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RhoLogic for SugarCRM
Added 2010-12-07
RhoLogic for SugarCRM is a multi-platform mobile SugarCRM solution for Apple iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Please contact us for pricing and to set up a RhoSync synchronization server.
SugarCRM and Openbravo ERP Integration
Added 2010-05-25
This is a connector for companies, contacts and addresses from sugarcrm to openbravo using Pentaho spoon.
Sugar Zimbra Integration Zimlet
Added 2010-01-29
This zimlet is now at
Added 2010-05-25
Sweetness is a Google Chrome extension for SugarCRM to archive email from Gmail to Sugar!! Don't like the ads that come with the free version? Contact sX for details on a paid, ad free version for only $1.99 right away!
Time Controlled Login Profile
Added 2007-10-08
This ACL add on modules controls the time, day of the week and date of user's login. Administrator need to assign profile(s) to users & users force to follow the rule(s) inside those assigned profile(s).
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