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Access Information
Added 2009-01-30
Stores SSH, FTP, DB, Control Panel access for Host, Port, User and Password. A single project or account can have the Development, Staging & Production Access Information associated
CallRooM: Project Gantt (timeline) Chart
Added 2005-10-09
Creates the Gantt chart with all the project tasks, with duration based on tasks start date and due date. Uses the milestone flag and order number to arrange tasks as subitems or child items.
Added 2005-04-05
Dotproject Integration
easyERP - Manage all company activites
Added 2007-04-08
easyERP manages all activities of small and medium companies. Modules: - Inventory - Orders - Production - Invoicing - Raporting - MRP functionality - multi-branch companies support
eVolpe SugarCRM/Redmine Integrator
Added 2012-01-31
eVolpe SugarCRM/Redmine Integrator is a module that enables an integration between SuagrCRM and Redmine at projects and tasks level. The integration is unilateral and requires a configuration of both systems.
Expense Reports
Added 2011-02-07
DataSync Expense Reports module is an intuitive SugarCRM addon that gives users an easy method for reporting expenses, relating expense to customers, and provides managers with a robust reporting engine for making business decisions.
Field Force Project
Added 2012-06-05
A simple field force project planning module for retail merchandising. Its is designed to allow you to add stores and then assign an task to a person and a store.
File Upload Field
Added 2014-02-20
Instantly add as many file fields to a record as you would like! Add file upload fields to any SugarCRM module right from within Studio. Works on on all major views including Detail, Edit, List, and Subpanels right out of the box.
Gantt char for Project module
Added 2008-10-27
This project allows you to generate 2 kinds of gantt diagram a View with task by project and a view with a timeline for each resource.
Gantt Chart for SugarCRM Open Source
Added 2007-06-20
Gantt chart provide a quick link to visualise or export PDF dynamic Gantt Chart for your Project.
GrinMark: Machine Parks
Added 2007-05-08
"GrinMark: Machine Parks" is a catalog of equipment installed on the client side. It is useful to organize after-sales service, spare and wear parts delivery.
Added 2006-04-06
Creates an overview of all the projects with their tasks and information.
MS project import
Added 2006-01-06
Export project tasks from MS project and import them into sugar through the use of access and phpadmin.
Added 2008-06-15
openqc integrates quotes/contracts/products/product catalog into SugarCRM. Features: pdf export, rich text editor, clear workflow from quotes to contracts.
PHP Timesheet
Added 2005-03-21
Timesheet entry for Sugar. This project is based on the open source timesheet.php from
Project Gantt Chart
Added 2013-05-21
For project management, Gantt chart is very useful. I have rewrite the Project Gantt Chart project on the base of "CallRooM: Project Gantt (timeline) Chart", now it is compatible with SugarCRM 6.x.
Project Module Upgrades
Added 2006-07-24
My personal Project module enhancements.
]project-open[ Project Mgmt Integration
Added 2013-06-02
Integrates SugarCRM with the ]project-open[ open source PPM (Project & Portfolio Management) / PSA (Professional Services Automation) software. Imports customers, contacts, users and other SugarCRM objects into ]project-open[.
Resource Allocator
Added 2013-03-04
Resource allocator enables you to track resources used in Project and presents them visually by adding calendar functionality to Projects module.
Sococo Team Space, Social Communications
Added 2011-03-29
Sococo Team Space is a social communications service for distributed teams that makes SugarCRM social. Team Space adds voice, chat, multi-screen sharing and telephony. Our unique spatial user interface brings the whole team together to close more deals!
Added 2007-01-28
SugarBill is a model for logging billed hours to Accounts. Users can record their time, rate, job id, job description and assign it to an account. All data is designed to be compatible with MYOB.
SugarCRM – Intacct Integration
Added 2012-04-30
The FBSG SugarCRM - Intacct Integration Application allows the two software packages to “talk with each other” by sending customers, inventory items, and sales history from Intacct to Sugar and by sending quotes and new accounts from Sugar to Intacct
Added 2011-08-17
SugarCRM:Lawyers is a complete box solution built on SugarCRM CE tuned for law companies. The original Sugar functionality is enhanced with customizations and custom modules: Accounting (Payments and Expences) and Reports.
Added 2013-01-14
SugarSweetRP connects Sugar with SweetRP, a Resource Planning application ideal for Manufacturing & others. Start with a Customer Order and schedule, track, and deliver using any combination of Resources (workcenters, labor, machines, materials).
Added 2007-10-09
Book time against Project, Project tasks and Cases. Reporting tool is available for Project owners. How to get full version:
Added 2013-03-08
The TimeConsult provides you with time tracking functionality for multiple SugarCRM modules including: Cases, Projects, Project Tasks, Opportunities and Bugs. Track your time with Start/Stop button or just log in date and duration.
Times & Invoices
Added 2010-01-08
The module times is used by the users (employees of some company) to make the time appointment, relating to some project, campaign, lead, and so on. The Invoice module is responsible to create invoices, and generate it in a printable format in a pdf file.
Timesheets Pro
Added 2011-11-14
Take control of your organization’s time tracking with DataSync’s time management module. This intuitive commercial time management tool is the best system currently available for tracking time against a variety of modules in SugarCRM.
Added 2005-04-23
An integration of SugarCRM and NetOffice (Luis Wang Edition) allowing the tight integration of Users, Opportunities, and Accounts while still allowing the native netoffice interface to be used both inside and outside sugar.
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