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Apatar Data Integration for SugarCRM
Added 2007-05-18
Apatar is an open source data integration application which enables SugarCRM users, partners and developers integrate SugarCRM with 3rd party databases and applications. No programming is required to accomplish even a complex integration.
Appstacks(TM) - ForgotPassword
Added 2009-01-14
Resets User Password. Validation Links sent on email for reset confirmation. New Passwords are emailed. Validation links can only be used once. Requires all users to have valid emails. Detailed Installation Notes.
Asterisk SugarLookup
Added 2006-09-27
This is a perl script that automatic logs of all incoming calls from Asterisk/info@hand/trixbox. Also,The caller's name from the SugarCRM returned to Asterisk for display on your phone. Since 2006 ,more than 10,000 downloads !!
Authorize.Net for SugarCRM
Added 2009-09-19
Authorize.Net for SugarCRM provides real-time payment processing within SugarCRM. Users can accept, process and capture real-time credit card and optionally electronic check payments. Unlimited user license.
Added 2008-12-04
Gestire una concessionaria di autoveicoli e la relativa forza vendita con SugarCRM Moduli: - Veicoli [collegato alle aziende] - Prodotti [Veicoli nuovi ed usati] - Analisi [quote e reportistica]
Added 2008-12-29
This modules allows you to display both built-in and custom fields as barcodes in SugarCRM CE, PRO or ENTERPRISE. Please email for questions or support.
Blagodir Time Tracking
Added 2007-09-26
Blagodir TimeSheet - is the quick and simple solution to providing managers with the big picture on how their employees' spend their time and the real labor costs on a project by project basis. This project is SugarCRM installable module.
Brillo Chat for SugarCRM
Added 2008-12-04
Brillo Chat is a real-time chat based in Crafty Syntax with an integration to SugarCRM. With Brillo Chat you can make your support by chat and add your conversation like a Cases. Desing for Community Edition 5.1. Contact us:
Added 2008-09-29
Config is a small library one can use to handle system wide variable management on SugarCRM. It's meant to be a fast & easy way for developers to get, set and delete configuration variables.
Added 2006-07-26
Don't want to waste your time with typing addresses? Create targets, leads and contacts on the fly with one click using ContactGrabber! Simply select a contact information block from any source (mail, website or document) and call ContactGrabber.
CRM SkyDialer
Added 2009-10-27
SugarCRM and Skype bridge, allows users to search for leads/contacts and place calls. Automatic prompt to log the call once call is finished helps maintain call records more easily.
DB2 support for SugarCRM 5.0 CE
Added 2008-07-19
The main purpose of this project is to provide DB2 support for SugarCrm
Document Thumbnails
Added 2009-10-27
Displays thumbnails of documents in the Documents module
DolceGMail: GMail-SugarCRM integration
Added 2008-09-10
DolceGMail is a Firefox add-on which integrates GMail with SugarCRM: you will be able to add contacts, emails and attachments to SugarCRM directly from GMail.
DolceVita: Appliance in Italian/English
Added 2008-09-23
Virtual Appliance containing a pre-installed SugarCRM CE 5.1.0 in English and Italian - please check the documentation for installation details / Virtual Appliance contenente SugarCRM pre-installato in Inglese e Italiano
Dynamic Account Panels
Added 2008-06-30
The Dynamic Account Panels module allows users to hide and show account panels in the edit and detail views based on the account type that is chosen. The views are also configurable for other modules when removed from the installer.
Edit Logic Hooks
Added 2009-03-13
Create and Edit logic hooks from the Admin menus inside the SugarCRM application. All you need to do is add the logic for your logic hook. This module creates and inserts the logic hook for you.
Added 2008-09-24
Gmail Contacts importer will easily import Gmail contacts in to SugarCRM Contacts with few click from within SugarCRM Contacts module by entering Gmail username & password. It works for all editions (CE, Prof., Ent.) of SugarCRM 5.0.
Added 2008-09-24
Google Calendar importer will import events between specified dates from Google calendar to sugar calendar.Works for all 3 editions (Community, Professional and Enterprise) of Sugar CRM 5.0.
Added 2008-10-16
FidelGoogleDocumentsPatch to display list of Google Documents in Sugar CRM and upload documents from SugarCRM to Google Docs.
Field Level Access Control
Added 2009-02-03
A module that adds field level access control to Sugar CE 5.x
FlashPhone Integration
Added 2008-07-30
The world's first web-based VoIP FlashPhone fully integrated with SugarCRM interface. Allows Sugar users to call each other and call all the Sugar phone numbers internally and externally in one click with seamless registration of new users to the service
Forum Private Messages Synchronizer
Added 2009-01-22
Automate vBulletin forum - SugarCRM synchronization. You can assign imported private messages to contacts in SugarCRM, post answers to users’ messages right from SugarCRM, easily navigate messages (Gmail style), search messages, etc.
Gantt char for Project module
Added 2008-10-27
This project allows you to generate 2 kinds of gantt diagram a View with task by project and a view with a timeline for each resource.
GetSocial Twitter
Added 2008-06-09
The GetSocial Twitter module allows companies who utilize social marketing to Twitter from within SugarCRM.
HearMe Video Conference Module
Added 2008-07-10
HearMe Desktop Video Conferencing improves the way you work, communicate, and manage your business relationships. Share your desktop, PowerPoint or other files. Download the HearMe module and integrate with Sugar so you can hold meetings through IE.
Homepage Publisher
Added 2009-05-21
The Sugar Refinery's homepage publisher plugin allows Admins to set up a standard Homepage layout and then publish this layout to all users of the system. This plug-in is priced at only £9.99 for version 2 upwards.
HRM Simstream
Added 2009-01-12
This project is a human ressource management system developed to record all legal employee datas. HRM needs EnhancedStudio to work properly :
iCal Patch
Added 2005-12-15
Extends the vCal functionality of SugarCRM to enable publishing of iCal compatible vCals including Tasks and ProjectTasks as todos, attendees, and URLs to get back to the SugarCRM record.
ICS Meeting Request to Mobile Devices
Added 2008-11-28
The purpose is to create the ability for mobile users to add Meetings created in SugarCRM to their Mobile Calendar. Any user who can accept an ICS meeting request on their mobile phone will be able to use this feature.
Added 2009-01-23
ENG Several users request an image module, i've found a simple way but i need a php-expert for developing ITA Molti utenti richiedono la presenza di un modulo immagini, ho trovato un modo semplice ma ho bisogno di un esperto di php per lo sviluppo
Installer Builder
Added 2009-05-08
Installer Builder automatically generate an installer containing all customizations performed through Studio, Module Builder and by hand.
Integration with Zingaya Media Server
Added 2008-10-30
Flash-based VoIP in your SugarCRM. SIP 2.0 (RFC 3261) compatible. No need to install anything like ActiveX - only Adobe Flash is required. For work Zingaya Media Server is required. (get more info at
Japanese Language Pack
Added 2005-03-14
This is the Japanese Language Pack project. This project produces a fully localized version of SugarCRM so that customers can install and run SugarCRM on the fly.
JBilling Integration
Added 2008-12-09
SugarCRM JBilling integration tool set integrates SugarCRM with JBilling, an enterprise grade billing solution.
LoopFuse - Marketing Automation
Added 2007-10-26
LoopFuse is a marketing and sales automation suite offering organizations the ability to generate leads from their website, score and route leads, marketing campaign capabilities, full web analytics support, and full SugarCRM integration.
Lotus Notes SugarCRM sync contacts
Added 2011-02-04
Lotus Notes Contacts to SugarCRM synchronization
Added 2009-11-30
This is a stripped and slightly modified version of the SMS module developed by intdev ( It provides SMS functionality for the Contacts, Accounts and Leads modules.
Mongoose Recruitment Tracking System
Added 2009-06-23
Recruitment Candidate Applicant Tracking Software that allows you to manage Job Orders and Assignments, Candidates, and Clients. To download please visit
NDNKoders SugarCRM Excel Add-in
Added 2008-11-12
Import data from any SugarCrm Module to Microsoft Excel 2003 and 2007. You may chose the fields that you want to import. The data is imported using SugarCrm Webservices. The advanced search feature is under developement.
Added 2009-02-20
Create, manage and email your sales orders,invoices,supplier invoices. Other features in pro version: accounts receivables, customer contracts , supplier invoices , supplier payments ,inventory transfers , multiple locations , inventory control…
Added 2009-02-25
Allowing field sales force professional to access SugarCRM information on BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and iPhones along with maps, traffic and weather.
OpenSales for SugarCRM
Added 2007-06-20
OpenSales for SugarCRM features an advanced, robust set of business extensions for sales and support management and inventory control including quotes and products and contract modules.
Planetauthorize.Net for SugarCRM
Added 2009-03-31
Planetauthorize.Net for SugarCRM provides real-time payment processing within SugarCRM. Users can accept, process and capture real-time credit card and optionally electronic check payments. Unlimited user license.
PlanetAuthorize.Net Payment Gateway
Added 2008-01-15
Planetauthorize.Net for SugarCRM provides real-time payment processing within SugarCRM. Users can accept, process and capture real-time credit card and optionally electronic check payments. Unlimited user license.
Added 2009-04-15
The Module Postal-Codes gives you an new functionality for filling in your Data inside any Addresspanel of any Module for the Field "Postal-Code" to speed up your work. Simply choose the Cityname from Postal-Codes.
Added 2008-11-22
QuickSugar aims to integrate Sugar CE and various modules into a free open source stack that compares favorably with commercial offerings. Our goal is to assemble a well-tested, 100% free open source alternative that provides everything most users need.
Record audio messages for SugarCRM
Added 2008-11-16
This module allows you to record voice messages on Notes! You can record mp3 messages using your microphone and attach them to all kind of Notes in SugarCRM! The mp3 messages is stored as the Note's attachment.
Sales Territory and Geography
Added 2008-09-04
All in one sales quota assignments which can be used in small and medium sized companies. Ability to assign accounts to territories/geos and products to sell
Select.SugarAngel Free Edition
Added 2010-05-10
SugarAngel adds Windows Desktop notification services for your SugarCRM Account. You can remotely control data changes in SugarCRM. Even more, you can synchronize your data with SugarCRM and go with them offline. More:
Service Management
Added 2009-04-14
An extensive add-on intended to extend Sugar to manage post-sales interactions including ongoing services inventory, service changes, adds, and cancellations, quoting, sales literature management, contract management, SLA monitoring, product catalog, etc.
Services Suite
Added 2008-09-09
Services suite is a project to bring business to a better knowledges of their sales process. With Products, Quotes, Contratcts, Invoices, Timesheets(linked on all kind of activity), Travel log (Km, food, hotels, gaz...).
SimpleCaptcha For the Masses
Added 2009-05-16
SimpleCaptcha adds enhanced login protection for SugarCRM v5.2.0x. This project requires that you have installed GD library.
Simple SOAP Email
Added 2009-01-26
Using this quick add on, a new SOAP web service is added to SugarCRM - send_email - which allows you to send emails, use the email templates, and automatically relate the emails with the appropriate Lead, Contact or Account.
Simplified Chinese Language Pack
Added 2007-06-13
Official Simplified Chinese Language Pack for SugarCRM. Managed and maintained by SugarCRM Inc. SugarCRM 简体中文
SnapLogic Deki for CRM
Added 2008-10-21
Deki for CRM provides a true collaboration environment for SugarCRM, improving sales effectiveness by extending SugarCRM to present customer information dynamically collected from other business systems and public data sources.
SnapLogic NetSuite Extension
Added 2008-10-23
This SnapLogic extension adds connectivity for NetSuite, providing a comprehensive interface to NetSuite for SugarCRM installations using SnapLogic. The extension can be used for data integration and data migration.
SnapLogic Extension
Added 2008-10-23
This SnapLogic extension adds connectivity for, providing a comprehensive interface to SalesForce for SugarCRM installations using SnapLogic. The extension can be used for data integration and data migration.
SugarCRM 6.0 简体中文语言包 和 繁体中文语言包
Added 2008-10-06
You can download the latest version using the links below: SugarCRM 6.0 简体中文语言包(Simplified Chinese Language Pack) <br> SugarCRM 6.0 繁体中文语言包(Traditional Chinese Language Pack) <br>
SugarCRM CE Teams For The Masses
Added 2009-03-22
Yet another Team based Security module. Support for Team Hierarchy.Now Added MassUpdate. Look for the video demo here: Please use project forums to let me know of any bugs or feature requests.
SugarCRM - Das umfassende Handbuch
Added 2009-06-09
Mit unserem Buch haben Sie eine Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung an der Hand, die Sie bei der Planung und der Implementierung Ihres eigenen CRM-Systems von Anfang an begleitet. Zahlreiche Use Cases helfen Ihnen, SugarCRM an Ihre Befürfnisse anzupassen.
SugarCRM Express Conversion
Added 2009-09-22
Wizard driven GoldMine -> SugarCRM conversion utility. Allows users to easily and effortlessly migrate GoldMine SQL accounts and contacts information into SugarCRM.
SugarCRM for WebSphere sMash
Added 2008-04-03
Sugar Community Edition running on IBM WebSphere sMash. Smash is a new PHP and Ruby platform allowing you to directly connect to Java run-time libraries. Project Zero is the technology incubator for WebSphere sMash.
SugarCRM Translation Module
Added 2008-08-06
This project have developed a translation module that makes it easier to translate SugarCRM to new languages. This module visualises all the words that needs translation in the admin interface of SugarCRM.
Added 2009-07-08
SugarDbLib is a JAVA library (jar) to offer simple connect to the SugarCRM database. SugarDbLib uses JAVA database persistance classes (Toplink). SugarDbLib is freeware without warranty - "works as it is"
Sugar Forums
Added 2006-09-21
A Forums module originally created by SugarCRM and now maintained by AlineaSol. Create Forums for facilitating threaded discussions on any topic. Link discussions to various business objects in Sugar, such as Accounts or Opportunities.
Added 2008-12-01
SugarMobi is a Windows Mobile application that allows you to synchronize your mobile device with SugarCRM modules via the SOAP interface. Data is synchronized to a SQL CE database on the device which allows you access to your data anytime.
Added 2009-09-21
Adds Open-Xchange Micro Format support to the Contacts module in SugarCRM. It allows for exporting and importing from OXMF compatible websites including other SugarCRM instances. For more Information:
Sugar Portal for Zend Framework
Added 2008-10-22
Lampada Global chose the robust, practical Zend Framework to construct a portal interface to the SugarCRM system. Great for Customer Self-Service, Partner Relationship Management and Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Contact:
Added 2009-07-08
SugarSoapLib is a small library (jar) of basic functions to retrieve or create SugarCRM records by JAVA wrapper classes for the SOAP interface. SugarSoapLib is freeware without warranty - "works as it is".
Added 2009-01-25
SugarUnitTestHelper provides documentation and a tool to enable unit testing for SugarCRM modules.
Sugar Virtual Appliance Deutsch
Added 2008-12-05
Sugar Virtual Appliance - fix und fertig installiert inklusive deutscher Oberfläche. Bitte unbedingt README lesen. Update auf 5.1.0b wurde durchgeführt.
Swekey Hardware Authentication
Added 2009-01-09
The swekey is an USB authentication key. If you use this module, swekey owners will be able to secure their SugarCRM access. It means that a swekey owner won't be abble to login if his swekey is not plugged into its computer.
Target List Wizard
Added 2008-07-14
Target List Wizard is a powerful tool that enables you to precisely select who is targeted by your campaigns. Using an inuitive query builder tool, you can instantly create a new Target List and populate it with the desired Contacts, Leads and Targets
TCPDF for SugarCRM
Added 2009-01-21
Enables PDF file generation with TCPDF library. Every module can use own PDF format.
TeleSign two-factor authentication
Added 2008-09-10
Additional security with two-factor authentication utilizing TeleSign phone verification.
Territory Management
Added 2009-02-24
Automatic assignment based on Territory
TitleBar Changer
Added 2007-05-27
This module changes the titlebar of SugarCRM to reflect what module you are in and what record you are looking at. In version 3.0 it also alters the TitleBar icon for each module.
User Friendly Polish Language Pack
Added 2006-08-10
This translation project is focused on best funcionality during daily use. Easy, fully intuitive expressions, tested on duty, maximum useful, with most improved satisfaction of using SugarCRM!
VeryThinClient for SugarCRM
Added 2008-08-03
A very thin client for mobile devices, which is installed in SugarCRM root directory. Handles Accounts, Opportunites, Contacts, Calls and Meetings via SOAP Interface.
VietNamese HoChiMinh Language pack
Added 2008-03-19
Please help me to complete my project. And we have a software free for VietNamese.
Vietnamese Language Pack
Added 2008-10-14
Vietnamese language for sugar CRM v 5.1
Virtual users and domains for postfix
Added 2008-11-24
A plug-in module for SugarCRM to manage Postfix virtual users and domains in a setup similiar to this:
VolaSms for SugarCrm
Added 2009-11-04
Il modulo VolaSms integra in SugarCrm la possibilità di inviare messaggi SMS, con una facile gestione di funzioni avanzate: invio posticipato, selezione mittente, messaggi predefiniti, account di credito multipli, gestione delle notifiche.
ZuckerSync for OpenEMM
Added 2008-09-15
Integrate Sugar and OpenEMM, the world-class Open Source E-Mail-Marketing software. Creation, planning and maintainance of your campaigns in Sugar, transmission with OpenEMM. Collect feedback (bounces, click count, newsletter registrations, ...) to Sugar.
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