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1st Birthday Report for SugarCRM
Added 2013-01-22
Birthday Report is Addon for SugarCRM user Developed By Enjay IT Solution Ltd. This Addon is A simple, customizable, Report and Dashlet that shows a list of all contacts with an upcomming birthday.
CRMUpgrades: In/Out Board
Added 2005-11-12
A Nice simple in-out board upgrade. Works from the Employee Module and is now TeamsOS aware.
Added 2006-11-13
Now available:ERP EXPENSE MODULE, ERP INVENTORY MODULE, MPM (Multi Project Management). Coming soon: Quotes & Products, Sequences, Requirements Resource Management, Human Resource Management, Expenses 5.5
Expense Reports
Added 2011-02-07
DataSync Expense Reports module is an intuitive SugarCRM addon that gives users an easy method for reporting expenses, relating expense to customers, and provides managers with a robust reporting engine for making business decisions.
GrinMark: Travels Calendar
Added 2007-04-05
"GrinMark: Travels Calendar" allows visual planning of travels, business trips, day-offs and vacations for employees in your office.
HR(Human Resource) and Attendance module
Added 2013-09-27
These modules allow you to track your SugarCRM employee’s attendance Punch IN/Out and Lunch IN/Out in real-time. Manage their profile, qualification and leave information properly and analyze their performance through multiple different kinds of Reports
Added 2009-01-05
HRMS will assist you in the complex and strategic process of managing this crucial resource of your enterprise. Based on modular architecture, it facilitates a vast range of HR activities, with features that reflect the main HR management activities.
HRM Simstream
Added 2009-01-12
This project is a human ressource management system developed to record all legal employee datas. HRM needs EnhancedStudio to work properly :
HR: SpiceHire Candidate Management- FREE
Added 2007-04-24
A candidate management module created by HR (Human Resources) people for other HR people. This product is based on actual, day-to-day recruitment needs and captures information that is important for pooling and searching.
HR: SpiceHire Candidate Management- Full
Added 2007-05-03
SpiceHire is a human resource recruitment solution for SugarCRM. Use it to prepare Job Requisitions, enter candidates, schedule interviews, attach resumes, track candidate history.
Info At Hand: Company Directory
Added 2006-03-13
This add-on module, illustrated in the book Implementing SugarCRM (Packt Publishing, 2006) provides a photographic company directory for your SugarCRM users, complete with online status indicators and a business card view.
Latest Headline News Alert
Added 2013-07-12
Latest Headline News Alert displays on SugarCRM for all users same like a regular news panel. Completely controlled, active / inactive news by Administrator or through role management.
Mongoose Recruitment Tracking System
Added 2009-06-23
Recruitment Candidate Applicant Tracking Software that allows you to manage Job Orders and Assignments, Candidates, and Clients. To download please visit
OrgView for SugarCRM
Added 2007-03-13
OrgView Pro, graphical org charts with improved organization data, rich color enhancement, and Visio export capabilities.
OSSCube Recruit
Added 2010-06-10
OSSCube RECRUIT is advanced recruitment management system built on SugarCRM with evaluations, candidates, email, referral modules built in
ParseMyResume - Resume Parsing
Added 2012-12-09
This Module provides you to convert SugarCRM as an applicant tracking software, where Resumes are inserted into CRM as leads. Features: a) Resume Insertion: Upload single/ bulk or email import. b) Configurations: Manage Field Mapping and Billing
Recruiting - Candidates
Added 2006-07-04
This module gives you the ability to store info about candidates without the need to use the contacts module. Whether you're a small company in a single location, or a large organization in several countries, this module will meet your needs.
Recruiting - JobPostings
Added 2006-07-20
This project is part of the eRecruiting Module and it allows clients to manage job postings. It also allows you to integrate the candidates modules to track the applicants per job posting.
Re Imbursement
Added 2013-04-03
Re imbursement module used to maintain claim records of your employees where accounts admin update each reimbursement claim with different status paid, unpaid, cancelled, discuss and etc.
Added 2005-11-19
Online tracker for Consulting Services
SaleManagerERP for SugarCRM
Added 2008-08-10
SaleManagerERP is the convergence of OpenBravo ERP, Planetauthorize.Net payment gateway and SugarCRM. This module synchronizes accounts and contacts between OpenBravo and SugarCRM.
Added 2006-09-01
A new tab who permit to search in CV, Emails, Calls, Contacts description. Results of documents print candidates by candidates sorted by date of the last event.
Skills integration
Added 2006-01-12
Each employee have their skills and their costs by hour, when a project is submitted, it should has their profile(category, skills, etc) so, sugarCRM will have to be able to suggest who is the correct employee to do the task or contribute in the project.
SugarCRM: Recruitment
Added 2011-08-23
Ultimate solution for recruiting companies built on top of SugarCRM, including such indispensable modules as Jobs, Candidates, Applications, Interviews, together with Drupal-based Candidates Portal.
Teams Notices Open Source
Added 2008-01-11
This project adds Teams Notices to the non-commercial versions of SugarCRM Open Source
Teams Open Source
Added 2006-07-17
This project adds Teams to the non-commercial versions of SugarCRM Open Source, making it more useful for larger organizations with hierarchical sales structures that must control access to Accounts, Contacts, etc.
Timesheets Pro
Added 2011-11-14
Take control of your organization’s time tracking with DataSync’s time management module. This intuitive commercial time management tool is the best system currently available for tracking time against a variety of modules in SugarCRM.
Added 2010-03-20
totalERP adds complete ERP functionality to the base SugarCRM. This includes complete Supply Chain Management, HR and Payroll and Finance functionalities.
Vector XING-Connector for SugarCRM
Added 2013-09-09
The Vector XING connector is an extension which enables Sugar users to access the XING profile of contacts or leads within Sugar. The connector requires an API key, which can be requested with XING.
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