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Advanced OpenSales
Added 2010-03-19
Advanced OpenSales 5 (AOS) is now released for SugarCRM 5.5.x and SugarCRM 6.x. Contracts, Invoices, Products, Quotes and PDF Mail Merge. Support forum and downloads are at http://www.salesagility.com/index.php/advanced-opensales
A Products and Quotes Module
Added 2007-05-21
Here is my quotes/products module for Sugar OS. It has some neat functionallity such as auto-create opportunities, merge to email or PDF, and the ability to have product packages or suites.
AvaTax Connector
Added 2014-01-03
This Avalara Tax Connector allows you to pull real time Sales Tax into quotes and Address Validation at the quote and contact level.
B2C for SugarCRM by dotBase
Added 2013-05-22
B2C for SugarCRM by dotBase customizes SugarCRM as a B2C solution. Accounts module and its relations are disabled and replaced by Contacts module, even in custom modules. Uninstall process restores Accounts module with all its previous customizations.
C3CRM - Products and Quotes
Added 2006-06-14
This module provides some functionality from the "C3CRM" Sugar distribution as standalone modules. Included are the "Products" and the "Quotes" module with PDF printing support.
CE Sales
Added 2008-05-19
A free, open source alternative to SugarCRM's ENT/PRO sales modules: Quotes, Products and Contracts. Aimed to provide paid modules' functionality and more. Always 100% upgrade safe. Thnx goes out to Rustin for making OpenSales.
Cynergy Sync for Quickbooks
Added 2012-06-12
We deliver a complete integration solution for QuickBooks & SugarCRM. We connect QuickBooks with SugarCRM to give you a full 360-Degree View of your relationships . Or, if you need sophisticated customization – call us – we do this every day.
DocuSign for Sugar 6.x
Added 2011-12-05
DocuSign® is the global standard for electronic signature, offering the easiest, fastest, most secure way to send, sign, track and store documents in the cloud. DocuSign for Sugar 6.x enables users to securely send, sign, track and store documents.
DocuSign for Sugar 7
Added 2013-11-18
DocuSign is the global standard for electronic signature, offering the easiest, fastest, most secure way to send, sign, track and store documents in the cloud. DocuSign for Sugar 7 helps sales users close business completely in the cloud.
E-conomic Connector by www.1crm.info
Added 2013-01-18
Synchronize Accounts ,Contacts ,Products and Quotes between SugarCRM and E-conomic .
Endeavor CPQ
Added 2012-11-02
The Guided Selling Engine is a cloud-based Configure-Price-Quote platform. CPQ makes your quoting process fast, easy & 100% accurate.
Epicom’s QuickBooks Integration
Added 2012-07-18
With Epicom’s QuickBooks Integration, you can view account balance, days aging, payment status, and other QuickBooks information in Sugar. Users can also sync and create new Accounts, Product Catalog items, and Invoices between Sugar and QuickBooks.
Added 2006-11-13
Now available:ERP EXPENSE MODULE, ERP INVENTORY MODULE, MPM (Multi Project Management). Coming soon: Quotes & Products, Sequences, Requirements Resource Management, Human Resource Management, Expenses 5.5
Extended Advanced OpenSales
Added 2011-11-16
This is an extension to the Module Advanced OpenSales 5.0 We add the module "Movements" to register the inputs and outputs, and modified the DetailView of Products to graphic the stock and order_point evolution.
File Upload Field
Added 2014-02-20
Instantly add as many file fields to a record as you would like! Add file upload fields to any SugarCRM module right from within Studio. Works on on all major views including Detail, Edit, List, and Subpanels right out of the box.
ic OfficeTools
Added 2013-03-21
Create all kind of business documents - like letters, quotations, invoices, reminders - as PDF on the fly and archive to SugarCRM. Demo will be available shortly.
JBilling Integration
Added 2008-12-09
SugarCRM JBilling integration tool set integrates SugarCRM with JBilling, an enterprise grade billing solution.
Letrium Invoices
Added 2011-06-07
Invoice/quote generator for SugarCRM. Features: downloading as PDF file; sending in email; discounting and taxing; Item Price and Hourly Rate modes; template editing.
Mass Edit Pages
Added 2006-10-20
Like saving time in Sugar? Unlike the current “Mass Update” in Sugar, our Mass Edit Page allows users to assign unique values to different records in one form. Our advanced Mass Update form can be applied to any Sugar module. *Price to be determined*
MyCRM OXID-to-Sugar Connector
Added 2009-07-29
Integrates OXID eShop ecommerce system with Sugar.
Added 2007-12-24
Calls, meetings, tasks, accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, projects, cases, documents, bugs.Customer invoices, orders, accounts receivables, contracts, supplier invoices, orders, inventory transfers, multiple locations, inventory control.
Added 2009-02-20
Create, manage and email your sales orders,invoices,supplier invoices. Other features in pro version: accounts receivables, customer contracts , supplier invoices , supplier payments ,inventory transfers , multiple locations , inventory control…
Opencart SugarCRM Integration
Added 2012-06-03
Opencart SugarCRM Integration transmitting the data from opencart into sugarcrm include Customers, Contact, Currency, Inventory, Category, Sales Order/Invoice, Newsletter, LDAP Authentication. Visit www.anterp.com/shop/opencart-sugarcrm-integration
Added 2008-06-15
openqc integrates quotes/contracts/products/product catalog into SugarCRM. Features: pdf export, rich text editor, clear workflow from quotes to contracts.
OpenSales for SugarCRM
Added 2007-06-20
OpenSales for SugarCRM features an advanced, robust set of business extensions for sales and support management and inventory control including quotes and products and contract modules.
PDF Label Generator
Added 2005-11-02
Gerador de etiquetas em formato PDF para impressão em qualquer formato com modelos configuráveis.
PerfectSales Mobile Sales Support
Added 2014-04-14
PerfectSales is a iOS and Android tablet app for the complete sales process. It has offline support and provides quote, opportunity and product management. PerfectSales supports your process and contains extended sales tools. Developed by Weptun
PrestaShop SugarCRM Integration
Added 2012-06-06
PrestaShop SugarCRM Integration synchronize Customers, Contact, Currency, Inventory, Category, Sales Order/Invoice, Newsletter, LDAP Authentication, Coupon & Voucher Discount into SugarCRM. Visit www.anterp.com/shop/prestashop-sugarcrm-integration
Products and Quotes for SugarCRM OS
Added 2007-06-20
Products and Quotes lets you define products, categories, families and sub-families. You can create and manage quotes, link with opportunities, contacts and accounts. It provide export PDF and merge mail functionallities.
Quotation Monitering System
Added 2006-03-15
To Process and monitoring the Quotation Sent to The companies
Quote - PDF Template Customization
Added 2006-10-20
Quoting using Sugar? Tired of the default PDF template going out to your clients? Personalize your quotes and proposals using customized templates with your logo, information and disclaimers to create professional quotes. **Works with fresh SugarPro 4.5**
Quote Roller
Added 2012-04-15
Quote Roller helps to create, send, organize and track sales quotes. Simplify your work on sales proposals. Increases efficiency of your sales reps. Sell more, faster.
QuoteWerks Integration for SugarCRM
Added 2009-06-10
Leverage the power of SugarCRM to effectively and accurately prepare, manage, and deliver sales quotes and estimates to your customers. QuoteWerks offers an affordable means of streamlining the sales quoting process while growing your business.
Real Estate Listings
Added 2009-04-25
Real Estate Listings Flats, Houses, Offices, Commercials, Warehouses, Lands object with the possibility to load 6 pictures and an extensive search. all the details on the web site http://mailfox.kz
Regoluna Invoices
Added 2010-02-09
Generate simple invoices and export them to PDF and "Facturae" formats. Includes support for Digital Signature in PDF and XML. http://www.regoluna.com/facturas_sugarcrm (spanish).
Sage Payments Integration with SugarCRM
Added 2012-10-22
Initiate payments from SugarCRM Contacts, Opportunities and Quotes screens, process the transaction in Sage Payments, and store the result of the transaction without storing any sensitive credit card information.
SaleManagerERP for SugarCRM
Added 2008-08-10
SaleManagerERP is the convergence of OpenBravo ERP, Planetauthorize.Net payment gateway and SugarCRM. This module synchronizes accounts and contacts between OpenBravo and SugarCRM.
Sales OpenSource Quotes
Added 2005-04-27
Open Source Sales/Quotes and products module. The roadmap in the open source version does not contain these modules. This will be an effort to create extra modules for the sales/ quotes. This will be different then the commercial Sales of SugarCRM.
Added 2009-03-20
seProposals is the easy, customizable, web-based proposal software. The customized output is a stunning, branded, PDF document. Proposals are completed in 65% less time than traditional methods, which allows your proposals to get noticed and get approved.
Smart Inventory System
Added 2013-03-17
Smart Inventory is an inventory management software designed for small to mid-sized businesses.
Added 2007-01-28
SugarBill is a model for logging billed hours to Accounts. Users can record their time, rate, job id, job description and assign it to an account. All data is designed to be compatible with MYOB.
SugarCRM integration with Dynamics NAV
Added 2011-11-24
SUGANAV Connector - SugarCRM & MS Dynamics NAV Data Integration Solution: "The best way to share customer and financial information".
SugarCRM NF-e Brasil
Added 2009-06-10
SugarCRM NF-e Brasil possibilita a geração de notas fiscais eletronicas (NF-e) diretamente pelo SugarCRM. É uma solução robusta e econômica para implementação da NF-e na sua empresa.
Sugarindo CRM
Added 2006-11-08
SugarCRM localization for Indonesia. Also support Products & Quotes modules based on C3CRM.
WildSugar- QuoteWerks and SugarCRM
Added 2009-03-19
WildSugar enables users to access their SugarCRM contacts from within QuoteWerks, a software by Aspire Technologies. Users can auto populate quotations with SugarCRM contacts, effectively creating a more efficient quoting process. Try a free demo!
Xero Integration
Added 2013-05-17
App syncs accounting data with SugarCRM. 2-way Sync: Product Catalog, Contacts, Sales, Line Items. 1-way sync: Tax Rates, Accounts. Multi-company, multi-currency and multi-tax rates are supported. Print and Email PDF Invoices
Zencart SugarCRM Integration
Added 2012-06-06
Zencart SugarCRM Integration transmitting the Customers, Contact, Currency, Inventory, Category, Sales Order/Invoice, Newsletter, LDAP Authentication, Coupon & Voucher Discount into SugarCRM. Visit www.anterp.com/shop/zencart-sugarcrm-integration

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