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Added 2008-12-04
Gestire una concessionaria di autoveicoli e la relativa forza vendita con SugarCRM Moduli: - Veicoli [collegato alle aziende] - Prodotti [Veicoli nuovi ed usati] - Analisi [quote e reportistica]
Bulgarian Localization Pack
Added 2008-01-19
Bulgarian localization of Sugar Open Source starting from version 4.5.1h
DB Abstraction Layer: Oracle Support
Added 2005-05-18
The goal of the project is to implement full oracle support for sugarCRM, enhancing the already prepared Database Abstraction Layer
Facebook integration
Added 2010-08-31
Projects goal is to build facebook integration so sugar is able to retrieve information about your customers inside sugar if they are on facebook and you are friends with them, and you are able to send messages to their wall.
FlashPhone Integration
Added 2008-07-30
The world's first web-based VoIP FlashPhone fully integrated with SugarCRM interface. Allows Sugar users to call each other and call all the Sugar phone numbers internally and externally in one click with seamless registration of new users to the service
Freedom Sync
Added 2005-10-14
Offline has been a big request on the message boards... but amazingly enough nobody has started a project for it, so let's start one!!! It is a module that will use SOAP to communicate to a central location and synchronize all data available.
GenRapReports for SugarCRM
Added 2006-11-22
GenRapReports is the web environment for manage your custom reports integrated into SugarCRM. It includes OCEAN GenRap Runtime, allow export reports to various output formats (including PDF, Postscript, HTML, RTF and XLS).
German/Deutsches User Manual
Added 2008-03-10
Translation of the SugarCRM User Manual Version 5.0 in german language. Übersetzung des SugarCRM User Manuals ins Deutsche.
GIS WGS-84 Reference Kit
Added 2006-01-30
GIS Reference Kit for entering coordinate data in WGS-84 format into SugarCRM.
Greek Language Pack
Added 2006-01-19
This project reflects the effort of 3 students (Lagoyiannis Stathis, Skaltsa Maria, Tsetoura Lena) of the "Technical University of Patras - School of Information Systems in Management and Economy" to contribute to the Open Source Community
Hebrew Support 5.2.x
Added 2009-03-03
Hebrew interface for Sugar 5.2.x
Hebrew עברית
Added 2007-02-28
Hebrew Pack for SugarOS. Including: Language Pack and RTL Themes. שפה העברית למערכת, חבילה כוללת: קבצי שפה ותבניות ימין לשמאל
Hungarian Translation
Added 2005-12-25
Hungarian Language Pack Az új verzióhoz szeretnénk elkészíteni, sokáig állt a projekt, remélhetőleg most fel tudunk gyorsulni.
ICS Meeting Request to Mobile Devices
Added 2008-11-28
The purpose is to create the ability for mobile users to add Meetings created in SugarCRM to their Mobile Calendar. Any user who can accept an ICS meeting request on their mobile phone will be able to use this feature.
JBilling Integration
Added 2008-12-09
SugarCRM JBilling integration tool set integrates SugarCRM with JBilling, an enterprise grade billing solution.
Knowledge Base
Added 2006-09-13
Knowledge Base module with dhtmlxTree for SugarCRM.
Language Pack Natural Language Catalan
Added 2005-11-16
Creació del Pack Català tant d'aplicació com de manuals i del site sugarforge.
Leads with Drupal User Registration
Added 2009-11-08
Can be easily installed as any other Drupal Module. It automatically makes Leads on SugarCRM when new users register on your Drupal website. Integrates with Drupal Core Profiles Module.
Persian (Farsi) SugarCRM
Added 2011-02-25
Persian ( Farsi ) language pack for sugar . These packs will change your region from fr-FR to fr-IR in your meta header which Bing uses to determine your region code. For Full Version Download Go to : www.seo-gadget.com
Pharm2Phork for Sugar
Added 2010-06-03
Project supplies the client side artifacts for use with the Pharm2Phork Wave Server.
Added 2009-04-15
The Module Postal-Codes gives you an new functionality for filling in your Data inside any Addresspanel of any Module for the Field "Postal-Code" to speed up your work. Simply choose the Cityname from Postal-Codes.
Prudento Open KVK connector
Added 2009-07-24
Lookup data for Accounts/Leads from the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel). Retrieve official name, address kvk-nummer and more
RTL Golf theme
Added 2007-04-17
RTL version of "standard" SugarCRM Golf theme.
Russian Sugar CRM 6 (русская версия)
Added 2010-05-25
Русская версия SugarCRM 6. В связи с найденной идеально работающей альтернативой работа заброшена.
Service Management
Added 2009-04-14
An extensive add-on intended to extend Sugar to manage post-sales interactions including ongoing services inventory, service changes, adds, and cancellations, quoting, sales literature management, contract management, SLA monitoring, product catalog, etc.
Simplified Chinese Language Files
Added 2005-07-13
Simplified Chinese localization for SugarCRM [SugarCRM 简体中文]
Smart Inventory System
Added 2013-03-17
Smart Inventory is an inventory management software designed for small to mid-sized businesses.
SugarCRM 6.0 简体中文语言包 和 繁体中文语言包
Added 2008-10-06
You can download the latest version using the links below: SugarCRM 6.0 简体中文语言包(Simplified Chinese Language Pack) http://j.mp/aF0NHg <br> SugarCRM 6.0 繁体中文语言包(Traditional Chinese Language Pack) http://j.mp/btH57k <br>
Added 2013-02-14
Free Additional SugarCRM module used by Google Apps SugarLink connector to enable SugarCRM to archive email and attachements, create new bean and activities right from GMail UI. Install AppsMarketplace Sugarlink as well to enable module into GMail
Svensk översättning av SugarCRM 5.0
Added 2008-01-31
Contains language pack files for Swedish to SugarCRM (5.x). Översättning av SugarCRM (5.x) till svenska.
Tero Sugar Edition
Added 2009-06-23
Reporting & Dashboard, give 2 tha chance to create your own reports and dashboard components. Its based and developed for the same developers of DynamicJasper
Added 2012-09-11
Testing the sales forge work flow
Added 2010-03-20
totalERP adds complete ERP functionality to the base SugarCRM. This includes complete Supply Chain Management, HR and Payroll and Finance functionalities.
Training Book in Romanian Language
Added 2010-11-21
Training for SugarCRM implementation in Romanian Language

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