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PDF Manager by SYNOLIA
Added 2010-04-26
This module, built by SYNOLIA, allows you to manage PDF documents directly into SugarCRM User Interface. You can design new PDF templates for all available modules. Your SugarCRM's users can now use your own PDF.
Pharm2Phork for Sugar
Added 2010-06-03
Project supplies the client side artifacts for use with the Pharm2Phork Wave Server.
Piccolino, Win Client with Outlook addin
Added 2011-02-06
In short, we have created SugarCRM Client and more.Search, Edit, Create, Delete, Sync, Work Offline with SugarCRM data from Windows app.Moreover,we provide powerful tools for integration SugarCRM data with MSOutlook and Thunderbird.
PrestaShop SugarCRM Integration
Added 2012-06-06
PrestaShop SugarCRM Integration synchronize Customers, Contact, Currency, Inventory, Category, Sales Order/Invoice, Newsletter, LDAP Authentication, Coupon & Voucher Discount into SugarCRM. Visit
Prudento Open KVK connector
Added 2009-07-24
Lookup data for Accounts/Leads from the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel). Retrieve official name, address kvk-nummer and more
PureResponse Integration
Added 2013-03-29
TSR’s PureResponse Integration allows customers to build Pure360 Campaigns from their existing data and view the results of these campaigns within SugarCRM, providing a rounded picture of customer engagement. Please contact TSR for Pricing.
QAS for SugarCRM
Added 2010-04-02
Verify and standardize US and international addresses as they are entered into SugarCRM. Organizations will improve prospect management, enhance marketing analysis, cut operational costs, and maintain a professional image.
QuickBooks Integration SugarCRM
Added 2013-04-25
Avalon’s solution introduces QuickBooks integration and a secure payment engine to the traditional SugarCRM experience
Rating Addon for All Modules - YouAddOn
Added 2013-11-21
Rating Add-on for All Modules. You can add Field Rating add Rating for every record / modules. It's work with all modules and config is very easy
Riva - Sync CRM to Exchange and Notes
Added 2008-02-25
Riva syncs Sugar directly to Exchange and IBM Notes. No desktop software to install. Supports all Exchange and Notes clients and mobile devices – Outlook, OWA, Office 365, Outlook for Mac, Entourage, Apple Mail, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android.
Rolustech Gmail Sync
Added 2012-09-17
Automatically sync Calendar, Emails, Contacts and Documents seamlessly between Google and SugarCRM using Module Loader. It is a two way sync, which runs via Sugar Scheduler on specified intervals.
Score3 Connector by SYNOLIA
Added 2010-02-03
Add Score3 Connector into your SugarCRM : like standard LinkdIn connector you can see Score3 trust rate of your customers on your SugarCRM.
SignusApp: Contact signature grabber
Added 2013-06-30
Creates SugarCRM Lead, Contact, Account from Outlook or Gmail email signatures. Checks for duplicates and opens created contact when done. To use just select signature starting from name, copy to clipboard and run Signus.
Added 2007-04-16
Slugar is an open source mashup between SugarCRM and Second Life. This application will allow organizations to capture customer information from purchases, surveys, polls, questionaires, etc. from Second Life to SugarCRM.
SnapLogic Deki for CRM
Added 2008-10-21
Deki for CRM provides a true collaboration environment for SugarCRM, improving sales effectiveness by extending SugarCRM to present customer information dynamically collected from other business systems and public data sources.
SnapLogic NetSuite Extension
Added 2008-10-23
This SnapLogic extension adds connectivity for NetSuite, providing a comprehensive interface to NetSuite for SugarCRM installations using SnapLogic. The extension can be used for data integration and data migration.
SnapLogic Extension
Added 2008-10-23
This SnapLogic extension adds connectivity for, providing a comprehensive interface to SalesForce for SugarCRM installations using SnapLogic. The extension can be used for data integration and data migration.
SnapLogic SugarCRM Extension
Added 2008-08-22
This SnapLogic extension adds connectivity for SugarCRM, providing a comprehensive interface to Sugar, and includes customized definitions based on the SugarCRM configuration. The extension can be used for data integration and data migration.
SOAP connection sample application
Added 2008-04-14
This sample Delphi application shows how to connect your application to sugarCRM SOAP. It shows how to: login, get modules list, get module fields, get entry list, set entry and so on.
SOAPSonar for SugarCRM
Added 2007-01-09
SOAPSonar, Web Services Testing Tool for SugarCRM WSDL-API. No coding required for testing SugarCRM integration APIs.
Starfish ETL™ (Extract, Transform, Load)
Added 2012-11-21
Starfish ETL™ is a premiere import/export suite of tools for data migration and integration. It connects to nearly every data source imaginable and provides seamless movement of data across multiple databases and systems.
Added 2010-07-28
SugarArchiver is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013 that enables you to archive emails and attachments directly to SugarCRM with just a few clicks. You are also able to create Contacts, Accounts, Leads and Opportunities from right within Outlook.
Added 2006-10-07
SugarCRM is module which provides a chat for SugarCRM. There is feature to create multiple chat forums and it is made for version 4.5.0d.
SugarClient for ADO.NET
Added 2009-09-25
ADO.NET Implementation for SugarCRM over SOAP. This dll povides set of classes in the namespace of "System.Data.SugarClient", and enables to access Sugar Data in ADO.NET way.
Added 2008-04-21
OTRS is one of the most powerful Helpdesk applications available as Open Source. This module synchronizes trouble tickets from OTRS to Sugar Cases. CRM users always have a quick overview of what problems a customer deals and dealt with.
SugarCRM and JIRA connector
Added 2014-04-28
Module can automatically create Atlassian JIRA project from SugarCRM Opportunities or Projects. You can choose right variant according to your process workflow.
SugarCRM Compiere integration
Added 2010-01-21
The SugarCRM Compiere integration is a synchronization system between Compiere and SugarCRM. This system relies on all the good work that has been done by the folks of
SugarCRM - Constant Contact Integration
Added 2011-05-18
Constant Contact Integration offers users both a detailed and high-level view of an organization’s marketing efforts like sync accounts and contacts, email addresses, marketing lists, campaign results, individual email tracking, and removal results.
SugarCRM Dialer Integration
Added 2013-10-22
SugarCRM dialer integration streamlines your business by making it easy to start a broadcast campaign, synchronize data from any call session to your SugarCRM page and more. Check our other videos to see all of the benefits to SugarCRM dialer integration.
SugarCRM for Univention Corporate Server
Added 2012-02-17
Integration of SugarCRM in the Univention Corporate Server (UCS). Choose your SugarCRM Roles and SugarCRM Users in the UCS Web Managment Console. Simplyfy installation and single Password login for SugarCRM and UCS.
SugarCRM for WebSphere sMash
Added 2008-04-03
Sugar Community Edition running on IBM WebSphere sMash. Smash is a new PHP and Ruby platform allowing you to directly connect to Java run-time libraries. Project Zero is the technology incubator for WebSphere sMash.
SugarCRM integration for 1C
Added 2011-04-27
The product provides integration of SugarCRM and 1C:Enterprise 7.7 – the most popular accounting/ERP software in Russia and Ukraine.
SugarCRM integration for QuickBooks
Added 2011-02-16
SugarCRM data synchronization solution for QuickBooks is designed to power-up business efficiency by giving a SugarCRM user up-to-date information about financial side of relationships with the client and avoiding double data entry.
SugarCRM integration with Dynamics AX
Added 2013-04-16
SUGAAX Connector - SugarCRM & MS Dynamics AX Data Integration Solution: "Reuse AX financial data inside SugarCRM".
SugarCRM integration with Dynamics NAV
Added 2011-11-24
SUGANAV Connector - SugarCRM & MS Dynamics NAV Data Integration Solution: "The best way to share customer and financial information".
SugarCRM Integration with ERP systems
Added 2013-05-10
OptimusCRM provides SugarCRM data integration with the following ERP systems: - MS Dynamics NAV - MS Dynamics AX - MS Dynamics GP - Oracle - SAP - Epicor - Infor - Sage - Exact - OpenPro
SugarCRM Magento Connector by
Added 2013-04-03
Sync data from Magento to Sugarcrm. Create Leads,Contacts,Accounts,Opportunities and related Products.
SugarCRM Magento eCommerce Solution
Added 2010-02-14
Automatically post Magneto orders to your SugarCRM Accounts, Contacts, Quotes, Products or Custom Objects in real time or batch. Order Status/Tracking Feedback, Inventory Updates and more.
Sugar CRM Magento integration
Added 2011-08-19
Magento SugarCRM extension synchronises Magento users with Sugar contacts and sends orders as Leads to Sugar or to custom Orders module we provide. We provide orders module for download. Magento module is available at Magento Connect.
SugarCRM NF-e Brasil
Added 2009-06-10
SugarCRM NF-e Brasil possibilita a geração de notas fiscais eletronicas (NF-e) diretamente pelo SugarCRM. É uma solução robusta e econômica para implementação da NF-e na sua empresa.
SugarCRM osCommerce Connector
Added 2013-04-05
Sync data from osCommerce to SugarCRM. Create Leads,Contacts,Accounts,Opportunities and related Products.
SugarCRM OSCommerce Integration
Added 2009-11-26
This is an OSCommerce module which integrates SugarCRM Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities with OSCommerce. This project uses nuSOAP and is highly customizable and expandable. Installation is very simple and documented it only takes a few minutes.
SugarCRM Prestashop Connector
Added 2011-05-05
Ecommerce : SugarCRM Prestashop Integration. SugarPshop allows the synchronization of client data between PrestaShop and SugarCRM. There is the possibility to synchronize all your clients with one click via the configuration page in SugarPshop.
SugarCRM PrestaShop Connector
Added 2013-04-26
Sync data from PrestaShop to SugarCRM. Create Leads,Contacts,Accounts,Opportunities and related Products.
SugarCRM – QuickBooks Integration App
Added 2012-10-01
This Application synchronizes customers, inventory items, invoice history, and sales orders/estimates between QuickBooks and Sugar.
SugarCRM – Sage 100 ERP Integration App
Added 2011-02-01
This Application synchronizes customers, contacts, inventory items, sales history, open invoices, invoice history, quotes, and sales orders between Sage 100 ERP (Formerly MAS 90 and MAS 200) and Sugar.
SugarCRM - ShoreTel Integration App
Added 2014-01-20
The SugarCRM – ShoreTel Integration Application is designed to simply and easily allow you to use your VoIP Shoretel Phone System and your SugarCRM Application as one.
SugarCRM SMS Integration
Added 2014-09-30
Send SMS to leads, contacts, accounts, and others.
SugarCRM to QuickBooks Integration
Added 2006-10-05
Configure your InterWeave Integration Solution that integrates all SugarCRM objects to all QuickBooks objects with your business process and work flow – all with Configuration.
SugarCRM web-to-lead Wordpress Plugin
Added 2012-08-26
SugarCRM web-to-lead is a WordPress plugin generating a custom contact form on your WordPress website or blog that sends the leads to your SugarCRM.
SugarCRM WooCommerce Connector
Added 2013-11-21
Sync data from WooCommerce to SugarCRM. Create Leads,Contacts,Accounts,Opportunities and related Products.
SugarCRM WordPress Connector
Added 2013-04-15
Sync data from WordPress to SugarCRM. Create and update Contacts.
Added 2009-07-08
SugarDbLib is a JAVA library (jar) to offer simple connect to the SugarCRM database. SugarDbLib uses JAVA database persistance classes (Toplink). SugarDbLib is freeware without warranty - "works as it is"
SugarECommerce with Ecwid connector
Added 2011-12-01
ECommerce module with Ecwid integration by SugarTalk.
Added 2006-10-08
SugarIRC is a PJIRC integration for SugarCRM that provides the Java IRC Client Applet to SugarCRM. Original PJIRC can be found at:
Sugar Notifier
Added 2006-10-30
This application improves the standard SugarCRM notifications that are delivered by email. Using Sugar Notifier, you can get update alerts within 1 minute without being signed into the system.
SugarSlider for SugarCRM
Added 2009-07-30
"Sliding Window" that pops out of any application. Provides tight integration between SugarCRM and your desktop, including auto-signon, quick search functionality, direct application and functionality linkage, and more.
Added 2009-07-08
SugarSoapLib is a small library (jar) of basic functions to retrieve or create SugarCRM records by JAVA wrapper classes for the SOAP interface. SugarSoapLib is freeware without warranty - "works as it is".
Added 2007-05-01
An integration between AlfrescoECM and SugarCRM for creating links to documents stored within AlfrescoECM and upload documnets to AlfrescoECM from within SugarCRM modules that would use the Sugar Document module.
Added 2013-07-25
This module provides API and custom function to Drupal module to help you seamlessly integrate Drupal and SugarCRM. It works in association with our other contributed module on (
Sugar to Tally
Added 2011-07-21
As sugarCRM provides platform for Sales, Support and marketing, therefore, you can easily connect this functionality to financial management for tracking and managing your financial aspects.
Added 2006-04-30
SugarUML aims to create a method to develop Model Driven Architecture based sugar modules. Thanks to UML the Sugar developr dont need more to look on the code but can concentrate on Business logic.
Added 2009-01-25
SugarUnitTestHelper provides documentation and a tool to enable unit testing for SugarCRM modules.
Added 2014-09-18
The SugarWebinar module is designed to let you capture information from individuals that attend your webinars. This information is imported into SugarCRM, allowing you to utilize this data for future campaigns.
Sugar Zimbra Integration Zimlet
Added 2010-01-29
This zimlet is now at
Added 2009-12-17
module for synchronization Calendar, Contacts and possibly other things related to SugarCRM with Zimbra Mail Server
SweetTinyMCE Upgrade by Ken Brill
Added 2005-11-02
Upgrades your TinyMCE plugin within SugarCRM from version 3.4.4 (2011-08-04) to 3.5.8
Added 2007-01-22
For SugarCRM Open Source and Professional Versions allows users to sync accounts, conctacts, products, etc. to external Data Base such as ERP, accounting systems etc. You can buy and download the module at SugarExchange.
SynoFieldMask by SYNOLIA
Added 2010-02-23
Add input fields masks to your SugarCRM.
Table Sugar
Added 2007-02-08
Table Sugar is the standard full installation package of SugarOS, modified to use prefixes on database table names. You are prompted for a table prefix on installation that allows Sugar to share a database, which allows for many possibilities.
Talend Open Studio
Added 2007-07-02
Powerful and versatile open source data integration that allows SugarCRM to interoperate with other applications and databases: synchronization, replication, ETL (Extract Transform Load) for analytics, migration, data transformation and loading.
The InterWeave Solutions Portal
Added 2007-06-18
The InterWeave Solutions Portal provides integration by configuration selection. Select SugarCRM_Quickbooks and create a bi-directional, real-time bridge Smart Solution between your data in Sugar and your Quickbooks – wherever it is located.
Twitter Connector by SYNOLIA
Added 2010-02-03
Add Twitter Connector into your SugarCRM : like standard LinkdIn connector you can see latest Twitter updates of your customers, contacts, leads and prospects on your SugarCRM.
Userlike Live Chat Software
Added 2012-09-24
Userlike is a Live Chat Software-as-a-Service for websites. By integrating Userlike into your website, you can chat with your visitors and offer on-site service through an integrated chat box.
Velaro Live Chat
Added 2010-03-12
Velaro's live chat SaaS integrates with SugarCRM out-of-the-box to bring you the universal view of customer information. Velaro expands SugarCRM by adding a critical real-time customer touch point that is automatically synced to SugarCRM.
Veon's SugarCRM SAP Integration
Added 2008-05-31
1. Enterprise Structure 2. Master Data 3.Online Transactions. Sales Team -SFA & Quotation.Sales Support -Deliveries Tracking.Accounts Receivables -Invoice plus Payments. Details -
Viadeo Connector by SYNOLIA
Added 2012-01-31
It is now possible to take advantage of your Viadeo network to optimize your social relationships management in SugarCRM. For more information, read documentation attached and contact SYNOLIA at
Voicent Predictive Dialer Integration
Added 2010-03-01
Single-click to launch Voicent ( Agent Dialer for predictive dialing or power dialing. Automatic call status update, record, play audio file, and transfer call. Works with analog phone line, Skype, or SIP based VOIP service or PBX.
Watched Folder Module
Added 2009-06-22
This module monitors a folder in the filesystem and uploads all incoming PDF-files to SugarCRM. It’s working as a schedule task in windows, just save your documents in the monitored folder and they will be uploaded and archived in SugarCRM.
WildSugar- QuoteWerks and SugarCRM
Added 2009-03-19
WildSugar enables users to access their SugarCRM contacts from within QuoteWerks, a software by Aspire Technologies. Users can auto populate quotations with SugarCRM contacts, effectively creating a more efficient quoting process. Try a free demo!
Yathit CRMinInbox: SugarCRM for gmail
Added 2014-04-12
★ Create, edit and search SugarCRM records in Gmail ★ Archive email message and upload attachment to SugarCRM ★ Track your email sent and immediately notify ★ Social network profiles ★ Use SugarCRM Email Template in Gmail compose panel
YouAddOn - Login With Google Account
Added 2013-10-12
This module allow to login to Sugar CRM with Google account
Zencart SugarCRM Integration
Added 2012-06-06
Zencart SugarCRM Integration transmitting the Customers, Contact, Currency, Inventory, Category, Sales Order/Invoice, Newsletter, LDAP Authentication, Coupon & Voucher Discount into SugarCRM. Visit
Added 2005-03-17
KnowledgeTree is document management made simple: easily secure, share, track and manage the documents and records your organization depends on. ZuckerDocs adds a customer-centric view to the KnowledgeTree documents and integrates it into SugarCRM.
Added 2009-05-15
ZuckerExchange keeps your customer data up-to-date between SugarCRM and Microsoft Exchange and synchronizes tasks, calendar, contacts and notes. The Email-To-SugarCRM-Connector archives your received or sent e-mails to SugarCRM automatically.
Added 2012-05-21
ZuckerSocial is a set of Sugar modules to integrate with Facebook - share your friends list, manage your business pages (aka "Fan Pages"), inform your followers, react to questions and comments and get them into the CRM cycle.
ZuckerSync for OpenEMM
Added 2008-09-15
Integrate Sugar and OpenEMM, the world-class Open Source E-Mail-Marketing software. Creation, planning and maintainance of your campaigns in Sugar, transmission with OpenEMM. Collect feedback (bounces, click count, newsletter registrations, ...) to Sugar.
ZuckerSync for OTRS
Added 2007-09-24
OTRS is one of the most powerful Helpdesk applications available as Open Source. This module synchronizes trouble tickets from OTRS to Sugar Cases. CRM users always have a quick overview of what problems a customer deals and dealt with.
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