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Implementing SugarCRM 5.x
A complete guide to implementing SugarCRM, including needs assessment, installing and using the software, customizations and integration, training users and more. A brief overview of version 6.0 is also provided. Author: Angel Magaña
CRM SkyDialer
SugarCRM and Skype bridge, allows users to search for leads/contacts and place calls. Automatic prompt to log the call once call is finished helps maintain call records more easily.
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AutoProspects: Target List Management
AutoProspect automates the process of updating email campaign target lists for SugarCRM CE 5.0.0x. It is in its early stage of development as it was originally designed as a fast solution.
SugarCRM Express Conversion
Wizard driven GoldMine -> SugarCRM conversion utility. Allows users to easily and effortlessly migrate GoldMine SQL accounts and contacts information into SugarCRM.
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Looking for different ways to communicate with your customers? CaseTwit provides Case status updates via Twitter.
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Round Robin Lead Assignment
A logic hook based module that can be used to automatically assign leads in a round robin fashion.
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Subpanels 2.0 (A SugarLabs Project)
Allow for subpanels to be rendered as Dashlets. Simplify the creation process of Subpanels, allow for 3rd party integrations, allow for non-list view subpanels, allow for filters, and custom layouts. Upon completion it will ship with SugarCRM.
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Candy Wrapper
CandyWrapper is a .NET 2.0 class library which simplifies the process of using the SugarCRM SOAP API. The wrapper will do the behind the scenes work to handle calls, then return output in a more normalized .NET format, such as string or arrays.
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.NET Sugar GUID Library
.NET Library containing a translation of the create_guid function in the utils.php file used by SugarCRM to create ID values. 100% fully managed code.
Phone Formatter
Automatic phone formatting upon data entry for Accounts, Contacts and Leads. U.S. Phone formatting only, but can be easily adapted for other purposes. See this thread for further info: Logo
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