage allows you to see all your meetings. Display many adresses on a single map, calculate distances. Trial - http://www.inetsynx.com/trial/inetMAPS
inetSYNC for Microsoft Exchange
Added 2011-10-12
inetSYNC synchronizes SugarCRM with all your devices (iPhones, iPads, Android devices, BlackBerry phones, MS Outlook,...). Load inetSYNC through the module loader. If your devices are connected to MS Exchange, it requires no additional software to work.
Info At Hand: Company Directory
Added 2006-03-13
This add-on module, illustrated in the book Implementing SugarCRM (Packt Publishing, 2006) provides a photographic company directory for your SugarCRM users, complete with online status indicators and a business card view.
Informer Reporting and BI
Added 2012-09-17
Delivered with pre-configured mappings and sample reports, Informer provides access to data from multiple sources including SugarCRM, data warehouses, Google Docs and more to extend the value of your CRM system.
inline_subpanel edit
Added 2014-08-05
This project will provide in-line edit feature to all modules and all fields directly in subpanels. A simple click and edit approach to most of fields , that will save huge time to CRM users. See Video http://screencast.com/t/vNgvqgJYi
InsideView for Sales™
Added 2007-04-05
InsideView Infuses SugarCRM with CRM Intelligence™ - Be Relevant. Sell Smarter. Grow Faster.
Added 2012-10-15
From campaigns to communities, the Insight-to-Action™ platform empowers anyone to effectively listen, analyze and act on social media interactions across channels, ranging from comprehensive profile views of individuals to trends influencing industries.
Integrating Web Services into SugarCRM
Added 2006-10-20
Have forms online for Leads, Quote Requests, Contact Requests etc? Now you can have these forms pushed directly into Sugar modules and maintain better customer history with our Web Services Integration customization! *Price to be determined*
Integration with Zingaya Media Server
Added 2008-10-30
Flash-based VoIP in your SugarCRM. SIP 2.0 (RFC 3261) compatible. No need to install anything like ActiveX - only Adobe Flash is required. For work Zingaya Media Server is required. (get more info at http://innosystems.ru/index.php?id=6)
Intelestream Google Map Plug-in
Added 2008-02-11
Intelestream is offering mapping for Sugar, a plug-in that fully integrates the Sugar Suite with Google Maps technology. Unlike other Sugar plug-ins, this tool has the ability to draw maps from reporting results and geographical radiuses.
InterWeave Smart Database Gateway
Added 2010-02-14
Transparent data access can protect a company’s investment in data, applications and hardware. Furthermore, it can extend a user’s data management power across heterogeneous platforms.
InterWeave SugarCRM to all Sage Editions
Added 2012-11-06
Your InterWeave Solution integrates all SugarCRM objects and fields with all Sage Editions objects and fields - all with Configuration.
Inventory Items Module
Added 2007-09-11
A module for tracking an inventory of unique items like paintings, jewelry, furniture, etc. Includes features for uploading images and creating bar codes.
Invoicing Module
Added 2006-07-25
The module grabs calls from the calendar to generate PDF invoices from this data. We grab the account info, duration and description to populate the invoice. This is a first release, we will be adding some new features and generally cleaning things up.
iSAM Mobi
Added 2011-03-16
iSAM Mobi mobile access to your SugarCRM 5.5.x and above from iPhone, iPad and Android phones. Provides access to all standard SugarCRM modules, and access to custom fields and modules added or developed in the SugarCRM Studio.
Italian Language CE PRO ENT Opensymbol
Added 2006-07-12
Italian Language Pack Sugar CE PRO ENT by Opensymbol Srl Sugar Version 5.x, 6.x
Italian Language (Italiano)
Added 2005-07-11
La migliore traduzione italiana completa di SugarCRM CE con supporto completo per i caratteri speciali. Da Witcom s.r.l. Full Italian Translation for SugarCRM Community Edition with full support for HTML special chars. Versioni 4.5, 5.0.0, 5.5.0
Italian Language Pack
Added 2005-03-10
Contains Italian language pack files. Contiene i file per la definizione di SugarCRM in lingua italiana.
Added 2008-01-09
ITILizer for SugarCRM is a module to enable IT Administrators/Service Providers to enhance the capabilities of SugarCRM's case management module and align it with IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices.
iZeno SMS for SugarCRM
Added 2010-09-21
Send SMS to leads, contacts, accounts, and others with iZeno SMS from SugarCRM! Purchase SMS module and credits: http://www.izeno.com/sms-purchase Sign up SMS module trial : http://www.izeno.com/sms-trial-signup
Jajah Enabler for SugarCRM
Added 2006-10-16
Jajah Enabler for SugarCRM is a loadable module which modifies your existing installation to use the Jajah VOIP for voice calls. It requires Version 4.5 and a working Jajah account (www.jajah.com)
Japanese FastStack Pack
Added 2012-04-16
6.x 日本語版のWindows用ワンクリック起動パッケージです。 起動方法や詳細はこちらをご確認ください。 http://www.sugaruser.jp
Japanese Language Pack
Added 2005-03-14
This is the Japanese Language Pack project. This project produces a fully localized version of SugarCRM so that customers can install and run SugarCRM on the fly.
Japanese Language Pack (SugarForum.jp)
Added 2008-05-01
Jelliphy SugarCRM
Added 2011-05-03
Jelliphy introduces a new concept in web design: a browser-based GUI to modify any web page from the browser itself. Currently tested with the last versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer 8 and 9.
Jet Mobile ©
Added 2012-10-31
Mobile Browser Application for SugarCRM (Mobile and Tablet devices). Jet Mobile lets your mobile users view, create, and modify your existing data in SugarCRM by using a mobile device with a Web browser. Works on Android, iOS devices.
Jitterbit Integration for SugarCRM
Added 2006-09-13
Jitterbit is open source integration software that allows SugarCRM users and developers to quickly and affordably connect and transform customer data into SugarCRM from a variety of data sources and formats.
JJWDesign Google Maps for SugarCRM
Added 2010-02-08
Google Maps Integration: Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Cases, Meeting, Projects (records) and even custom modules. Multiple records mappings from listings or by distance. Modules: Maps, Markers, Areas, Address Cache
JJWDesign Tools and Reports Modules
Added 2009-08-09
PROJECT DEPRECATED - JJWDesign Tools and Reports: A collection of field developed and tested tools and reports for SugarCRM CE v5.
JRabbit MS Outlook plugin for SugarCRM
Added 2005-10-24
- Upload to SugarCRM multi-selected Outlook mail items - Bidirectional synchronization of SugarCRM and MS Outlook Contacts - Bidirectional synchronization of SugarCRM (Calls and Meetings) and MS Outlook Calendar Contact: support@jrabbit.com
JustCRMs - Time and Invoicing
Added 2007-06-16
The objective is to provide time entry against Cases and invoice creation against Accounts. No Support available.
Kayako and SugarCRM Integration
Added 2012-11-19
This time we are sweetening Kayako as much as possible by integrating it with Sugar CRM.
KB Full Text Search Indexer
Added 2012-09-19
KB Articles cannot be searched in Sugar 6.5. This simple script is a stop gap solution which will allow your users to perform full text searches of the KB module until official support is added.
Ken Brill: HomePage Manager
Added 2007-03-31
Allows you to create a default home page for new users adding the dashlets that you want to use in the order that you want them to show up. Also allows you to change everyones home page (add dashlets, reorganize them whatever) based off of a template.
Ken Brill: MyBirthdayDashlet
Added 2006-12-31
A dashlet that displays contacts birthdays. It is upgrade safe and OnDemand compliant and compatible with all versions of SugarCRM.
Added 2013-03-14
An addon for SugarCRM that allows management of Travel Expenses you collect on Business trips.
KINAMU Full Text Search for SugarCRM
Added 2009-07-06
KINAMU Full Text Search adds Full Text Search Capbilities to SugarCRM with the option to index all objects and all fields as well as all attachements and Documents in the system with a state of the art Full text Search Engine based on Zend Lucene.
KINAMU Outlook Connector
Added 2009-05-07
An Outlook Plugin for Outlook 2007 that integrates Outlook to SugarCRM. The current release allows Contact and Account creation as well as email Archiving and Address Book integration and Calendar synchronization.
KINAMU TeleSales (Telemarketing Module)
Added 2008-12-01
This modules offers comprehensive Telesales/Telemarketing functionality in recent SugarCRM versions. We are currently working on a free trial version so you can take a look at it for yourself!
Knowledge Base - Kunanpymes
Added 2013-01-25
Knowledge Data Base You can use it related with Bug Tracker or Cases in your Organization.
Knowledge data base
Added 2010-03-31
Knowledge database organized by topics that can add notes and enclose independent of the sugarcrm system, can create endless topics for each topic agregra notes or attachments or notes attached to create a library on a topic
Korean Laguage Pack
Added 2006-08-23
다같이 사용하는 오픈소스의 한글화.
Korean Language Files
Added 2005-04-03
Korean localization for SugarCRM
KOSS Green Theme
Added 2012-03-13
This Theme is for Sugar 6 version. Compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer 6, and SugarCRM 6.0 or higher.
Added 2008-06-05
KPIT-Mods is a group of useful and upgrade safe modules and extensions for all Editions of SugarCRM.
Added 2010-02-04
Find us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/kreporter.org
Added 2014-06-01
Highlight entry rows depends on inactivity period: accounts, contacts, leads.
LAMP: Lead Automated Marketing Process
Added 2013-08-22
LAMP is an integrated lead generation, nurturing and sales process and includes content marketing, CRM and marketing automation functionality, in a single, easy to understand product
Added 2010-02-24
Español Sud-Americano
Language Pack Natural Language Catalan
Added 2005-11-16
Creació del Pack Català tant d'aplicació com de manuals i del site sugarforge.
Latest Headline News Alert
Added 2013-07-12
Latest Headline News Alert displays on SugarCRM for all users same like a regular news panel. Completely controlled, active / inactive news by Administrator or through role management.
Lead Distribution and Routing 1crm.info
Added 2013-04-26
Lead User Assignment by lead source, assign leads to only Active Users, Duplicate check of lead, Lead Assignment from Round Robin-push, Cherry Pick-pull, Blind-push, Shark Tank-pull pools
Added 2013-03-06
LeadDyno is an affiliate tracking system that serves as a SugarCRM front end, driving Leads into your SugarCRM instance, managing compensation for affiliates, letting you manage social campaigns and telling you where every lead came from.
Leads and Contacts Capture for Joomla1.5
Added 2008-04-16
This is Joomla Extension, that captures data from Joomla! contact form into Leads and Contacts Tables in SugarCRM.
Leads with Drupal User Registration
Added 2009-11-08
Can be easily installed as any other Drupal Module. It automatically makes Leads on SugarCRM when new users register on your Drupal website. Integrates with Drupal Core Profiles Module.
Letrium Invoices
Added 2011-06-07
Invoice/quote generator for SugarCRM. Features: downloading as PDF file; sending in email; discounting and taxing; Item Price and Hourly Rate modes; template editing.
LINA Cross-platform Stack Installer
Added 2009-11-20
Lina Software has packaged SugarCRM 5.20k as a click-through stack installer that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux via the LINA runtime environment.
Added 2013-06-22
Magento link Sugar synchronizes the most important data integrating them into different modules of our Sugar CRM. It is a connector which allows us to have access to customers and sales management in a easy and completely automated way.
Link Manager
Added 2008-05-30
Allows a user to create and attach Links to all standard modules.
Added 2012-04-24
Live2Support live chat application provides integration with Sugar CRM. Now your all chat session and visitor informations is automatically store in Sugar CRM with just simple integration.
Added 2010-07-20
LiveChat integration with SugarCRM allows live chat operator to access CRM contacts and manage sales tasks directly from the live chat window.
Lodon Telesales
Added 2013-07-25
The Lodon Telesales module is designed to be used in telemarketing campaigns. It is the perfect tool to generate leads in cold-call-campaigns or to follow up previous email campaigns.
Login User History
Added 2012-10-27
Login User History is tool for SugarCRM which give you the detail information of login and logout history of your SugarCRM users. It capture login/logout time as well as their status and IP with their detail information and show on google map.
logiZip - Deployment Tool for Modules
Added 2014-02-05
logiZip is a free Windows tool for deploying Logic Hooks and Custom Scheduler Jobs, plus Custom Directory Entries and Custom Fields via the Module Loader. It automates the manifest.php file content creation and generates a zip package for uploading.
LoopFuse - Marketing Automation
Added 2007-10-26
LoopFuse is a marketing and sales automation suite offering organizations the ability to generate leads from their website, score and route leads, marketing campaign capabilities, full web analytics support, and full SugarCRM integration.
Lotus DOMINO / Notes - SugarCRM bridge
Added 2006-08-21
What to do when you have Lotus DOMINO and want to migrate to SugarCRM ?
Lotus Notes plug-in for SugarCRM
Added 2007-07-02
“SugarCRM Plug-in for Lotus Notes” for giving facility to user interacting with SugarCRM. We provide facility to user to get contacts, task and appointments. Users can update or insert new record from Lotus Notes using synchronization facility
Lyrix Mobiso Integration
Added 2009-08-14
The Mobiso module allows Sugar Contacts and Employees to be exported to Mobiso, and the Mobiso call logs to be imported into Sugar. Users can use Mobiso to call their Contacts and Employees from the office or field, and view calls made through Mobiso.
Mailing List And Sales Leads Data
Added 2007-01-07
The project purpose is to provide SugarCRM users with downloadable data directly from WorldProspects.com (an online data service containing contact information on approximately 10 million leads).
Mail Merge Reports (docx xlsx odt pdf)
Added 2012-05-29
Mail Merge Reports helps organizations to solve the needs to generate documents with information of any module and subpanels of SugarCRM. The formats included are: docx, xlsx (Office Word and Excel), odt, ods (LibreOffice and OpenOffice) and pdf.
Manage your Objectives
Added 2006-05-11
Set objectives to the values you want to rate! The number of objectives is unlimited, and can be set for a lot of values (amount in opportunities, number of successful meetings, etc.). You can even visualize your results in the dashboard!
Marketing Expense Track and Control
Added 2007-04-11
Campaign Expense Track and Control with optional XML expense publish and subscribe. Campaign manager can control expenses related to business trip and recurring charges such as online ads which may be published in XML format from 3rd-party.
Marketing Manager
Added 2009-05-26
Easy to use Campaign Management tool that allows simple queries of leads, contacts, or accounts. Actions include send email, schedule call, create task. Additional information at www.sierracrm.com
Marketo Connector for Sugar
Added 2010-04-13
Build and sustain more durable, long-term relationships with prospects and customers across channels with Marketo for Sugar.
Mass Edit Pages
Added 2006-10-20
Like saving time in Sugar? Unlike the current “Mass Update” in Sugar, our Mass Edit Page allows users to assign unique values to different records in one form. Our advanced Mass Update form can be applied to any Sugar module. *Price to be determined*
Added 2013-04-26
Impress your sales rep by reminding them important meetings of the day, with map!! Set up a scheduler and you are sorted!
Added 2013-09-12
Plugin Menu APP Directcall - Com ele você vai poder ligar, enviar SMS, torpedo de voz, ligar gravando para todos os seus clientes - Cria um menu ao lado de todo o telefone de seu SugarCRM
Merchant Services Suite Module
Added 2007-05-03
Merchant Services Suite is a package of modules designed and geared towards the merchant services industry.
Added 2009-11-30
This is a stripped and slightly modified version of the SMS module developed by intdev (http://www.sugarforge.org/projects/intdevsms/). It provides SMS functionality for the Contacts, Accounts and Leads modules.
Metro Black Theme for CE
Added 2014-03-11
Metro Black Theme for CE with style metro for field, icon, ... get it: http://www.youaddon.com/portfolio/detail/18/SugarCRM-Metro-Black-Theme-for-CE
Metro style theme for Sugar 6.4.x-6.5.x
Added 2013-12-09
Metro theme has a clean and intuitive metro style design which makes your Sugar CE look awesome and yet user friendly
MIoot Live Chat Software
Added 2013-01-10
mioot Live chat software is an expert in Help Desk Software solutions Offering Live Chat Support services since 2003. With Our Help Desk Software Live Support Agents can track the visitors informations in real time and Chat with customers.
Mobile application for SugarCrm
Added 2006-06-22
SugarCel is a mobile phone program for accessing your SugarCrm server and retrieve/set Meetings and Contacts data. An Android version is being developed, a first version with limited features is now available.
Mobile CRM for SugarCRM
Added 2011-06-30
Tired of mobile CRM solutions that don't fit the Blackberry's unique setup, take a look at our new solution. It works on all versions of SugarCRM and is blazingly fast. NO Hosting fees. Works with or without BES servers.Try it out for free today.
MobileTM Connector
Added 2012-03-22
The MobileTM Connector creates a mash-up between the popular Legal Practice Management application Time Matters and SugarCRM.
Modern Aqua Theme
Added 2009-11-25
MacOSX-like theme on Sugar frameworks. NOTE: NO IE SUPPORT! USE SAFRI, CHROME, OR FIREFOX.
Mod Templates
Added 2014-07-24
Mod Templates is a SugarCRM Module with a template creation engine that can pull data from any combination of relationships and export them into a variety of formats.
Mod Tweets
Added 2014-09-18
Leverage the power of social media right from within SugarCRM using easily integrated, simple to use Twitter features for every department. Follow the conversations and topics that matters to your company.
Monema Phone System Connector
Added 2014-11-05
This component integrates Monema Phone System with SugarCRM. Allows you to anotate all calls via a popup, it also includes a button for click2dial in all contacts forms and gets info from SugarCRM contacts to show it on your phone display.
Mongoose Recruitment Tracking System
Added 2009-06-23
Recruitment Candidate Applicant Tracking Software that allows you to manage Job Orders and Assignments, Candidates, and Clients. To download please visit taroonhira.com
MS project import
Added 2006-01-06
Export project tasks from MS project and import them into sugar through the use of access and phpadmin.
MultiPhoneField by SugarTalk
Added 2011-12-22
Ability to add multiple phones for any modules (and custom too) in SugarCRM. It's analog email field.

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