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Rank Project name Downloads  
  2osCommerce Integration430530      
  3SugarCRM Magento Connector by 1crm.info425489      
  5SugarCRM Chinese Simplized-C3CRM297525      
  6GrinMark MS Office Addin for SugarCRM179080      
  8Spanish (Spain) Language Files132866      
  9Sugar on SpikeSource Stack Installers132366      
  11French (Français) SugarCRM Open Source113098      
  12JRabbit MS Outlook plugin for SugarCRM96879      
  13SecuritySuite (Teams)95763      
  14Enhanced Studio93958      
  17Enhanced Search84844      
  18KINAMU Outlook Connector82006      
  19SolCRM by AlineaSol79987      
  20Francais (French) Language Pack- SYNOLIA79478      
  21Japanese Language Pack72798      
  22Sugar Portal for Mambo70355      
  23Deutsche (German) Language Files66788      
  24Brazilian Portuguese Language Pack65026      
  25Google+ Connector by www.1crm.info60378      
  26German Language / Deutsche Sprachdateien59868      
  27CallRooM: Clean, Business Themes58763      
  28RUSSIAN RAPIRA Language Pack and Manual58481      
  29OpenSales for SugarCRM56591      
  30Italian Language (Italiano)51731      
  31ERP BUSINESS SUITE50204      
  32CarouselCRM - Always-On SugarCRM48898      
  33SugarCRM Training Materials48470      
  34Simplified Chinese Language Pack48121      
  35Asterisk VoiceRD Integration47933      
  36Dispage Extension Manager46150      
  37CallRooM: Project Gantt (timeline) Chart42534      
  38Spanish (Latin America) language files42481      
  39Advanced OpenSales42213      
  40CallRooM: Mac OS X Aqua Theme41397      
  41SugarCRM for WebSphere sMash41321      
  42MyCRM Connector Tool for Google Calendar40033      
  43Russian language pack39983      
  44Opacus Lite SugarCRM Outlook Plugin39151      
  45QuickCRM Mobile37763      
  46iCal Patch34828      
  47Callinize/K Asterisk Integration (yaai)33885      
  48Development Tool Kit32680      
  49Process Manager for SugarCRM30672      
  50OpenLDAP/Active Directory Authentication30401      
  51FRANCAIS Pack Langue - CARRENET30125      
  52Sugar Portal for Joomla30097      
  53Sugar Pipeline Themes29759      
  54Module Builder29602      
  55CE Teams29518      
  56Outlander - Syncs Outlook with SugarCRM28251      
  57GenRapReports for SugarCRM27741      
  59Italian Language CE PRO ENT Opensymbol26283      
  60Sugar Simplified Chinese26054      
  61JustCRMs - Time and Invoicing26014      
  62Freepbx/Elastix/Trixbox Core Integration24884      
  63blupsync 4 SugarSuite [MS Outlook sync]24326      
  64Liz, full featured Asterisk plug-in23742      
  65Modern Aqua Theme23620      
  66Sugar Forums23377      
  67CallRooM: Team Security22239      
  69SugarCAL - Realtime Google Sync21068      
  70Finnish language files20117      
  72Dutch Language Pack18977      
  73A Products and Quotes Module18574      
  74Dispage ModuleSurfer17274      
  76CallRooM: Organizational Chart17108      
  77inetDOCS KnowledgeTree16646      
  78Funambol-SugarCRM Connector16517      
  79Wireless - SugarMini16428      
  80SOAPSonar for SugarCRM16253      
  82SpecINFO Blue Theme16012      
  83Asterisk SugarLookup15958      
  84Info At Hand: Fudge Plus Theme15942      
  85JJWDesign Google Maps for SugarCRM15742      
  86CallRooM: Maps & Directions15626      
  88CRM4Office OpenOffice Plugin 4 SugarCRM15420      
  89Marketing Training Course15326      
  90CallRooM: iCal Export+HTML Notification15316      
  91Alfresco Document Management in SugarCRM14856      
  92Sugar Lite Theme14399      
  93JJWDesign Tools and Reports Modules14240      
  94Teams Open Source13847      
  95Sunset Theme13632      
  96Calendar Web 2.0 by CARRENET13536      
  97Polski (Polish) Language Files13162      
  98MyCRM Connector Tool for Google Contacts13041      
  99SugarCRM osCommerce Connector 1crm.info12943      
  100Spanish-Spain Language Pack [REDK.NET]12902      

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