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Premium theme for CE
A brand new theme(100% upgradesafe) for Community Edition which will come up with 4 dashing colors: Blue, Red, Orange and Green. Want a specific color scheme for you brand? Feel free to contact us.
Duplicate detector
It works on any existing or custom field of Varchar, Name and Phone type. It indicates user, if he have same value right while in edit or quick create mode. Moreover, it gives the list of possible conflicts next to field.
Customer Self Service Portal
A flexible, modern customer portal that is perfect for support, lead generation, or other purposes. Within minutes, have a customized portal for your company that easily integrates and works with SugarCRM.
Do you often feel out of reach of your Post-it-note when important client calls up and giving some important information? No more! Now stickyNote module is here for you, easily integrated in your SugarCRM! Sign up to get stickyNote add-on Now!
Impress your sales rep by reminding them important meetings of the day, with map!! Set up a scheduler and you are sorted!
Adding leads to SugarCRM made super easy by our Google Chrome Extension.One click captures the contact information from Facebook® or LinkedIn® profiles to SugarCRM.
Fed up of remembering important clients? Tag them! This plugin allows you to tag your records to identify them instantly!! Color coded tags makes it even simpler to catch them.
Dynamic Dropdown
This Add-on allows admin users to add a new option to any dropdown right from the edit view. This plug-in add a new field type in studio named as "Dynamic Dropdown".
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FabTools by DavidBoris
Helpful add-ons!
Want WYSIWYG/HTML Editor available in any module? As many as you want? Here is the custom field type which gives you the opportunity!
SugarLive, Live RSS feed widget / gadget to add to your personalized home page! Logo
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