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inline_subpanel edit
This project will provide in-line edit feature to all modules and all fields directly in subpanels. A simple click and edit approach to most of fields , that will save huge time to CRM users. See Video
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Contacts Activities under Opportunities
This project will add a new subpanel "Contacts Activities" under opportunities to see related activities of related contacts.
Google/FaceBook Oauth Based SSO Login
Oauth based Google and Facebook SSO login in SugarCRM. When a user click google or facebook links at login page , it will match email address of user email address in sugar and logged to matched user. Admin can add valid domains of email address.
Core Sugar Tracker module with saving IP address of user , date-time of action viewed.
This module will save user Photo in seprate module and display their photo at their activity stream dashlet.
Screenshot Not Available
Format Phone number in USA Formats
For formatting phone number in USA Formats. e.g 7152326575 will convert to (715) 232-6575. Current Version will work only for 10 digits new numbers.
LET ADMIN TO SET HOME PAGE FOR ALL USERS. 1. admin can set/reset default home page one for all new users. 2. admin can set/reset home page for any Role Users. 3. admin can set/reset home page for all individual users.
Screenshot Not Available
CMS/HTML Form Builder
CMS web form integration HUB for SugarCRM. it is exciting product to make your public forms control with in SugarCRM. All your Forms will fully controlled by Sugar. You can your pull your data to any module. Current Version will support Wordpress.
Google Map integration for all address
Integration of gmap for 4 modules: Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Meetings. (without editing DetailViews) MoreOver exciting feature , providing an addtional StartDirection module ,save Starting Direction and see all addresses with travel directions. Logo
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