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SugarCRM WooCommerce Connector 1crm.info
Added 2013-11-21
Sync data from WooCommerce to SugarCRM. Create Leads,Contacts,Accounts,Opportunities and related Products.
SugarCRM WordPress Connector 1crm.info
Added 2013-04-15
Sync data from WordPress to SugarCRM. Create and update Contacts.
SugarCRM Wordpress Portal by 1crm.info
Added 2014-03-25
The SugarCRM Wordpress Portal is first and foremost a time-saver. By giving customers the visibility of certain fields within your SugarCRM instance, you empower them to change what they see fit or fill in incomplete information about themselves.
Added 2010-11-05
Install and host SugarCRM CE 6 on GoDaddy hosted web server.
Added 2009-07-08
SugarDbLib is a JAVA library (jar) to offer simple connect to the SugarCRM database. SugarDbLib uses JAVA database persistance classes (Toplink). SugarDbLib is freeware without warranty - "works as it is"
SugarDev.net Developer Tools
Added 2008-05-06
A set of tools from the SugarCRM developer resources website, SugarDev.net, that support SugarCRM development and system administration. Always 100% upgrade-safe. Requires Config 0.5: http://www.sugarforge.org/projects/config/
Sugar Dialer (SugarCRM and Asterisk)
Added 2010-09-27
The best full-featured integration module between SugarCRM and Asterisk - telephony solution available for SugarCRM on the market. Both incoming and outgoing calls, any call-related activity is included and automated.
Sugar Documentation Translation
Added 2006-06-12
Sugar CRM Documentation Translation Effort
SugarECommerce with Ecwid connector
Added 2011-12-01
ECommerce module with Ecwid integration by SugarTalk. http://sugartalk.net/ecwid
Sugarindo CRM
Added 2006-11-08
SugarCRM localization for Indonesia. Also support Products & Quotes modules based on C3CRM.
Added 2013-02-14
Free Additional SugarCRM module used by Google Apps SugarLink connector to enable SugarCRM to archive email and attachements, create new bean and activities right from GMail UI. Install AppsMarketplace Sugarlink as well to enable module into GMail
Added 2005-05-14
Mailmerge on the server, deliver personalized letters to be used with (for example) Microsoft Word.
Sugar Portal for Joomla
Added 2007-07-25
To allow joomla users to create and manage their Sugar cases from within joomla.
Sugar Portal for Mambo
Added 2005-03-04
A series of Mambo components for SugarCRM. Allow Mambo users to create and manage their Sugar cases from within mambo.
Sugar Pro style theme for CE - YouAddOn
Added 2013-10-10
A Sugar Professional style theme for Sugar Community Edition. To get it please contact us. get it here: http://www.youaddon.com/portfolio/detail/2/YouAddOn-SugarCRM-Dark-Theme
Added 2007-03-06
SugarRTL is the Right To Left version of Sugar theme, the default theme in SugarCRM.
Added 2009-07-08
SugarSoapLib is a small library (jar) of basic functions to retrieve or create SugarCRM records by JAVA wrapper classes for the SOAP interface. SugarSoapLib is freeware without warranty - "works as it is".
Added 2007-05-01
An integration between AlfrescoECM and SugarCRM for creating links to documents stored within AlfrescoECM and upload documnets to AlfrescoECM from within SugarCRM modules that would use the Sugar Document module.
Added 2013-01-14
SugarSweetRP connects Sugar with SweetRP, a Resource Planning application ideal for Manufacturing & others. Start with a Customer Order and schedule, track, and deliver using any combination of Resources (workcenters, labor, machines, materials).
Added 2009-04-29
SugarTAGS (available in french,english and german) allows you to associate any object with tags (keywords). You can also see in your homepage a tags-cloud (as a dashlet) which shows the keywords with a size that depends on the number of associated objects
Sugar Translation Suite
Added 2006-01-29
Sugar Translation Suite is a free php/MySQL based application which provide an easy way for people who are working on a language pack for SugarCRM to manage there translation and to make it evolve with each new version of SugarCRM.
Added 2009-01-25
SugarUnitTestHelper provides documentation and a tool to enable unit testing for SugarCRM modules.
Sugar Virtual Appliance Deutsch
Added 2008-12-05
Sugar Virtual Appliance - fix und fertig installiert inklusive deutscher Oberfläche. Bitte unbedingt README lesen. Update auf 5.1.0b wurde durchgeführt.
Added 2009-12-17
module for synchronization Calendar, Contacts and possibly other things related to SugarCRM with Zimbra Mail Server
Sugorum - SugarCRM Dokumentenmanagement
Added 2010-08-11
Open-Source-Modul für SugarCRM, um Dokumente und Ordner aus dem freien Dokumentenmanagement-System agorum core in die CRM-Lösung einzubinden. Keywords: Dokumentenmanagement, DMS, ECM, Enterprise Content Management
Added 2007-02-27
SugUtilsDatabaseBackup is a sophisticated module for both creating and managing database backups of SugarCRM's SQL database for SugarCRM Admins, all from within SugarCRM itself. Be sure to Visit the Live Demo at SugUtils.com!!
Svenska (Swedish) Language Files
Added 2005-10-26
Contains language pack files for Swedish. Översättning av SugarCRM till svenska
Svensk översättning av SugarCRM 5.0
Added 2008-01-31
Contains language pack files for Swedish to SugarCRM (5.x). Översättning av SugarCRM (5.x) till svenska.
SweetDBAdmin by Ken Brill
Added 2012-07-28
A SQL database manager much like phpMyAdmin but built into SugarCRM. Supports MySQL, DB2, Oracle and MSSQL. Works in SugarCRM 6.4 and 6.5.
Added 2010-05-25
Sweetness is a Google Chrome extension for SugarCRM to archive email from Gmail to Sugar!! Don't like the ads that come with the free version? Contact sX for details on a paid, ad free version for only $1.99 right away!
Added 2008-02-05
SweetTools is probably the greatest module ever for the novice or semi-professional SugarCRM administrator. SweetTools seamlessly installs phpMyAdmin a MySQL browser interface, eXtplorer a file browser and a copy of phpinfo() onto your SugarCRM system.
Swekey Hardware Authentication
Added 2009-01-09
The swekey is an USB authentication key. If you use this module, swekey owners will be able to secure their SugarCRM access. It means that a swekey owner won't be abble to login if his swekey is not plugged into its computer.
Swiss German Language Files
Added 2005-11-03
Contains language pack files for Swiss German.
SyncMe Mobile Synchronization Server
Added 2009-07-20
CRM Online (http://www.crmonline.com.au/) has developed a synchronization server using an open protocol (SyncML) and give the user the ability to choose sync with iPhone, Nokia phone series and Microsoft Outlook to name just a few.
Table Sugar
Added 2007-02-08
Table Sugar is the standard full installation package of SugarOS, modified to use prefixes on database table names. You are prompted for a table prefix on installation that allows Sugar to share a database, which allows for many possibilities.
Tag Cloud for SugarCRM
Added 2008-04-23
Intelestream has developed a Web 2.0 Tag Cloud searching tool directly into the award winning SugarCRM platform.
Added 2013-04-17
Fed up of remembering important clients? Tag them! This plugin allows you to tag your records to identify them instantly!! Color coded tags makes it even simpler to catch them.
Tag Parser
Added 2011-09-06
Easy to use tool for parsing variables into template files. Parse Bean, Config, Session, Language, Global into html and plain text templates.
Tags module for SugarCRM CE
Added 2013-11-19
Tags module for SugarCRM CE. You can group your records, using tags consistently helps find related information.
TAPI and VOIP Phone with PowerDialer
Added 2013-08-13
The SugarCRM Phone integration provides a full integration directly into Sugar product editions, allowing SugarCRM users to manage all communications activities and improve the handling and documentation of call-related activities.
Target List Adder by Richlode Solutions
Added 2010-09-23
Target List Adder by Richlode Solutions is intended to improve function of adding items to targets list and allows to add any number of items instead of just 20 to targets list from list views of SugarCRM.
Target List Wizard
Added 2008-07-14
Target List Wizard is a powerful tool that enables you to precisely select who is targeted by your campaigns. Using an inuitive query builder tool, you can instantly create a new Target List and populate it with the desired Contacts, Leads and Targets
Task Dashlets Plus - 4 additional ones
Added 2010-12-15
Included are custom task dashlets for: Overdue tasks, Open Tasks (past the start date), Tasks I Delegated (assigned to someone else), and Tasks Assigned to me (by someone else).
TCPDF EastAsia Fonts
Added 2013-08-31
TCPDF EastAsia Fonts for SugarCRM. include Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese ... PDF 东亚字体包(包括简繁中文、韩文,日文字体等 ...)
TCPDF for SugarCRM
Added 2009-01-21
Enables PDF file generation with TCPDF library. Every module can use own PDF format.
Teams Notices Open Source
Added 2008-01-11
This project adds Teams Notices to the non-commercial versions of SugarCRM Open Source
Teams Open Source
Added 2006-07-17
This project adds Teams to the non-commercial versions of SugarCRM Open Source, making it more useful for larger organizations with hierarchical sales structures that must control access to Accounts, Contacts, etc.
TechAlert GT
Added 2006-11-24
This project is intended to provide technical end-users of Sugar with real-time alerts whenever a Case and or Bug is assigned to them, as well as any attached Notes and their contents, via Google Talk or other Jabber-based IM systems.
TeleSign two-factor authentication
Added 2008-09-10
Additional security with two-factor authentication utilizing TeleSign phone verification.
Tero Sugar Edition
Added 2009-06-23
Reporting & Dashboard, give 2 tha chance to create your own reports and dashboard components. Its based and developed for the same developers of DynamicJasper
Thai Language Pack
Added 2007-04-11
Thai Language Pack for SugarOS 4.51 Full translation for Web User Interface in Thai Language.
The Smart Call Center
Added 2011-08-20
The Smart Call Center is most complete telephony platform for SugarCRM. TSCC provides routing of traditional phone calls in addition to email, chat, fax, and web callback requests. Includes built in predictive dialer and voice broadcasting platform.
Added 2014-08-16
Tilkee is a cloud-based service for creating, delivering, and managing high-quality, executive grade B2B sales proposals, enabling you to easily organize nicely structured proposals and be alerted by email when prospects are considering your proposals.
Timeline module for SugarCRM
Added 2014-03-20
Timeline module for SugarCRM. Tracking all module which enable audit and show on Timeline. get it: http://www.youaddon.com/portfolio/detail/19/Timeline-module-for-SugarCRM
TomNET SugarCRM Theme
Added 2006-01-29
More business-oriented Theme, targeted primarily to Call Centers. Psihologically tested colors, fonts and icons suitable for long working hours.
Added 2010-03-20
totalERP adds complete ERP functionality to the base SugarCRM. This includes complete Supply Chain Management, HR and Payroll and Finance functionalities.
Track Active Users and Lead Assignment
Added 2011-03-07
Track all users Login and Logout , check witch users are logged in Sugar, see users login/logout history and setup what type of leads they should receive based on Lead Source and user (active) status (only PRO version) .
Traditional Chinese[正體中文]
Added 2005-03-22
You could find more information here about the usage in Traditional Chinese. 這個專案是為了支援中文環境而存在,有任何問題歡迎透過台灣PHP聯盟提出! http://twpug.net/
Training Book in Romanian Language
Added 2010-11-21
Training for SugarCRM implementation in Romanian Language
Turkish Language Files
Added 2005-05-06
Contains language pack files for Turkish (Türkçe)
Added 2012-01-30
Social media is gaining importance everyday, and Twitnux helps you to organize the Twitter conversations of yours contacts, accounts and leads in SugarCRM. It's a socialcrm extension.
uRCRM Team management
Added 2008-04-26
A supervisor can view records created by employees reporting to him. Managers are able to view all records from those supervisors who reports to them and from employees reporting to those reporting supervisors.
User Friendly Polish Language Pack
Added 2006-08-10
This translation project is focused on best funcionality during daily use. Easy, fully intuitive expressions, tested on duty, maximum useful, with most improved satisfaction of using SugarCRM!
User Hierarchy
Added 2005-03-08
The project serves the purpose to enable User Hierarchy and efficient access in SugarCRM for efficient management of teams and users. Its aim is to provide efficient role and user management in SugarCRM.
UserVoice for SugarCRM
Added 2012-06-15
Complete support solution that empowers companies to understand and help their customers. It syncs sales and support to offer a complete picture of customer activity, allowing support agents to address customer issues without stepping on toes.
Vedisoft: Yandex Map of Address
Added 2009-12-26
С помощью модуля вы сможете быстро и без лишних усилий найти офис вашего предварительного контакта или контрагента на Яндекс.Картах.
Vendor Agnostic PBX Integration
Added 2010-11-20
Leverage the Avaya ACE™ SDK to embed telephony capabilities into SugarCRM regardless of the enterprise PBX vendor. Features: remote & mid call control, call history, forwarding, notification, presence, location, audio announcements, and more.
VeryThinClient for SugarCRM
Added 2008-08-03
A very thin client for mobile devices, which is installed in SugarCRM root directory. Handles Accounts, Opportunites, Contacts, Calls and Meetings via SOAP Interface.
Vietnamese Language Pack
Added 2008-10-14
Vietnamese language for sugar CRM v 5.1
Vietnamese Language Project
Added 2012-09-06
Vietnamese Language Project
Voiplus Integration
Added 2006-06-26
The Voiplus Integration patch enables outbound dialing from SugarCRM through Voiplus, the Voipro On Demand PBX solution. (www.voipro.com)
VolaSms for SugarCrm
Added 2009-11-04
Il modulo VolaSms integra in SugarCrm la possibilità di inviare messaggi SMS, con una facile gestione di funzioni avanzate: invio posticipato, selezione mittente, messaggi predefiniti, account di credito multipli, gestione delle notifiche.
Added 2012-03-08
Record all your inbound and outbound calls into Sugar. Import campaign leads automatically into the predictive dialer. Let the browser plugin highlight the numbers and dial automatically. Show your agents who is calling - customize their tabs.
VoxDesk Call Center Recording Click2call
Added 2012-01-18
Record all your inbound and outbound calls into Sugar. Import campaign leads automatically into the predictive dialer. Let the browser plugin highlight the numbers and dial automatically. Show your agents who is calling - customize their tabs.
Added 2012-02-01
v-Pitch provides companies with the ultimate communication tool to deeply link any product, service or idea to a potential customer.
Website Builder
Added 2010-04-27
Create and manage your company's site within SugarCRM!
WiKID Strong Authentication Module
Added 2005-11-01
The WiKID Strong Authentication System is a flexible, extensible and secure alternative to the costly one-time password systems available today. This module enables SugarCRM OS users to login using a WiKID token client.
Wireless - SugarMini
Added 2006-10-03
SugarMini is a wireless plugin which allows over-the-air synchronization for many SugarCRM modules. The client is currently available for Java-enabled phones and Blackberry. Windows Mobile client will be available shortly. For more visit www.link-two.com
Added 2010-12-09
Workroom is an easy to use relationship viewer for SugarCRM. View accounts, contacts, calls, meetings and tasks and how they relate to each other. See all activities of your chosen company or contact on one screen and switch easily to edit or detail view.
Yathit Bridge
Added 2014-04-12
★ Synchronize Gmail contact and SugarCRM records ★ Archive email message to SugarCRM ★ Use SugarCRM Email Template in Gmail compose panel ★ Powerful search ★ Browse related module records
YouAddOn - Login With Google Account
Added 2013-10-12
This module allow to login to Sugar CRM with Google account
YouAddOn style theme for SugarCRM CE
Added 2013-11-12
A special theme for SugarCRM community edition with YouAddon style. Feature Custom login and home screen Remove the advertise in the administration config page New icons and new style for SugarCRM Loading Faster Easy install & use
YouAddOn - Sugar Cyan Theme for CE
Added 2013-10-09
A new theme for Community Edition with Cyan color. To get it please contact us. get it here: http://www.youaddon.com/portfolio/detail/1/YouAddOn-Sugar-CRM-Cyan-Theme-for-CE
youcalc pipeline analyzer
Added 2008-10-29
Get insight into the real value of your pipeline by measuring quality and identifying stalled opportunities. Get a single chart view of your performance compared to your colleagues, your quote, your forecast and last years sales.
Added 2011-07-13
The YouTrack connector for SugarCRM integrates the sugar bug tracker with the issue tracker YouTrack. It creates new bugs in youtrack from sugar or imports existing ones. A scheduler task to update the sugar bugs with data from youtrack is also provided.
Zarafa Z-Merge SugarCRM Connector
Added 2008-12-12
Realtime bi-directional synchronization of SugarCRM and the Zarafa Groupware server, supporting Contacts, Meetings, Calls, Tasks, Notes and the direct e-mail archival from the Zarafa Webaccess. Changes are pushed to ActiveSync mobiles (like the iPhone).
Zencart SugarCRM Integration
Added 2012-06-06
Zencart SugarCRM Integration transmitting the Customers, Contact, Currency, Inventory, Category, Sales Order/Invoice, Newsletter, LDAP Authentication, Coupon & Voucher Discount into SugarCRM. Visit www.anterp.com/shop/zencart-sugarcrm-integration
Added 2005-03-17
KnowledgeTree is document management made simple: easily secure, share, track and manage the documents and records your organization depends on. ZuckerDocs adds a customer-centric view to the KnowledgeTree documents and integrates it into SugarCRM.
Added 2005-04-25
ZuckerFeeds is an addon module for SugarCRM providing an RSS view on recent changes and enables a wide range of client applications to be notified. Usage scenarios: realtime observation of leads, task completion, opportunity progress, activity log.
Added 2005-03-17
ZuckerOffice is a set of components, software products and tutorials to extends SugarCRM with integration into common desktop applications.
ZuckerSync for OpenEMM
Added 2008-09-15
Integrate Sugar and OpenEMM, the world-class Open Source E-Mail-Marketing software. Creation, planning and maintainance of your campaigns in Sugar, transmission with OpenEMM. Collect feedback (bounces, click count, newsletter registrations, ...) to Sugar.
ZuckerSync for OTRS
Added 2007-09-24
OTRS is one of the most powerful Helpdesk applications available as Open Source. This module synchronizes trouble tickets from OTRS to Sugar Cases. CRM users always have a quick overview of what problems a customer deals and dealt with.

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