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GenRapReports for SugarCRM
Added 2006-11-22
GenRapReports is the web environment for manage your custom reports integrated into SugarCRM. It includes OCEAN GenRap Runtime, allow export reports to various output formats (including PDF, Postscript, HTML, RTF and XLS).
Added 2009-02-20
Create, manage and email your sales orders,invoices,supplier invoices. Other features in pro version: accounts receivables, customer contracts , supplier invoices , supplier payments ,inventory transfers , multiple locations , inventory control…
Statistics graphics - dashboards
Added 2006-10-19
Statistics Graphics lets you define statistics parameters - modules, fields, operations, filters - for visualised dynamics dashboards. You can manage forecasts for these parameters and visualised comparative dashboard between forecasts and realized.
youcalc pipeline analyzer
Added 2008-10-29
Get insight into the real value of your pipeline by measuring quality and identifying stalled opportunities. Get a single chart view of your performance compared to your colleagues, your quote, your forecast and last years sales.
Added 2005-03-24
ZuckerReports is the most powerful runtime and design environment for your custom reports integrated into Sugar. Free for all Sugar flavours. NEW: ZuckerReports On-Demand Hosting!
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