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Act Importer
Added 2005-05-18
This project is an extention of another sugar users manual import of their act information into sugar. We have used MS Access (Along with exporter for act to automate the process.
Ajuda para Desenvolvedores pt-BR
Added 2008-02-19
Material de Ajuda para Desenvolvedores pt-BR - Traduções, Tutoriais, Notas para criação de módulos, suporte, instalação e muito mais...
Appstacks(TM) - ForgotPassword
Added 2009-01-14
Resets User Password. Validation Links sent on email for reset confirmation. New Passwords are emailed. Validation links can only be used once. Requires all users to have valid emails. Detailed Installation Notes.
Clone/Backup SugarCRM
Added 2005-12-21
Script to clone or backup a SugarCRM instance. Useful for cloning instances where the clone can be used for testing SugarCRM upgrades, patches or modules. The script can also be used to make a hot backup of a running SugarCRM instance.
DB2 support for SugarCRM 5.0 CE
Added 2008-07-19
The main purpose of this project is to provide DB2 support for SugarCrm
DB Abstraction Layer: Oracle Support
Added 2005-05-18
The goal of the project is to implement full oracle support for sugarCRM, enhancing the already prepared Database Abstraction Layer
Dispage Extension Manager
Added 2009-12-08
Administrator is allowed to manage the SugarCRM plugins in a way similar to the Firefox Add-Ons. Searches for the available packages and updates, checks for compatibility with new Sugar versions and logs the related events. ... more at
DolceVita: Appliance in Italian/English
Added 2008-09-23
Virtual Appliance containing a pre-installed SugarCRM CE 5.1.0 in English and Italian - please check the documentation for installation details / Virtual Appliance contenente SugarCRM pre-installato in Inglese e Italiano
Easy Import
Added 2011-03-04
Easy Import makes importing and migrating data to SugarCRM fast and seamless. This powerful tool migrates data into Sugar at up to 10x speeds, preserves relationships, and handles errors and bad data effectively.
Freedom Sync
Added 2005-10-14
Offline has been a big request on the message boards... but amazingly enough nobody has started a project for it, so let's start one!!! It is a module that will use SOAP to communicate to a central location and synchronize all data available.
French (Français) SugarCRM Open Source
Added 2006-04-10
Développements et documentations en français sur l'utilisation de SugarCRM Open Source. Developments and French documentations for SugarCRM Open Source.
Installer Builder
Added 2009-05-08
Installer Builder automatically generate an installer containing all customizations performed through Studio, Module Builder and by hand.
Japanese FastStack Pack
Added 2012-04-16
6.x 日本語版のWindows用ワンクリック起動パッケージです。 起動方法や詳細はこちらをご確認ください。
KINAMU Full Text Search for SugarCRM
Added 2009-07-06
KINAMU Full Text Search adds Full Text Search Capbilities to SugarCRM with the option to index all objects and all fields as well as all attachements and Documents in the system with a state of the art Full text Search Engine based on Zend Lucene.
LINA Cross-platform Stack Installer
Added 2009-11-20
Lina Software has packaged SugarCRM 5.20k as a click-through stack installer that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux via the LINA runtime environment.
logiZip - Deployment Tool for Modules
Added 2014-02-05
logiZip is a free Windows tool for deploying Logic Hooks, Custom Scheduler Tasks and Custom Fields via the Module Loader of SugarCRM. It automates the manifest.php file content creation and generates a zip package for uploading to SugarCRM.
MIoot Live Chat Software
Added 2013-01-10
mioot Live chat software is an expert in Help Desk Software solutions Offering Live Chat Support services since 2003. With Our Help Desk Software Live Support Agents can track the visitors informations in real time and Chat with customers.
OnlineCRM Helper 2.0
Added 2012-08-14
English: In order to support users who want to use. The support content will be automatically loaded following corresponding content has been set up for that module in the configuration section of Admin
OpenLDAP/Active Directory Authentication
Added 2005-05-19
Enables authentication to existing accounts in either OpenLDAP or MS Active Directory.
Patching tool
Added 2006-05-16
This extension of the upgrade wizard provides an easy and safe way to install modules The advantages over the SugarCRM extension methods are: Modifications of originial files will persist Patch will check for other patches replacing the modified files
PostgreSQL Support for SugarCRM
Added 2005-07-29
Project is intended to Enable SugarCRM to run with PostgreSQL database.
Added 2007-12-06
This is a simple test suite to verify the functionality of and connectivity to a Sugar Instance's SOAP interface from other computers running PHP. To use: edit the index.php as directed within the file and view the configured app in a browser!
Standing Cloud
Added 2012-04-02
Standing Cloud is a cloud-based an application management platform that enables quick, problem-free deployment of SugarCRM on a wide range of cloud providers easily. We make it easy to build, deploy and scale your application in the cloud.
SugarCRM 3.0c installer for Plesk Linux
Added 2005-09-12
Autoinstaller for Plesk Linux 7.5 of SugarrCRM Opensource 3.5 A .rpm to easy install Sugar in the Application Vault of Plesk. Install sugar on your Plesk server in 5 minutes ! made by ArtWhere
SugarCRM Cleaning and Optimizing Tools
Added 2007-12-01
These tools will help you keep your SugarCRM running smoothly.
SugarCRM for WebSphere sMash
Added 2008-04-03
Sugar Community Edition running on IBM WebSphere sMash. Smash is a new PHP and Ruby platform allowing you to directly connect to Java run-time libraries. Project Zero is the technology incubator for WebSphere sMash.
SugarCRM Professionelle Jagd nach Kunden
Added 2011-01-29
Vergleich aller erhältlicher Versionen (inkl. SugarCRM 6), SugarCRM Projekte planen& umsetzen, Installation, Administration& Anpassung, Use Cases f. Marketing, Vertrieb& Support, mobile Endgeräte.
SugarCRM Project
Added 2007-06-18
SugarCRM Thai Edition
Added 2005-05-25
The SugarCRM Thai Edition is a project to develop a Thailand localization for SugarCRM.
Added 2010-11-05
Install and host SugarCRM CE 6 on GoDaddy hosted web server.
Added 2005-10-25
Sugar MSSQL Native support for the local MSDE and Microsoft SQL Server engine. The ultimate goal would be to allow replication between server and client.
SugarOffline by Captivea
Added 2011-06-08
SugarOffline is a synchronization module developed by Captivea that offers a complete solution to work with SugarCRM from anywhere in offline mode (with no Internet connection).
Sugar on SpikeSource Stack Installers
Added 2005-04-15
The SpikeSource installers for SugarCRM are a one-click installation file that contains SugarCRM, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Out of the box installation is about 15 minutes. Visit for more information.
SweetTinyMCE Upgrade by Ken Brill
Added 2005-11-02
Upgrades your TinyMCE plugin within SugarCRM from version 3.4.4 (2011-08-04) to 3.5.8
Added 2007-01-22
For SugarCRM Open Source and Professional Versions allows users to sync accounts, conctacts, products, etc. to external Data Base such as ERP, accounting systems etc. You can buy and download the module at SugarExchange.
Table Sugar
Added 2007-02-08
Table Sugar is the standard full installation package of SugarOS, modified to use prefixes on database table names. You are prompted for a table prefix on installation that allows Sugar to share a database, which allows for many possibilities.
Added 2012-10-01
UShareSoft helps VARs to simplify SugarCRM software delivery to any clouds. The UForge cloud software factory & app store platform automate the creation and maintenance of server templates on any OS for any physical, virtual or cloud environment.
Wincache for SugarCRM
Added 2010-05-14
Wincache is a PHP accelerator extension, developed by the IIS team at Microsoft, to help speed up PHP applications deployed on Windows stacks. Adds support for Sugar 5.2 and 5.5; natively included in Sugar 6.0. More info:
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