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Enjay CTI Server (OS) - discontinued
Added 2012-01-15
Project is discontinued
Enjay SugarCRM De-Duplication,Preventive
Added 2014-04-02
Enjay SugarCRM De-Duplication,Preventive addon detects duplicates based on name,number or email on creation of a new contact or account. More information provided on duplicate contact or account.
Added 2011-08-04
this project is discontinued
Epicom’s QuickBooks Integration
Added 2012-07-18
With Epicom’s QuickBooks Integration, you can view account balance, days aging, payment status, and other QuickBooks information in Sugar. Users can also sync and create new Accounts, Product Catalog items, and Invoices between Sugar and QuickBooks.
Added 2007-10-16
This project is useful to set up teams in the organization, with this you can create an hierarquical structure of you sales, support, marketing team. This project is based in the Tips for Team Managment you can find in the wiki.
Added 2006-11-13
Now available:ERP EXPENSE MODULE, ERP INVENTORY MODULE, MPM (Multi Project Management). Coming soon: Quotes & Products, Sequences, Requirements Resource Management, Human Resource Management, Expenses 5.5
ESTOS ProCall sugarCRM Integration
Added 2013-07-18
Provides users of ESTOS ProCall Enterprise with an integration into sugarCRM contacts, leads and customers. Use cases: “Search sugarCRM contacts in ProCall”, “Contact resolution & actions” and “Click2Dial”
ETLS - ETL Tool for SugarCRM
Added 2013-03-29
ETLS is an ETL tool for creating and updating SugarCRM module records and creating relationships. It EXTRACTS data from various database sources, TRANSFORMS the data via a choice of scripting technologies and LOADS SugarCRM instances via a RESTful API.
Euro currency pack
Added 2006-04-07
Euro currency packs allow for installation of Euro Currency in Sugar OS. Currency symbol becomes « € » everywhere and it is positioned after the numbers. Les packs Euro permettent d’afficher toutes les devises en Euros dans Sugar OS.
European VIES register for SugarCRM
Added 2013-08-23
Using the module you will instantly get information about the companies from a database created by the European Commission (VAT number). This feature helps to ensure the quality of your data and fantastic access without the constant manual filling.
eVolpe PDF Generator
Added 2012-01-25
eVolpe PDF Generator is a module that enables to generate from SugarCRM any kind of documents in PDF file. The document can contain any data, coming from either standard or custom modules. These can be: Quotes, Contracts, Service Cards, Certificates etc.
eVolpe sugar4mobile Android
Added 2012-10-11
sugar4mobile provides access to SugarCRM from an Android mobile phone. It retrieves data faster than a mobile browser. The views provide access to fields, basic modules and modules additionally customised/created within your instance of SugarCRM. Enjoy!
eVolpe SugarCRM/Alfresco Integrator
Added 2012-01-31
eVolpe SugarCRM/Alfresco Integrator is a bilaterial integrator that integrates SugarCRM with document central repository of Alfresco.
eVolpe SugarCRM/Redmine Integrator
Added 2012-01-31
eVolpe SugarCRM/Redmine Integrator is a module that enables an integration between SuagrCRM and Redmine at projects and tasks level. The integration is unilateral and requires a configuration of both systems.
EXIMEO Outmeeting for SugarCRM
Added 2010-12-20
Le module EXIMEO Outmeeting for SugarCRM vous permet de planifier et d'accéder à vos webconférences (réunions en ligne) depuis SugarCRM en invitant vos contacts et vos leads. - http://www.eximeo.eu/outmeeting_for_sugarcrm
Extended Advanced OpenSales
Added 2011-11-16
This is an extension to the Module Advanced OpenSales 5.0 We add the module "Movements" to register the inputs and outputs, and modified the DetailView of Products to graphic the stock and order_point evolution.
Facebook integration
Added 2010-08-31
Projects goal is to build facebook integration so sugar is able to retrieve information about your customers inside sugar if they are on facebook and you are friends with them, and you are able to send messages to their wall.
Added 2008-09-24
Gmail Contacts importer will easily import Gmail contacts in to SugarCRM Contacts with few click from within SugarCRM Contacts module by entering Gmail username & password. It works for all editions (CE, Prof., Ent.) of SugarCRM 5.0.
Added 2008-09-24
Google Calendar importer will import events between specified dates from Google calendar to sugar calendar.Works for all 3 editions (Community, Professional and Enterprise) of Sugar CRM 5.0.
Added 2008-10-16
FidelGoogleDocumentsPatch to display list of Google Documents in Sugar CRM and upload documents from SugarCRM to Google Docs.
Field Force for BlackBerry
Added 2007-08-16
CRM as simple as email on your Blackberry. Field Force is a very powerful wireless solution for SugarCRM. You only have to download a small client to your BlackBerry and that's it! Visit http://link-two.com/ota.html on your BB to get the OTA link.
Field Force Project
Added 2012-06-05
A simple field force project planning module for retail merchandising. Its is designed to allow you to add stores and then assign an task to a person and a store.
Filepicker.io SugarField
Added 2012-10-02
This is a addon for adding a SugarField for leveraging the filepicker.io service for handling a file upload for any record in any module in SugarCRM.
File Upload Field
Added 2014-02-20
Instantly add as many file fields to a record as you would like! Add file upload fields to any SugarCRM module right from within Studio. Works on on all major views including Detail, Edit, List, and Subpanels right out of the box.
Finnish language files
Added 2005-03-07
Finnish language pack and other Finnish language files
FlashPhone Integration
Added 2008-07-30
The world's first web-based VoIP FlashPhone fully integrated with SugarCRM interface. Allows Sugar users to call each other and call all the Sugar phone numbers internally and externally in one click with seamless registration of new users to the service
FocalScope Email Ticketing / Live Chat
Added 2012-08-01
Manage your helpdesk/live chat operations and have emails/live chats archived in Sugar either manually or automatically. Create/manage Sugar objects directly from Focalscope along with custom fields. Gather data effortlessly for sales/marketing purposes
Fonality CRM Module
Added 2010-03-19
Fonality CRM Module provides an integration between SugarCRM and Fonality phone system. This includes Click to Dial through your Fonality phone system and Call Assistant, an inbound screen pop-up for easy access to identify and update records.
Forum Dashlets
Added 2007-02-04
This project develops a variety of dashlet components for Forum Module.
Forum Private Messages Synchronizer
Added 2009-01-22
Automate vBulletin forum - SugarCRM synchronization. You can assign imported private messages to contacts in SugarCRM, post answers to users’ messages right from SugarCRM, easily navigate messages (Gmail style), search messages, etc.
Francais (French) Language Pack- SYNOLIA
Added 2005-03-06
Depuis la version 6.1 de SugarCRM la traduction SYNOLIA est intégrée directement dans les versions Professionnelle, Coporate, Entreprise et Ultimate. Ce package n'est utile que pour les versions CE.
Added 2006-10-11
Traduction intégrale de SugarCRM Community Edition , Professional et Enterprise en Français. Contient tous les modules des dernières versions supportées 6.5.X.
Freedom Sync
Added 2005-10-14
Offline has been a big request on the message boards... but amazingly enough nobody has started a project for it, so let's start one!!! It is a module that will use SOAP to communicate to a central location and synchronize all data available.
FreeMED bridge to SugarCRM
Added 2006-01-29
Goal is to enable use of FreeMED medical software thru SugarCRM dashboard and to advocate On-Demand HL7 solutions built on top of SugarCRM. Cilj je omogućiti uporabu FreeMED-a kroz SugarCRM sučelje te promovirati On-Demand SugarCRM HL7 aplikacije.
Freepbx/Elastix/Trixbox Core Integration
Added 2011-02-07
Core integration to track inbound/outbound Calls from Freepbx/Elastix/Trixbox in SugarCRM with no user interaction (only server to server).Identify the caller for inbound calls and display it in any SIP phone like X-lite.Upgrade safe module loaders.
French (Français) SugarCRM Open Source
Added 2006-04-10
Développements et documentations en français sur l'utilisation de SugarCRM Open Source. Developments and French documentations for SugarCRM Open Source.
Freshdesk for SugarCRM
Added 2012-07-19
The integration lets you view Freshdesk tickets from SugarCRM in Leads/Contacts/Accounts detail view. With this, SugarCRM users can access crucial data at a glance, saving time, energy and resources. For details: bit.ly/MJNKuH
Fresh Polish Language Pack
Added 2011-10-24
This is the Polish Language Pack project. This project produces a fully localized version of SugarCRM so that customers can install and run SugarCRM in polish.
Gantt char for Project module
Added 2008-10-27
This project allows you to generate 2 kinds of gantt diagram a View with task by project and a view with a timeline for each resource.
g.Con - ActiveSync for SugarCRM
Added 2014-05-26
g.Con is the connection for ActiveSync compatible smartphones to SugarCRM. Supported services currently: contacts, calendar and tasks.
GenRapReports for SugarCRM
Added 2006-11-22
GenRapReports is the web environment for manage your custom reports integrated into SugarCRM. It includes OCEAN GenRap Runtime, allow export reports to various output formats (including PDF, Postscript, HTML, RTF and XLS).
German/Deutsches User Manual
Added 2008-03-10
Translation of the SugarCRM User Manual Version 5.0 in german language. Übersetzung des SugarCRM User Manuals ins Deutsche.
German Language / Deutsche Sprachdateien
Added 2008-12-03
Die deutschen Sprachdateien für SugarCRM CE (Community Edition) Bei Fehlern / Fragen: info (at) iscongroup.net
Get sales alerts from your networks
Added 2011-10-31
Get a feed of alerts on your clients & prospects portfolio to focus on the best opportunities - All appointments and departures - Latest news - New key contacts prospected by competitors and partners - New qualified leads to feed your pipeline
GiniCube- Magic of SugarCRM in Gmail
Added 2012-07-23
Get started with GiniCube in seconds and do > 50% of SugarCRM work within Gmail. Track any related Lead, Opportunity, or Case, and stay Social directly from Gmail. Save time, track leads, and move to important leads and tasks… instantly!
GLink: Archive Emails From Gmail
Added 2013-03-04
GLink is a Google Chrome plugin that integrates Gmail with SugarCRM for instant email archiving. GLink will automatically pop up when you send an email and give you ability to archive it to any number of matching records.
Gnome Evolution Sugar CRM Integration
Added 2010-01-28
Plugin para la integración de SugarCRM en la Suite de comunicaciones de Gnome Evolution. //////////// This plugins adds integration between SugarCRM and Gnome Evolution Comunication Suite.
Google AgendaSync by Captivea
Added 2011-06-08
Google AgendaSync is a module developed by Captivea to synchronize your meetings and calls from SugarCRM to a Google agenda account and vise versa. For more information, please visit our Web site at http://goo.gl/K9RHN
Google Analytics Web Visitor Tracking
Added 2012-09-12
Powered by Google Analytics this addon provides the ability to track which organizations are visiting your website from inside SugarCRM.
Google API and SugarCRM Integration
Added 2010-12-04
This project is combination of Google apis (Contacts,Calendar,Map and Documents ) integration with SugarCRM.
Added 2014-07-16
This plugin will provide google autocomplete functionality to accounts, leads and contacts module of SugarCRM when filling in address.
Google Calendar Integration
Added 2006-07-19
Google Calendar integration into SugarCRM
Google Calendar integration for SugarCRM
Added 2013-08-14
With this module you can rely on your calendar, simply get full control over the planned events and never forget any important work activities. The module shall synchronize your Google Calendar with meetings, calls and calendar in SugarCRM.
Added 2007-12-11
Add events from SugarCrm (Meetings,Calls,Tasks) to an Google Calendar account ... with FREE SMS alert enabled.Add / receive documents to Google Docs . By Danmar Computers more info on www.topsoft.ro
Google+ Connector by www.1crm.info
Added 2012-11-25
Google+ Connector developed by Danmar Computers , SugarCRM Partner www.1crm.info helps users to monitor accounts,contacts,leads activity on Google+ with just a few clicks.
Google/FaceBook Oauth Based SSO Login
Added 2014-03-08
Oauth based Google and Facebook SSO login in SugarCRM. When a user click google or facebook links at login page , it will match email address of user email address in sugar and logged to matched user. Admin can add valid domains of email address.
Google Map integration for all address
Added 2011-12-02
Integration of gmap for 4 modules: Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Meetings. (without editing DetailViews) MoreOver exciting feature , providing an addtional StartDirection module ,save Starting Direction and see all addresses with travel directions.
Google Map of Address
Added 2006-01-26
Patch to provide a quick link to open up Google maps with the address of a Contact or Account.
Google Maps integration for SugarCRM
Added 2011-03-18
Google Maps module made by official SugarCRM partner. We have other Goole friendly modules like Google Calendar etc. For more information go to http://www.corenet.cz/en/shop
Added 2009-07-20
GoogleRoute generates a Link out of the current user´s address as source and the current Contact, Lead or Account as destination. The url modifies the current street. Tested with german settings.
Google SalesMap
Added 2013-04-28
Increase Sales and goodwill by responding timely. Know the ones who are nearby and exact directions to accelerate sales process by meeting all your clients in one trip.
Go Simple Assets
Added 2010-06-07
GO! Simple asset inventory module is specifically for keeping track of equioment assigned to accounts and contacts. Equipment can also be assigned to cases and assigned to stock.
GoToBilling Universal Payment Plugin
Added 2008-09-26
The GoToBilling Plugin allows you to securely accept and process both credit card and ACH payments in real-time and schedule automatic recurring payments. Access complete payment history, pending transactions, payment methods and more!
Greek Language Pack
Added 2007-01-05
Since I have been using SugarCRM for quite a long time, I thought is was high time I created a greek language pack for it. Comments and suggestions are always welcome of course...
Greek Language Pack
Added 2006-01-19
This project reflects the effort of 3 students (Lagoyiannis Stathis, Skaltsa Maria, Tsetoura Lena) of the "Technical University of Patras - School of Information Systems in Management and Economy" to contribute to the Open Source Community
Greek Language Pack 5.5.0
Added 2010-04-09
All SugarCRM files translated in Greek custody by Division Zero (Konstantinos Tzouros, Alexandros Gialamas, Panagiotis Psychopedas)
Greek Language Pack 6.0.2
Added 2010-11-11
All SugarCRM version 6.0.2 files translated in Greek custody by Division Zero (Konstantinos Tzouros, Alexandros Gialamas, Panagiotis Psychopedas)
Greek Language Pack (6.X.X)
Added 2014-01-01
Full translation Sugarcrm to Greek Language. Extra Fields (Tax Registration Number, Registration Number Chamber etc) for contacts, accounts, activities, opportunities, leads With purpose to usefulness in Greek businesess.
Greek Language Pack WORKING!!!
Added 2007-02-02
Finaly finished translation for all greek users.
GrinMark: Machine Parks
Added 2007-05-08
"GrinMark: Machine Parks" is a catalog of equipment installed on the client side. It is useful to organize after-sales service, spare and wear parts delivery.
GrinMark MS Office Addin for SugarCRM
Added 2007-07-16
Archiving (uploading to SugarCRM) Emails from MS Outlook; Creation of Contacts/Accounts/...; Outlook Contact Synchronization; Archiving Documents from Word, Excel ..etc; Template processor for SugarCRM Documents. Custom Fields.
GrinMark SugarCRM Activities Monitor
Added 2007-08-01
A windows based messenger-like tool displaying activities for you and your team. You get audio and visual notifications (Windows TaskBar) whenever Calls or Meetings are pending. Defer messages when you are busy.
GrinMark: Travels Calendar
Added 2007-04-05
"GrinMark: Travels Calendar" allows visual planning of travels, business trips, day-offs and vacations for employees in your office.
GroupDocs Embedded Viewer
Added 2012-08-21
GroupDocs is a next generation Document Management solution that makes it easier for businesses to collaborate, share and work with documents online. So, organise, view, annotate, compare, assemble and share all your documents with SugarCRM
GroupDocs GDrive
Added 2013-09-25
This plugin comes as a part of the GroupDocs Apps Suite and allows you to manage documents stored in your GroupDocs account from within SugarCRM. With this plugin you can: upload/download, copy, move and view your GroupDocs documents within SugarCRM.
GuestOffice Connector
Added 2012-03-22
This add-in allows SugarCRM users the ability to see related information from Time Matters on the display panels of related objects in SugarCRM.
HearMe Video Conference Module
Added 2008-07-10
HearMe Desktop Video Conferencing improves the way you work, communicate, and manage your business relationships. Share your desktop, PowerPoint or other files. Download the HearMe module and integrate with Sugar so you can hold meetings through IE.
Hebrew Support 5.2.x
Added 2009-03-03
Hebrew interface for Sugar 5.2.x
Historical Summary
Added 2014-09-08
A module loadable package to install a historical summary similar to the 6.x version of the history popup.
Homepage Publisher
Added 2009-05-21
The Sugar Refinery's homepage publisher plugin allows Admins to set up a standard Homepage layout and then publish this layout to all users of the system. This plug-in is priced at only £9.99 for version 2 upwards.
HootSuite Integration
Added 2013-09-09
Do you need to close the loop between Social Media and CRM? You can finally monitor your favorite Social Media streams inside HootSuite and quickly create sales leads and service cases inside your SugarCRM system!
Hoovers Connector
Added 2012-06-20
The Sugar Connector for Hoovers provides free up-to-date information on companies to users of SugarCRM products. To get more comprehensive information and reports on companies, industries, and executives go to http://www.hoovers.com.
Hopewiser Address / Postcode Finder
Added 2013-03-29
TSR’s Hopewiser Address Finder plugin enables customers to input partial addresses or postcodes and easily retrieve complete and correct address. Pricing starts from £160 for 500 lookups.
Hosted VoIP Phone System
Added 2011-02-25
The EnableVoIP connector seamlessly integrates your VoIP phone system and SugarCRM. Allowing users to access advanced voice features including click-to-dial, recorded-call logging and others.
HR(Human Resource) and Attendance module
Added 2013-09-27
These modules allow you to track your SugarCRM employee’s attendance Punch IN/Out and Lunch IN/Out in real-time. Manage their profile, qualification and leave information properly and analyze their performance through multiple different kinds of Reports
Added 2009-01-05
HRMS will assist you in the complex and strategic process of managing this crucial resource of your enterprise. Based on modular architecture, it facilitates a vast range of HR activities, with features that reflect the main HR management activities.
HRM Simstream
Added 2009-01-12
This project is a human ressource management system developed to record all legal employee datas. HRM needs EnhancedStudio to work properly : http://www.sugarforge.org/frs/?group_id=580
HR: SpiceHire Candidate Management- FREE
Added 2007-04-24
A candidate management module created by HR (Human Resources) people for other HR people. This product is based on actual, day-to-day recruitment needs and captures information that is important for pooling and searching.
HR: SpiceHire Candidate Management- Full
Added 2007-05-03
SpiceHire is a human resource recruitment solution for SugarCRM. Use it to prepare Job Requisitions, enter candidates, schedule interviews, attach resumes, track candidate history.
Hungarian Translation
Added 2005-12-25
Hungarian Language Pack Az új verzióhoz szeretnénk elkészíteni, sokáig állt a projekt, remélhetőleg most fel tudunk gyorsulni.
Hungarian Translation 5.2
Added 2008-10-30
Hungarian Translation 5.2
IBM Connections
Added 2012-06-07
The 3.0 release adds support for Sugar 7 and Connections 5.0! If you need to run on Sugar 6.X, please download version 2.1 (also compatible with Connections 5.0)
ICCRMpro - SugarCRM Based Contact Center
Added 2006-08-21
ICCRMpro - Integrated Contact center & CRM (for professionals) - a bundle of Sugar CRM + Asterisk + Predictive dialer + some custom freatures with fully functional modular VoIP PBX and predictive dialer for campaign management inside SugarCRM.
ic OfficeTools
Added 2013-03-21
Create all kind of business documents - like letters, quotations, invoices, reminders - as PDF on the fly and archive to SugarCRM. Demo will be available shortly.
Added 2010-09-15
idea management for sugarcrm
Ignite vision
Added 2006-07-05
ignite vision the next era in visual entertainment
Added 2009-01-23
ENG Several users request an image module, i've found a simple way but i need a php-expert for developing ITA Molti utenti richiedono la presenza di un modulo immagini, ho trovato un modo semplice ma ho bisogno di un esperto di php per lo sviluppo
Implementing SugarCRM 5.x
Added 2010-09-16
A complete guide to implementing SugarCRM, including needs assessment, installing and using the software, customizations and integration, training users and more. A brief overview of version 6.0 is also provided. Author: Angel Magaña
Import Contacts
Added 2013-05-30
The module allows user to import contacts from their email accounts. The user can add them to target and target-list. Later can be used for email Campaign.
Improved Calendar View
Added 2006-02-11
This small modification enhances the calendar interface by displaying each event or task as only one block, spanning multiple time periods.

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