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Added 2008-11-22
QuickSugar aims to integrate Sugar CE and various modules into a free open source stack that compares favorably with commercial offerings. Our goal is to assemble a well-tested, 100% free open source alternative that provides everything most users need.
Quota Module
Added 2008-04-27
Quota Module as name specifies, is built to show the status of user in server. It displays the exact status of the space occupied by user in server. This module is made for sugar 5 series.
Quote Roller
Added 2012-04-15
Quote Roller helps to create, send, organize and track sales quotes. Simplify your work on sales proposals. Increases efficiency of your sales reps. Sell more, faster.
Rating Addon for All Modules - YouAddOn
Added 2013-11-21
Rating Add-on for All Modules. You can add Field Rating add Rating for every record / modules. It's work with all modules and config is very easy
RC Event Manager
Added 2011-11-27
An Event Mgmt package for SugarCRM CE with modules for Events, Venues, Caterers, Facilitators and Programs. Download the Package (and/or the Developer Manual to develop this yourself from scratch).
Real Estate Listings
Added 2009-04-25
Real Estate Listings Flats, Houses, Offices, Commercials, Warehouses, Lands object with the possibility to load 6 pictures and an extensive search. all the details on the web site http://mailfox.kz
Record audio messages for SugarCRM
Added 2008-11-16
This module allows you to record voice messages on Notes! You can record mp3 messages using your microphone and attach them to all kind of Notes in SugarCRM! The mp3 messages is stored as the Note's attachment.
Recruiting - Candidates
Added 2006-07-04
This module gives you the ability to store info about candidates without the need to use the contacts module. Whether you're a small company in a single location, or a large organization in several countries, this module will meet your needs.
Recruiting - JobPostings
Added 2006-07-20
This project is part of the eRecruiting Module and it allows clients to manage job postings. It also allows you to integrate the candidates modules to track the applicants per job posting.
Regoluna Invoices
Added 2010-02-09
Generate simple invoices and export them to PDF and "Facturae" formats. Includes support for Digital Signature in PDF and XML. http://www.regoluna.com/facturas_sugarcrm (spanish).
Regoluna Mail Queue
Added 2011-09-07
Complementary mail queue for Sugar. This is a helper módule that allows developers to create queued emails to be sent later. The module provides a simple API to be used from other modules.
rei BullCow Game
Added 2014-05-18
user after install this game and guess what is the four alphabet and after click on guess button. show result where cow means you guess char is in four alphabet but not on correct position and bull means your guess char is correct position.
Renove Iconset
Added 2013-05-01
This plugin aims to make a Sugar icons replacement based on Fugue Icons (http://p.yusukekamiyamane.com). Although some of the icons have been created/modified for myself, I've always based on the icons included in Fugue Icons.
Repeating Tasks
Added 2012-05-07
Adds automated repeating tasks for SugarCRM CE
Reschedule Calls with Call History
Added 2009-07-15
Incredibly useful utility for users who do outbound phone calls. In four clicks, you can reschedule the date and time of a call and write the date, time and reason for unsuccessful completion to the call history panel. A real productivity gain.
Resources and Reservations
Added 2013-01-31
Resources, Reservations and Reservation Calendar - a set of modules enabling SugarCRM (Pro/Enterprise/Community Edition) users to manage their resources and make reservations of resources. Resources already reserved are presented on dedicated calendar.
RhoLogic for SugarCRM
Added 2010-12-07
RhoLogic for SugarCRM is a multi-platform mobile SugarCRM solution for Apple iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Please contact us for pricing and to set up a RhoSync synchronization server.
Riva - Sync CRM to Exchange and Notes
Added 2008-02-25
Riva syncs Sugar directly to Exchange and IBM Notes. No desktop software to install. Supports all Exchange and Notes clients and mobile devices – Outlook, OWA, Office 365, Outlook for Mac, Entourage, Apple Mail, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android.
Added 2012-01-16
LET ADMIN TO SET HOME PAGE FOR ALL USERS. 1. admin can set/reset default home page one for all new users. 2. admin can set/reset home page for any Role Users. 3. admin can set/reset home page for all individual users.
Romanian Language
Added 2010-02-08
Pack de limba romana pentru versiunea SugarCRM 5.5.0
Romanian Language Files
Added 2005-04-19
Contains Romanian language pack files for SugarCRM.
Round Robin Lead Assignment
Added 2009-09-04
A logic hook based module that can be used to automatically assign leads in a round robin fashion.
RTL Golf theme
Added 2007-04-17
RTL version of "standard" SugarCRM Golf theme.
RTL Love theme
Added 2007-04-24
RTL version of "standard" SugarCRM Love theme.
Russian language pack
Added 2005-06-08
Russian language pack
RUSSIAN RAPIRA Language Pack and Manual
Added 2007-06-10
Russian language pack & user guide for SugarCRM CE 5.x-6.x Перевод для текущей версии завершен, продолжение следует здесь: https://github.com/likhobory/SuiteCRM7RU
RUSSIAN RAPIRA Language Pack for v.4.5.x
Added 2006-11-04
Russian language pack for SugarCRM 4.5.x / The latest versions you can download from: http://www.sugarcrm.com.ua/viewtopic.php?p=976
Russian Sugar CRM 6 (русская версия)
Added 2010-05-25
Русская версия SugarCRM 6. В связи с найденной идеально работающей альтернативой работа заброшена.
SaleManagerERP for SugarCRM
Added 2008-08-10
SaleManagerERP is the convergence of OpenBravo ERP, Planetauthorize.Net payment gateway and SugarCRM. This module synchronizes accounts and contacts between OpenBravo and SugarCRM.
SalesForce style theme for SugarCRM CE
Added 2013-10-12
A Salesforce style theme for Sugar Community Edition
Sales Territory and Geography
Added 2008-09-04
All in one sales quota assignments which can be used in small and medium sized companies. Ability to assign accounts to territories/geos and products to sell
Added 2009-11-02
Searchman is a customization of the Contacts module in sugarcrm. It provides search functionality when creating contacts. At it's current state it searches the danish site www.krak.dk, www.linkedin.com and www.facebook.com. Developed by MergeIt.
SecuritySuite (Teams)
Added 2008-02-28
If you are on CE you need this teams module. Also includes custom team layouts, login/sudo for quick debugging, search by groups, and more!
Added 2010-02-10
External and internal tickets and complaints service. Thanks to its great configuration capability, ServiceDesk is the most developed HelpDesk tool for SugarCRM.
Added 2009-03-20
seProposals is the easy, customizable, web-based proposal software. The customized output is a stunning, branded, PDF document. Proposals are completed in 65% less time than traditional methods, which allows your proposals to get noticed and get approved.
Serbian Language Pack (Srpski)
Added 2008-10-15
Srpski Lokalizacioni Paket za SugarCRM. Najnoviji prevodi SugarCRMa uključeni.
Services Suite
Added 2008-09-09
Services suite is a project to bring business to a better knowledges of their sales process. With Products, Quotes, Contratcts, Invoices, Timesheets(linked on all kind of activity), Travel log (Km, food, hotels, gaz...).
Added 2009-09-07
ServiceSync is a build of Sugarcrm for small to medium contractors in the "Service Industry." Modules like Dispatching and Invoicing fill the void where sugar falls short for these companies.
Share2B Connector for SugarCRM
Added 2013-02-05
Share2B is an enterprise 2.0 solution like Chatter, Qontext, Yammer, Jive or IBM Connections. With Share2B & SugarCRM you can do 100% social sales, social collaboration and social intranet.
Shared calendar by month
Added 2006-07-27
This patch add a new view of calendar : shared calendar by month. Ce patch ajoute une nouvelle vue au calendrier : calendrier partagé par mois
SimpleCaptcha For the Masses
Added 2009-05-16
SimpleCaptcha adds enhanced login protection for SugarCRM v5.2.0x. This project requires that you have installed GD library.
Simple Chat For SugarCRM
Added 2009-01-27
This is a simple Ajax-based chat for SugarCRM users. Now users have an opportunity to communicate with each other. There are also opportunity to send privat messages, view history of privat messages.
Simplified Chinese Language Files
Added 2005-07-13
Simplified Chinese localization for SugarCRM [SugarCRM 简体中文]
Simplified/Traditional[New] 简体/繁体中文语言包
Added 2013-03-07
Simplified/Traditional Chinese Language Pack for SugarCRM. 简体/繁体中文语言包由 think7Strategy Org. 维护并持续更新. ITO 开源社区支持:http://www.ithinkopen.com
SLA Definition for Cases Module
Added 2010-07-26
This project implements Service Level Agreement (SLA) to resolve Sugar Cases.
Smart Inventory System
Added 2013-03-17
Smart Inventory is an inventory management software designed for small to mid-sized businesses.
SMS/Fax Notes
Added 2009-11-08
This module allows you to send SMS or FAX directly from the Notes in SugarCRM. You can use any sms or fax gateway with http and email api's repectively.
Added 2013-04-24
Adding leads to SugarCRM made super easy by our Google Chrome Extension.One click captures the contact information from Facebook® or LinkedIn® profiles to SugarCRM.
Social sugar
Added 2010-10-08
Move over salesforce chatter. Welcome Social sugar. Ahh!! it tastes good.
SolCRM by AlineaSol
Added 2010-04-23
Dedicated modules for: Reports, Home Page Enhancements, WorkFlow Management, Project Management and sales utilities. All compatible, and running on SugarCRM. Tested with CE and Professional editions.
Spanish (Colombian) language pack
Added 2007-12-27
This package is the translation to colombian spahish of SugarCRM.
Spanish (Mexico) Language Files
Added 2011-08-05
Spanish Language Pack (Mexico) for SugarCRM 6.2.1 base system and modules, compatible with all versions (CE, PRO, ENT). Compatible with other hispanic languages.
Spanish (Spain) Language Files
Added 2005-05-10
Contains Spanish (Spain) language pack and other Spanish files
Spanish-Spain Language Pack [REDK.NET]
Added 2012-11-08
Traducción al español (España) de SugarCRM Community Edition para versiones superiores a la 6.1. Traducción realizada por REDK Software Engineering.
SpecINFO Blue Theme
Added 2012-08-13
This theme is for SugarCRM 6.5 version. It is compatible with Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. No box-shadow effect and round corners in Internet Explorer browser.
Added 2007-12-06
This is a simple test suite to verify the functionality of and connectivity to a Sugar Instance's SOAP interface from other computers running PHP. To use: edit the index.php as directed within the file and view the configured app in a browser!
Standing Cloud
Added 2012-04-02
Standing Cloud is a cloud-based an application management platform that enables quick, problem-free deployment of SugarCRM on a wide range of cloud providers easily. We make it easy to build, deploy and scale your application in the cloud.
STARFACE SugarCRM Connector
Added 2008-07-23
adds telephony features of STARFACE VoIP solution to optimize the effectivness of SugarCRM, incl. click to dial, signaling of inbound & outbound calls (display of customer data), direct documentation of phone calls in the appropriate memo sheet
Stay Connected
Added 2009-03-12
Stay Connected is a ColdFusion-based application that connects to the Sugar backend database. It helps you keep their Contacts information updated by allowing you to filter your Sugar contacts and leads and send bulk emails to the selected contacts.
Added 2013-07-23
Do you often feel out of reach of your Post-it-note when important client calls up and giving some important information? No more! Now stickyNote module is here for you, easily integrated in your SugarCRM! Sign up to get stickyNote add-on Now!
StoreIt, save important contact emails
Added 2005-12-22
StoreIt is a server-based application which attaches emails to corresponding contact records in Sugar CRM. End users either forward or BCC important customer emails to StoreIt to preserve that communication thread.
SugarApps Basic - SugarCRM Google sync
Added 2010-06-17
SugarApps Basic keeps in sync SugarCRM™ Calendar and Contacts with Google™ Calendar and Contacts for 9€/usr/yr. SugarApps Premiere includes OpenID and Gmail integration for 29€/usr/yr.
SugarCAL - Realtime Google Sync
Added 2005-11-20
SugarCAL is the add-on utility that enables realtime calendar sync between Sugar Community Edition 6.5.x and Google Calendar. This module cannot be installed on a Sugar On-Demand instance. Buy this product at http://sugarcal.contentshelf.com
Sugar Chart Dashlet Abstracts
Added 2011-10-24
These are a set of abstract classes to make it easier to build Chart Dashlets. Code hosted at https://github.com/jmertic/sugarcrm_chartabstracts
Added 2005-02-22
Sugar Community Edition is available now. Manage leads, opportunities, contacts and more inside of a state-of-the-art user interface. See http://www.sugarcrm.com/crm/demo/sugar-suite.html for role-based product demonstrations.
SugarCRM 3.0.1b lithuanian translation
Added 2005-07-24
A lithuanian translation package for SugarCRM 3 or higher
SugarCRM and Drupal integration
Added 2013-08-15
SugarDrupal module made full integration between SugarCRM and Drupal. All Sugar modules like leads, opportunity, contacts etc. are online synchronize to Drupal CMS portal. Users and their rights are synchronize too.
SugarCRM and JIRA connector
Added 2014-04-28
Module can automatically create Atlassian JIRA project from SugarCRM Opportunities or Projects. You can choose right variant according to your process workflow.
SugarCRM and Microsoft Exchange sync
Added 2013-10-18
Full integration between SugarCRM and Microsoft Exchange server. You can synchronize Tasks, Contacts and Email in real time. http://www.corenet.cz/en/module/cns-exch-en
SugarCRM Asterisk,FreePBX,Elastix addon
Added 2014-09-09
SugarCRM /Asterisk addon, which provides * Click to Call *incoming popup and Outgoing popup *Automatic Call logging/Assignment/Relation And many more Popup Features
SugarCRM Compiere integration
Added 2010-01-21
The SugarCRM Compiere integration is a synchronization system between Compiere and SugarCRM. This system relies on all the good work that has been done by the folks of http://sourceforge.net/projects/talendcompierec/
SugarCRM HubSpot Integration by1crm.info
Added 2014-06-11
This integration brings the vital HubSpot data and features to SugarCRM to help you automate your sales and marketing. Marketing team sends better qualified leads to the sales team; sales reps spend more time selling; improve customer retention
SugarCRM Hungarian Language Pack
Added 2006-01-20
Hungarian Language Pack for SugarCRM
SugarCRM Instant Mass Mailing
Added 2014-07-15
Easily send Mass Emails From SugarCRM with the click of a button.
SugarCRM integration for QuickBooks
Added 2011-02-16
SugarCRM data synchronization solution for QuickBooks is designed to power-up business efficiency by giving a SugarCRM user up-to-date information about financial side of relationships with the client and avoiding double data entry.
SugarCRM integration with Mailchimp
Added 2013-03-31
SugarCRM works excellent for email campaign but due to the limitation of email server and absence of pre built email template tools like mailchimp are more popular. We are coming up with complete integration between SugarCRM with Mailchimp.
Added 2011-08-17
SugarCRM:Lawyers is a complete box solution built on SugarCRM CE tuned for law companies. The original Sugar functionality is enhanced with customizations and custom modules: Accounting (Payments and Expences) and Reports.
SugarCRM Magento Connector by 1crm.info
Added 2013-04-03
Sync data from Magento to Sugarcrm. Create Leads,Contacts,Accounts,Opportunities and related Products.
SugarCRM NF-e Brasil
Added 2009-06-10
SugarCRM NF-e Brasil possibilita a geração de notas fiscais eletronicas (NF-e) diretamente pelo SugarCRM. É uma solução robusta e econômica para implementação da NF-e na sua empresa.
SugarCRM On Postgresql
Added 2014-03-06
The aim of this project is to provide full PostgreSQL support for SugarCRM, explicitely from the moment of installation.
SugarCRM osCommerce Connector 1crm.info
Added 2013-04-05
Sync data from osCommerce to SugarCRM. Create Leads,Contacts,Accounts,Opportunities and related Products.
SugarCRM OSCommerce Integration
Added 2009-11-26
This is an OSCommerce module which integrates SugarCRM Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities with OSCommerce. This project uses nuSOAP and is highly customizable and expandable. Installation is very simple and documented it only takes a few minutes.
SugarCRM Portal by 1crm.info
Added 2014-03-25
If a company wants to give contacts the chance to get involved, have a sense of control the best solution is to integrate a portal for them to use. After login, contacts can edit their leads, leave notes and manage cases and bugs online.
SugarCRM PrestaShop Connector 1crm.info
Added 2013-04-26
Sync data from PrestaShop to SugarCRM. Create Leads,Contacts,Accounts,Opportunities and related Products.
SugarCRM Professionelle Jagd nach Kunden
Added 2011-01-29
Vergleich aller erhältlicher Versionen (inkl. SugarCRM 6), SugarCRM Projekte planen& umsetzen, Installation, Administration& Anpassung, Use Cases f. Marketing, Vertrieb& Support, mobile Endgeräte.
SugarCRM Project
Added 2007-06-18
SugarCRM: Recruitment
Added 2011-08-23
Ultimate solution for recruiting companies built on top of SugarCRM, including such indispensable modules as Jobs, Candidates, Applications, Interviews, together with Drupal-based Candidates Portal.
SugarCRM - ShoreTel Integration App
Added 2014-01-20
The SugarCRM – ShoreTel Integration Application is designed to simply and easily allow you to use your VoIP Shoretel Phone System and your SugarCRM Application as one.
SugarCRM Thai Edition
Added 2005-05-25
The SugarCRM Thai Edition is a project to develop a Thailand localization for SugarCRM. http://www.sugarcrm.in.th
SugarCRM Training Materials
Added 2006-09-17
The purpose of this project is to develop a full set of generic training materials that encompass all the modules in the Open Source version of SugarCRM.
SugarCRM translation checker
Added 2006-07-22
PHP script whitch provide simple check machanism of translations. Checks for missing lang files, compares langfiles keys and reports missing or not needed keys. Also shows not translated strings. All in single file.
SugarCRM Translation Module
Added 2008-08-06
This project have developed a translation module that makes it easier to translate SugarCRM to new languages. This module visualises all the words that needs translation in the admin interface of SugarCRM.
SugarCRM Translation Tool
Added 2006-02-09
This project provides a basic, but handy tool for updating SugarCRM translations. It has been updated to work with Sugar versions 4 +.
sugarcrm versus Postgresql
Added 2007-06-29
the objective of the project is to be able to install and use sugarcrm with the DBMS postgresql
SugarCRM WHMCS integration by 1crm.info
Added 2013-08-02
The integration of SugarCRM with WHMCS will ensure a better management of the relations with the clients, creating and maintaining campaigns or/and managing leads. This process involves migrating data between every major module of WHMCS and SugarCRM
SugarCRM WooCommerce Connector 1crm.info
Added 2013-11-21
Sync data from WooCommerce to SugarCRM. Create Leads,Contacts,Accounts,Opportunities and related Products.
SugarCRM WordPress Connector 1crm.info
Added 2013-04-15
Sync data from WordPress to SugarCRM. Create and update Contacts.
SugarCRM Wordpress Portal by 1crm.info
Added 2014-03-25
The SugarCRM Wordpress Portal is first and foremost a time-saver. By giving customers the visibility of certain fields within your SugarCRM instance, you empower them to change what they see fit or fill in incomplete information about themselves.
Added 2010-11-05
Install and host SugarCRM CE 6 on GoDaddy hosted web server.
Added 2009-07-08
SugarDbLib is a JAVA library (jar) to offer simple connect to the SugarCRM database. SugarDbLib uses JAVA database persistance classes (Toplink). SugarDbLib is freeware without warranty - "works as it is"

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