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Rank Project Name Percentile
  1SolCRM by AlineaSol100%
  2Yathit Bridge99.81%
  3SugarCRM Chinese Simplized-C3CRM99.62%
  7Activity Dashlets98.87%
  8QuickCRM Mobile98.68%
  9DetectID Cloud for SugarCRM98.50%
  10osCommerce Integration98.31%
  111st SugarCRM Analytical De-duplication98.12%
  12Jet Mobile97.94%
  13GrinMark MS Office Addin for SugarCRM97.75%
  15German Language / Deutsche Sprachdateien97.37%
  16Brazilian Portuguese Language Pack97.19%
  17Enhanced Search97.00%
  18Collabspot: SugarCRM for Gmail and GApps96.81%
  19French (Français) SugarCRM Open Source96.62%
  20Enhanced Studio96.44%
  21RUSSIAN RAPIRA Language Pack and Manual96.25%
  22KINAMU Outlook Connector96.06%
  23Opacus Lite SugarCRM Outlook Plugin95.88%
  24Spanish-Spain Language Pack [REDK.NET]95.69%
  25Advanced OpenSales95.50%
  26Spanish (Latin America) language files95.31%
  27SecuritySuite (Teams)95.13%
  28SugarCAL - Realtime Google Sync94.94%
  29Callinize/K Asterisk Integration (yaai)94.75%
  30Freepbx/Elastix/Trixbox Core Integration94.56%
  31SugarCRM osCommerce Connector 1crm.info94.38%
  32Dispage Extension Manager94.19%
  33Simplified/Traditional[New] 简体/繁体中文语言包94.00%
  34Spanish (Spain) Language Files93.82%
  35Francais (French) Language Pack- SYNOLIA93.63%
  36Agile SugarCRM to Exchange Synchronizer93.44%
  37Forum Private Messages Synchronizer93.25%
  38Blue Theme for CE - YouAddon93.07%
  39Italian Language CE PRO ENT Opensymbol92.88%
  40Black Theme for CE - YouAddon92.69%
  41Mail Merge Reports (docx, odt, pdf)92.50%
  42Development Tool Kit92.32%
  431st SugarCRM Asterisk Connector92.13%
  44Advanced OpenWorkflow91.94%
  45SpecINFO Blue Theme91.76%
  46Process Manager for SugarCRM91.57%
  471st SugarCRM Outlook Connector91.38%
  48SOAPSonar for SugarCRM91.19%
  49Corporate Style theme91.01%
  51MyCRM Connector Tool for Google Calendar90.63%
  52CE Teams90.44%
  53iCal Patch90.26%
  54CarouselCRM - Always-On SugarCRM90.07%
  55CallRooM: Clean, Business Themes89.88%
  56Dispage ModuleSurfer89.70%
  57Finnish language files89.51%
  58Polish Language Pack - OSS Język Polski89.32%
  5920reasons Theme89.13%
  60Italian Language (Italiano)88.95%
  61Modern Aqua Theme88.76%
  62Marketing Training Course88.57%
  63Adobe® EchoSign for SugarCRM88.38%
  64CallRooM: Project Gantt (timeline) Chart88.20%
  65GenRapReports for SugarCRM88.01%
  66INBOX25 Marketing Automation Made Easy87.82%
  67OpenSales for SugarCRM87.64%
  69Deutsche (German) Language Files87.26%
  70Metro style theme for Sugar 6.4.x-6.5.x87.07%
  71Asterisk CRM Integrator API-discontinued86.89%
  72SalesForce style theme for SugarCRM CE86.70%
  73Dutch Language Pack86.51%
  74Sugar Pro style theme for CE - YouAddOn86.32%
  75Sugar Portal for Mambo86.14%
  76CRM4Office OpenOffice Plugin 4 SugarCRM85.95%
  78Regoluna Invoices85.58%
  79MyCRM Connector Tool for Google Contacts85.39%
  80OpenLDAP/Active Directory Authentication85.20%
  81CE Mobile CRM85.01%
  82Japanese Language Pack (
  83Bright Cerulean Theme for CE84.64%
  84A Products and Quotes Module84.45%
  85SugarCRM CE Teams For The Masses84.26%
  86Asterisk VoiceRD Integration84.08%
  87All-In-One CTI83.89%
  90JJWDesign Google Maps for SugarCRM83.33%
  91Brazilian Portuguese Business Lang Pack83.14%
  92Advanced OpenPortal82.95%
  94Marketo Connector for Sugar82.58%
  951st SugarCRM Mobile integration82.39%
  96Zencart SugarCRM Integration82.20%
  97Field Level Access Control82.02%
  98JRabbit MS Outlook plugin for SugarCRM81.83%
  99MyCRM Connector Tool for Google Docs81.64%
  100TCPDF for SugarCRM81.46%
  101Portuguese (Portugal) Language Files81.27%
  102Activity Sync for SugarCRM by Opacus81.08%
  103iZeno SMS for SugarCRM80.89%
  104Simplified Chinese Language Pack80.71%
  105FRANCAIS Pack Langue - CARRENET80.52%
  106Russian Sugar CRM 6 (русская версия)80.33%
  107Russian language pack80.14%
  108Piccolino, Win Client with Outlook addin79.96%
  109CallRooM: iCal Export+HTML Notification79.77%
  110Customer Self Service Portal79.58%
  111Select.SugarAngel Free Edition79.40%
  112Voicent Predictive Dialer Integration79.21%
  113Ken Brill: HomePage Manager79.02%
  114Alfresco Document Management in SugarCRM78.83%
  115Simple Chat For SugarCRM78.65%
  116CallRooM: Maps & Directions78.46%
  117SugarCRM integration for QuickBooks78.27%
  118Email To Sugar78.08%
  119Sugar Charts77.90%
  122Asterisk SugarLookup77.34%
  123Bulgarian Language Pack by CreaSoft 77.15%
  1251st SugarCRM SMS Add-on76.77%
  126SugarCRM SMS Add-on76.59%
  127DocuSign for Sugar 776.40%
  128Outlander - Syncs Outlook with SugarCRM76.21%
  129Advanced Marketing Lists76.02%
  130Dashboard Manager75.84%
  131User Friendly Polish Language Pack75.65%
  132MetroTheme Pro75.46%
  133Apatar Data Integration for SugarCRM75.28%
  134Mobile CRM for SugarCRM75.09%
  135Field Force for BlackBerry74.90%
  136SugarChimp - MailChimp and SugarCRM74.71%
  137JJWDesign Tools and Reports Modules74.53%
  138DTG Sugar Auto Increment Field74.34%
  139Computer Repair Tracking System74.15%
  140Power Prospecting73.97%
  141Funambol-SugarCRM Connector73.78%
  143YouAddOn style theme for SugarCRM CE73.40%
  144Premium theme for CE73.22%
  145CRM2Office Plug-ins for Sugar73.03%
  146Agent for Sugar (TAPI/Aastra SIP)72.84%
  147RC Event Manager72.65%
  148Polski (Polish) Language Files72.47%
  151MyCRM Call Manager for Skype and Tapi71.91%
  1521st SugarCRM Preventive De-duplication71.72%
  153Android Dial and Answer Booster71.53%
  154Lampada Portal for SugarCRM71.34%
  155Japanese FastStack Pack71.16%
  156DocuSign for Sugar 6.x70.97%
  157Liz, full featured Asterisk plug-in70.78%
  158Romanian Language Files70.59%
  160Sugar Portal for Zend Framework70.22%
  161English (United Kingdom / Great Britian)70.03%
  162Metro Black Theme for CE69.85%
  163Photo - Image Field69.66%
  164STARFACE SugarCRM Connector69.47%
  165HR(Human Resource) and Attendance module69.28%
  166Talend Open Studio69.10%
  167JustCRMs - Time and Invoicing68.91%
  168Calendar Web 2.0 by CARRENET68.72%
  169SynoReports by SYNOLIA68.53%
  170A Sugar BACKUP Tool ,WORKS on 5* and 6.*68.35%
  171Swiss German Language Files68.16%
  172LeadFormix Marketing Automation67.97%
  173Svensk översättning av SugarCRM 5.067.79%
  177Opacus Login Audit67.04%
  178451 Theme66.85%
  179Wireless - SugarMini66.66%
  180Norwegian (Norsk) language files66.47%
  181VeryThinClient for SugarCRM66.29%
  182File Upload Field66.10%
  183Xero Integration65.91%
  184PDF for SUGAR65.73%
  185Rolustech iPhone App65.54%
  186SugarCRM SMS Messaging65.35%
  187C3CRM - Products and Quotes65.16%
  188Module Builder64.98%
  189HRM Simstream64.79%
  190CallRooM: Team Security64.60%
  191Czech language files64.41%
  192Google SalesMap64.23%
  193Opencart SugarCRM Integration64.04%
  194Planetauthorize.Net for SugarCRM63.85%
  196inetDOCS for Alfresco63.48%
  197CallRooM: Brazilian Language Pack63.29%
  198SugarCRM Professionelle Jagd nach Kunden63.10%
  199Dutch languagepack62.92%
  200Opacus PRO SugarCRM Outlook Plugin62.73%
  201Sugar Portal for Joomla62.54%
  202Box for SugarCRM62.35%
  203GrinMark: Travels Calendar62.17%
  204SweetDBAdmin by Ken Brill61.98%
  205Novell Groupwise Integration61.79%
  206KOSS Green Theme61.61%
  207Spanish Language Pack
  208AddressDoctor Connector for SugarCRM61.23%
  209Austrian German Language Files61.04%
  210CallRooM: Organizational Chart60.86%
  211Rolustech Android App60.67%
  212Gnome Evolution Sugar CRM Integration60.48%
  213Starfish ETL™ (Extract, Transform, Load)60.29%
  214Euro currency pack60.11%
  215IT HelpDesk59.92%
  216Zarafa Z-Merge SugarCRM Connector59.73%
  217Advanced Workflows59.55%
  219Google Calendar integration for SugarCRM59.17%
  220Asterisk SugarDirector58.98%
  2211st Birthday Report for SugarCRM58.80%
  222Informer Reporting and BI58.61%
  223CallRooM: Mac OS X Aqua Theme58.42%
  224SugarCRM Translation Module58.23%
  225SugarCRM Portal by 1crm.info58.05%
  226Vector XING-Connector for SugarCRM57.86%
  227Create Lead Web Service57.67%
  228Rolustech Gmail Sync57.49%
  229SugarCRM Training Materials57.30%
  230Reschedule Calls with Call History57.11%
  231Teams Open Source56.92%
  232SugarCRM 6.2.0 简体中文语言包56.74%
  233SnapLogic SugarCRM Extension56.55%
  234YouAddOn - Sugar Cyan Theme for CE56.36%
  235SynoGeoloc by SYNOLIA56.17%
  236SugarCRM Magento Connector by 1crm.info55.99%
  238ParseMyResume - Resume Parsing55.61%
  239SugarCRM Express Conversion55.43%
  240SugarCRM ภาษาไทย55.24%
  241Alteva UC Connector55.05%
  242MyCRM Connector Tool for CleverReach54.86%
  244Google Map of Address54.49%
  245Sugar Simplified Chinese54.30%
  246Editable DetailView54.11% Developer Tools53.93%
  248Sugar on SpikeSource Stack Installers53.55%
  249Statistics graphics - dashboards53.37%
  251Edit Logic Hooks52.99%
  252Tag Parser52.80%
  253CRMUpgrades: Google Maps52.62%
  254CallRooM: Automatic Email Receipt52.43%
  255Google AgendaSync by Captivea52.24%
  256Letrium Invoices52.05%
  257Language Sync Tool51.87%
  258Ajuda para Desenvolvedores pt-BR51.68%
  259Google Calendar Synchronisation51.49%
  260Chart Dashlets Hub51.31%
  261Comments module for SugarCRM51.12%
  262SugarCRM and Drupal integration50.93%
  263Advanced OpenEvents50.74%
  264Project Gantt Chart50.56%
  266Hebrew עברית50.18%
  267Arabic Translation - SugarCRM Enterprise50%
  268AddressMap - Map Connector49.81%
  269Login User History49.62%
  270Drip Email in SugarCRM49.43%
  271KINAMU Full Text Search for SugarCRM49.25%
  272Office-Word Plugin49.06%
  273IBM Connections48.87%
  274inetDOCS for HUDDLE48.68%
  275Manage your Objectives48.50%
  276NDNKoders SugarCRM Excel Add-in48.31%
  277Language Pack Natural Language Catalan48.12%
  278CallRooM: Document Merge47.94%
  279Jelliphy SugarCRM47.75%
  281Sugar Lite Theme47.37%
  282Sugar Pipeline Themes47.19%
  283AddressHelper by SYNOLIA47.00%
  284Photo Field addon for SugarCRM CE46.81%
  285Net-Results Marketing Automation46.62%
  286Osnova full text search on CE46.44%
  287Birthday Dashlet46.25%
  288Duplicate detector46.06%
  291Dynamic Form Wizard45.50%
  292SynoFieldMask by SYNOLIA45.31%
  294SugarCRM Compiere integration44.94%
  295Slovenian Language Pack44.75%
  296Shared calendar by month44.56%
  297Mobile application for SugarCrm44.38%
  298SugarCRM integration with Dynamics NAV44.19%
  299CRMUpgrades: In/Out Board44.00%
  300SugarCRM 6.0 简体中文语言包 和 繁体中文语言包43.82%
  301Català (Spain) Language Files43.63%
  303Chat for SugarCRM43.25%
  304CallRooM: Calendar View Enhancement43.07%
  305Task Dashlets Plus - 4 additional ones42.88%
  306SugarCRM Wordpress Portal by 1crm.info42.69%
  307Blagodir Time Tracking42.50%
  308SignusApp: Contact signature grabber42.32%
  309Link - MAGENTO TO SUGAR CRM42.13%
  310PDF Manager by SYNOLIA41.94%
  311TitleBar Changer41.76%
  312Vietnamese Language Pack41.57%
  313Activities Report41.38%
  314Outdare KVK connector for SugarCRM41.19%
  315Dynamic Dropdown41.01%
  316Vedisoft: Yandex Map of Address40.82%
  317CRM SkyDialer40.63%
  319ACMARK SUGARCRM plug-in for Outlook40.26%
  320SugarGini - Power of SugarCRM in Gmail40.07%
  322Candy Wrapper39.70%
  324inetDOCS KnowledgeTree39.32%
  325CallRooM: Who's Online39.13%
  326CallRooM: Network Response Time38.95%
  327Zendesk for SugarCRM38.76%
  328SugarCRM Prestashop Connector38.57%
  329Epicom's Universal Click-to-Call38.38%
  330iSAM Mobi38.20%
  331SOAP connection sample application38.01%
  332Italian Language Pack37.82%
  333JkPortal Themes37.64%
  334Combined Activities37.45%
  335Inventory Items Module37.26%
  336Prevent Multi Login for same Username37.07%
  337GrinMark SugarCRM Activities Monitor36.89%
  338Ajexa iMarketing36.70%
  339SLA Definition for Cases Module36.51%
  340Google AdWords Conversion Tracking36.32%
  341.NET Sugar GUID Library36.14%
  342Re Imbursement35.95%
  343OpenMeetings Conference Module35.76%
  344Smart Inventory System35.58%
  345Romanian Language 35.39%
  346Contact Indicators35.20%
  347Atcore Surveys35.01%
  348Alfredo Commons34.83%
  350Korean Laguage Pack34.45%
  351Homepage Publisher34.26%
  352Flexible Chart Dashlet34.08%
  353Recruiting - Candidates33.89%
  354inetSYNC for Microsoft Exchange33.70%
  355StoreIt, save important contact emails33.52%
  356Serbian Language Pack (Srpski)33.33%
  357Spanish (Mexico) Language Files33.14%
  359DolceVita: Appliance in Italian/English32.77%
  360CallRooM: Home My Appointments32.58%
  361Prospectfinder Module for SugarCRM32.39%
  362Language Package Manager32.20%
  363Persian (Farsi) SugarCRM32.02%
  364GetSocial Twitter31.83%
  365CallRooM: Optional Dropdown Lists31.64%
  366Greek Language Pack (6.0+)31.46%
  368sugarcrm versus Postgresql31.08%
  369SugarApps Basic - SugarCRM Google sync30.89%
  370DOCOVA for SugarCRM30.71%
  371Module Enhancements30.52%
  372Rolustech Twilio VOIP Integration30.33%
  373HR: SpiceHire Candidate Management- FREE30.14%
  374InsideView CRM Intelligence™29.96%
  375HQ - SugarCRM Plugin29.77%
  376Stage Tracker29.58%
  378VolaSms for SugarCrm29.21%
  379Deutsches Adressformat für Sugar 629.02%
  380Currencies Exchange Rate Updater28.83%
  381TRACT Billing28.65%
  383Sugar Forums28.27%
  384Service Management28.08%
  387SugarECommerce with Ecwid connector27.52%
  388Get sales alerts from your networks27.34%
  389Gantt char for Project module27.15%
  391SugarCRM - Constant Contact Integration26.77%
  392CallRooM: New Subpanels with Tabs26.40%
  393HubSpot Inbound Marketing Software26.21%
  394GroupDocs HTML5 Document Viewer for Java26.02%
  395Opacus SugarCRM Thunderbird Extension25.84%
  396Japanese Language Pack25.65%
  397Spanish (Colombian) language pack25.46%
  398SugarCRM Font Pack25.28%
  399SugarCRM Cleaning and Optimizing Tools25.09%
  401TAPI and VOIP Phone with PowerDialer24.71%
  402Bahasa Indonesia - Indonesian Language24.53%
  403]project-open[ Project Mgmt Integration24.34%
  404B2C for SugarCRM by dotBase24.15%
  405Attachments as part of leads Webform23.97%
  406Cool Search for History Subpanels23.78%
  407Email Folders23.59%
  408Resources and Reservations23.40%
  409Greek Language Pack23.22%
  411SMS/Fax Notes22.84%
  412Google+ Connector by www.1crm.info22.65%
  413Round Robin Lead Assignment22.47%
  414Sugar Plug-In for Thunderbird22.28%
  415Epicom’s QuickBooks Integration22.09%
  416Recruiting - JobPostings21.91%
  417PrestaShop SugarCRM Integration21.72%
  418Services and Invoices21.53%
  419Patching tool21.34%
  420KINAMU TeleSales (Telemarketing Module)21.16%
  421Danish Language pack20.97%
  422Antera Software's Shortcut Icons20.78%
  423KnowledgeTree for SugarCRM20.59%
  424CallRooM: HTML Editor w/ Upload Manager20.41%
  425Developer's Project20.22%
  426Google Maps integration for SugarCRM20.03%
  427Phone Formatter19.85%
  428Opportunities Follow-up19.66%
  429SugarCRM – Sage 100 ERP Integration App19.47%
  430Kickoff - Scheduler Tool19.28%
  431Time Controlled Login Profile19.10%
  432YouAddOn - Login With Google Account18.91%
  434Jigsaw Cloud Connector18.53%
  436Birthdaylist Dashlet18.16%
  437Sugar NoteIn*17.97%
  438Renove Iconset17.79%
  439GrinMark: Machine Parks17.60%
  440Lead Distribution and Routing 1crm.info17.41%
  442SugarCRM WordPress Connector 1crm.info17.04%
  443RSS Feeds Module16.85%
  444PureResponse Integration16.66%
  445SugarLogi: SugarCRM meets LogiXML16.47%
  448CandyPot(TM) Module Builder On-Demand15.91%
  449Sugar Zimbra Integration Zimlet15.73%
  450AdLeads - get new customers on mobile15.54%
  451Arabic Egypt Language Package15.35%
  452Skype Click to Call15.16%
  453Share2B Connector for SugarCRM14.98%
  455InterWeave SugarCRM to all Sage Editions14.60%
  456SHINE Live Help14.41%
  457SugarCRM 5.2,6.X.X CE Romanian Language14.23%
  458MyCRM OXID-to-Sugar Connector14.04%
  459Google Analytics Web Visitor Tracking13.85%
  460Vietnamese Language Project13.67%
  461Jitterbit Integration for SugarCRM13.48%
  462Project Module Upgrades13.29%
  463SugarCRM – Intacct Integration13.10%
  464MultiPhoneField by SugarTalk12.92%
  465SugarCRM Hungarian Language Pack12.73%
  466Archive inbound email12.54%
  467Clone/Backup SugarCRM12.35%
  468Hungarian Translation 5.212.17%
  470ZuckerSync for OpenEMM11.79%
  472Sugar Golden Gate Theme11.42%
  473J-SugarCRM Authentication11.23%
  475TrueBlue Skin10.86%
  476logiZip - Deployment Tool for Modules10.67%
  477Themes Created by Intelestream10.48%
  478Rating Addon for All Modules - YouAddOn10.29%
  479MobileCRM for SugarCRM10.11%
  480SynoCalendar by SYNOLIA9.925%
  483SugarCRM Integration with ERP systems9.363%
  4845.0 Developer Build Preview9.176%
  485SugarCRM PrestaShop Connector 1crm.info8.988%
  486My Sites Module8.801%
  487Twitter Connector by SYNOLIA8.614%
  489Czech language pack8.239%
  490SugarCRM OSCommerce Integration8.052%
  493SugarCRM – QuickBooks Integration App7.490%
  494KB Full Text Search Indexer7.303%
  495SugarCRM web-to-lead Wordpress Plugin7.116%
  496Contact Capture for SugarCRM6.928%
  497Mongoose Recruitment Tracking System6.741%
  498Freshdesk for SugarCRM6.554%
  499Marketing Manager6.367%
  500Invoicing Module6.179%
  501inetDOCS for Dropbox5.992%
  502ZuckerMail Thunderbird Extension5.805%
  503Custom Jobs by Captivea5.617%
  504Danish translation5.430%
  505Info At Hand: Company Directory5.243%
  508SweetUndelete by Ken Brill4.681%
  509Improved Calendar View4.494%
  510blupsync 4 SugarSuite [MS Outlook sync]4.307%
  512Extended Advanced OpenSales3.932%
  513Brillo Chat for SugarCRM3.745%
  514Display Gravatar Images3.558%
  515DIGITEC OXtender for SugarCRM 3.370%
  516inetMAPS - Google Maps for Sugar Pro3.183%
  517Sugar Connector for Cisco IP Telephony2.996%
  518SweetTinyMCE Upgrade by Ken Brill2.808%
  519Svenska (Swedish) Language Files2.621%
  520Sugar MSSQL2.434%
  521IBM SmartCloud Engage2.247%
  522Polish Language Files2.059%
  523Attributes Module for SugarCRM1.872%
  524Track Active Users and Lead Assignment1.685%
  525Sunset Theme1.498%
  527Timeline module for SugarCRM1.123%
  528Portuguese Language Files0.936%
  529Greek Language Pack
  530Firefox Developer Plugin for SugarCRM0.561%
  531SynoGenerateDoc by SYNOLIA0.374%
  532Tags module for SugarCRM CE0.187% Logo
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