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Apatar Data Integration for SugarCRM
Added 2007-05-18
Apatar is an open source data integration application which enables SugarCRM users, partners and developers integrate SugarCRM with 3rd party databases and applications. No programming is required to accomplish even a complex integration.
Easy Import
Added 2011-03-04
Easy Import makes importing and migrating data to SugarCRM fast and seamless. This powerful tool migrates data into Sugar at up to 10x speeds, preserves relationships, and handles errors and bad data effectively.
ETLS - ETL Tool for SugarCRM
Added 2013-03-29
ETLS is an ETL tool for creating and updating SugarCRM module records and creating relationships. It EXTRACTS data from various database sources, TRANSFORMS the data via a choice of scripting technologies and LOADS SugarCRM instances via a RESTful API.
Jitterbit Integration for SugarCRM
Added 2006-09-13
Jitterbit is open source integration software that allows SugarCRM users and developers to quickly and affordably connect and transform customer data into SugarCRM from a variety of data sources and formats.
SnapLogic NetSuite Extension
Added 2008-10-23
This SnapLogic extension adds connectivity for NetSuite, providing a comprehensive interface to NetSuite for SugarCRM installations using SnapLogic. The extension can be used for data integration and data migration.
SnapLogic SalesForce.com Extension
Added 2008-10-23
This SnapLogic extension adds connectivity for SalesForce.com, providing a comprehensive interface to SalesForce for SugarCRM installations using SnapLogic. The extension can be used for data integration and data migration.
SnapLogic SugarCRM Extension
Added 2008-08-22
This SnapLogic extension adds connectivity for SugarCRM, providing a comprehensive interface to Sugar, and includes customized definitions based on the SugarCRM configuration. The extension can be used for data integration and data migration.
SOAPSonar for SugarCRM
Added 2007-01-09
SOAPSonar, Web Services Testing Tool for SugarCRM WSDL-API. No coding required for testing SugarCRM integration APIs.
Starfish ETL™ (Extract, Transform, Load)
Added 2012-11-21
Starfish ETL™ is a premiere import/export suite of tools for data migration and integration. It connects to nearly every data source imaginable and provides seamless movement of data across multiple databases and systems.
Added 2008-04-21
OTRS is one of the most powerful Helpdesk applications available as Open Source. This module synchronizes trouble tickets from OTRS to Sugar Cases. CRM users always have a quick overview of what problems a customer deals and dealt with.
SugarCRM Cleaning and Optimizing Tools
Added 2007-12-01
These tools will help you keep your SugarCRM running smoothly.
SugarCRM Express Conversion
Added 2009-09-22
Wizard driven GoldMine -> SugarCRM conversion utility. Allows users to easily and effortlessly migrate GoldMine SQL accounts and contacts information into SugarCRM.
Added 2007-02-27
SugUtilsDatabaseBackup is a sophisticated module for both creating and managing database backups of SugarCRM's SQL database for SugarCRM Admins, all from within SugarCRM itself. Be sure to Visit the Live Demo at SugUtils.com!!
Added 2007-01-22
For SugarCRM Open Source and Professional Versions allows users to sync accounts, conctacts, products, etc. to external Data Base such as ERP, accounting systems etc. You can buy and download the module at SugarExchange.
Talend Open Studio
Added 2007-07-02
Powerful and versatile open source data integration that allows SugarCRM to interoperate with other applications and databases: synchronization, replication, ETL (Extract Transform Load) for analytics, migration, data transformation and loading.
Added 2012-10-01
UShareSoft helps VARs to simplify SugarCRM software delivery to any clouds. The UForge cloud software factory & app store platform automate the creation and maintenance of server templates on any OS for any physical, virtual or cloud environment.

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